GM Notes Apr 6, 2022, 09:00 (UTC) Mountain of Eternal Winter

The Eternal Winter expansion is finally here, bringing with it Black Desert’s newest region – Mountain of Eternal Winter!
Thanks to Lando, here’s a taste of the cutscenes and stories that you can expect in the main questline.  
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1. Mountain of Eternal Winter

The Mountain of Eternal Winter is where the legends of Labreska, the Golden Dragon, first originate from. Located south of Drieghan, you can reach the new region by traveling rightwards from Duvencrune.  


Living up to the name “eternal winter,” the region is characterized by constant snowfall and powerful snowstorms which cover its peaks.

2. Region’s Features

Continued exposure to the region’s chilling environment will inflict the health-draining debuff, Frostbite. But as long as you have the regional drinks, Citron Tea and Well-brewed Mesima Tea, you have no reason to fear frostbite while exploring the Mountain of Eternal Winter.
Name Crafting Method  Effect 

Citron Tea

Use either of the recipes below to craft Citron Tea via Processing (L) – Simple Alchemy: 


Purified Water x1 + Citron x1 

Distilled Water x1 + Citron x1 

Cure Frostbite 


- Duration: Instant 

- Cooldown: 5 sec. 

Well-brewed Mesima Tea

Must be Cooking Skilled Lv. 9 or higher, 

and use a Cooking Tool in a residence to be able to craft using the following recipe: 


Twice-brewed Mesima Tea x1 + Mineral Water x1 

Immunity to Frostbite 


- Duration: 10 min. 

- Cooldown: 5 sec 

* Check out the in-game Crafting Notes (F2) for more info about these items and ingredients.

Eilton is the central village of the Mountain of Eternal Winter, and many of the mountain's inhabitants live in small camps spanning its rugged terrain. Although Eilton is small in size, the Demibeasts call Eilton their home, and the village offers more knowledge to learn than any other area. So it’s not a bad idea to take the time to explore and meet the people here.

There are also minerals, ores, timber, and other crafting materials, which can be processed into trade goods, that can only be found in the Mountain of Eternal Winter.
Item Name  Crafting Method  Details
Thorn Timber Crate 

Craftable via Wood Workbench: 

Snowfield Cedar Plywood x5 

+ Thornwood Plywood x5 

+ Black Stone Powder x1 

Craft Trading Crates/Boxes and sell them to traders for profit!   


Learn more: [Adventurer’s Guide] - [Trading]

Snowfield Timber Crate 

Craftable via Wood Workbench: 

Snowfield Cedar Plywood x5 

+ Thuja Plywood x5 

+ Black Stone Powder x1 

Snowfield Obsidian Box 

Craftable via Wood Workbench: 

Obsidian Ore x5 

+ Nickel Ingot x5 

+ Black Stone Powder x1 

Snowfield Jade Box 

Craftable via Wood Workbench: 

Jade x5 

+ Noc Ingot x5 

+ Black Stone Powder x1 

3. Food & Crystals

Even a land as harsh as the Mountain of Eternal has its very own regional cuisine! Not only is there a variety of cuisine to be found here, but there are also several other buff items such as perfumes, potions, elixirs, and more. For now, here’s a sample of the cuisine you can expect to enjoy. 

Mountain of Eternal Winter’s Cuisine 
(Duration: 600 minutes)

Marvelous Eilton Meal 

- Processing EXP+25% 
- Processing Success Rate +15% 
- Weight Limit +300LT 

Marvelous Mesima Chicken Soup 
- Strength EXP +20% 

- Movement Speed +3 
- Max Stamina +200 

Marvelous Balacs Lunchbox 
- Fishing EXP +25% 
- Auto-fishing Time Reduction +10% 
- Fishing Speed +3 

Marvelous Special Eilton Specialty Meal 
- Breath EXP +20% 

 - Movement Speed+3 

- Max Stamina +200 

* Learn more about each item in the Crafting Notes (F2) in-game.  


Besides the cuisine, you can also obtain powerful crystals that offer a variety of effects by defeating monsters that make their home in the Mountain of Eternal Winter.

▲ Go to the in-game ESC menu > Adventurer (F5) > Item Drop menu to find out more!
Newly Added Crystals 

Heavenly Essence 

Olucas Crystal 

Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature 

Red Battlefield Crystals 

* Learn more about each crystal in the [April 6 (Wed) Patch Notes].

4. Labreska's Helmet

The Mountain of Eternal Winter is where you can obtain the key crafting material for Labreska’s Helmet.
Item Name   
Labreska’s Helmet

If you’re planning on crafting Labreska’s Helmet, you’ll first need to fulfill the requirements below to accept the questline.  

- Must be Lv. 56 or higher 

- Completed the [Labreska’s Helmet] Unexpected Gain quest 

- Must have at least one Flame of Frost 

- Must have either a PEN (V) Blackstar Helmet or a PEN (V) Boss (Griffon/Giath) Helmet at Caphras Level 10  


The Flame of Frost can be obtained from several different monster zones.  

