GM Notes Apr 6, 2022, 09:00 (UTC) Drakania Events All One Place

[GM] Nox’s Event Tips

① Create a season character as the new class, Drakania, and start leveling up. That’s all you have to do to complete two events!

- [Drakania Progression Rewards]

- [Season Level-up Rewards]


② Try a variety of different content by completing the Challenges offered by the Season: Drakania Pass. You’ll receive tons of rewards that will help you progress your character!

- [Season: Drakania Pass]


③ Defeat monsters and you’re participating in three of the events!

- [Season: Drakania Combat/Skill EXP Hot Time]

- [Source of Ions & Mysterious Knight]

- [Jade-lit Dragon's Breath]


④ As you adventure in the vast world of Black Desert, take a breather and visit the Loyalties Shop in the in-game Pearl Shop (F3)!

- [Season: Drakania 100 Loyalties Shop]

And don’t forget to redeem the coupons from CalpheON Episode 2!

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