Item Name  Details 
Flame of Frost 
Can be obtained from Murrowak's Labyrinth and Jade Starlight Forest Brazier. Also obtainable from [Wanewinter Guardian] Erebjork, who has a small chance of appearing at Winter Tree Fossils. 
Embers of Frost 

Can also be obtained from Murrowak's Labyrinth, and Jade Starlight Forest Brazier/ Also obtainable from [Wanewinter Guardian] Erebjork, who has a small chance of appearing at Winter Tree Fossils. 


100 Embers of Frost can be used to obtain 1 Flame of Frost 

5.1 [Monster Zone] Murrowak's Labyrinth

▲ [Murrowak's Labyrinth] Recommend 280 AP & 350 DP

A once-prosperous iron mine, Murrowak's Labyrinth is now infested by swarms of Murrowak. If you plan on battling this infestation, you’ll need to stay on your toes as the queen of the Murrowak, Vercedes, will reveal herself to deal with any dangerous intruders.

As you delve deeper into Murrowak’s Labyrinth, you can obtain “Murrowak Crystal Carapace,” which can be exchanged with NPC Torio for Tori's Box of Valuables after defeating Vercedes.

Item Name  Details

Murrowak Crystal Carapace
Can be found in Murrowak’s Labyrinth and exchanged with NPC Torio for Tori's Box of Valuables after defeating Vercedes.

Tori's Box of Valuables
A box that may contain a valuable item including Flame of Frost, Ember of Frost, Oak Pill of Time and Tide, Caphras Stone, and more.


5.2 [Monster Zone] Jade Starlight Forest

Jade Starlight Forest is the land of the Okjinsini, who are said to be born from the tears of Labreska. As a side note, although the Okjinsini are well-adapted to the cold conditions of the Mountain of Eternal Winter, they are also said to really enjoy warm food.

As the forest is their home, the Okjinsini have erected potent totems and braziers to mark their territory and empower themselves; thus, destroying these structures will make them easier to defeat.

The Jade Starlight Forest is also where you can encounter Erebjork, the Dreadwinter Guardian. If you find yourself in the middle of a snowstorm here, be prepared for her appearance. Since she is one of the sources of the Flame of Frost, a key crafting material for Labreska’s Helmet, she is a dangerous foe to face alone, so consider banding together with your fellow Adventurers to take her down.

5.3 [Monster Zone] Winter Tree Fossils

▲ [Winter Tree Fossil - Easy] Recommend 250 AP & 320 DP | [Winter Tree Fossil - Hard] Recommend 280 AP & 350 DP

These strangely beautiful-looking Winter Tree Fossils dot the landscape of the Mountain of Eternal Winter. If you interact with one of these fossils and spend 100 Energy, you will bring forth monsters affected by the mountain’s spirits. Be prepared, because there’s a small chance that the [Wanewinter Guardian] Erebjork will appear as well.

Winter Tree Fossils offer two levels of difficulty. Of course, the rewards will also vary depending on the difficulty level, but you can obtain a variety of loot from both difficulties, so make sure to keep an eye out for these trees while exploring the mountain.

5.4 [Monster Zone] Erethea’s Limbo

Erethea’s Limbo is a prison created by Erethea, the seventh witch born from Labreska’s first death, to “erase the fear of dragons from the hearts of mankind.”


To start the trials of Erethea’s Limbo, you’ll need to first obtain the Forgotten Witch's Token from any of the monster zones in the Mountain of Eternal Winter.


Once you enter Erethea’s Limbo, you’ll be greeted by four symbols above crystals on the floor. From here, you’ll need to clear the trials of the rooms marked with these symbols to be granted access to the Golden Chamber, which contains the rewards.


One more thing, as you move through the rooms, there may be rooms marked with a symbol that cannot be opened, so you’ll need to figure out how you’ll solve them to overcome Erethea’s Limbo.

Tip: We recommend trying Rulupee’s exploration quests once you’ve completed the Mountain of Eternal Winter’s main questline!  


● How to Accept Quest: Black Spirit > Event Quest > Journey to the Mountain of Eternal Winter with Rulupee 

● Quest Requirements: Your character must be Lv. 56 or higher and completed the Mountain of Eternal Winter’s main questline 

Quest Rewards
Title: [Shivering]  
Winter Wood Bed
Contribution EXP


Once you’ve completed the quest above, you can accept an additional quest from Rulupee.  

● How to Accept Quest: NPC Rulupee > [Event] A Forgotten Gift  

● Quest Requirements: Completed Journey to the Mountain of Eternal Winter with Rulupee 

Quest Rewards 

Marvelous Balacs Lunchbox x1

Perfume of Insight x1


And that wraps up this GM Note, whether you’re battling monsters or clearing the questline, we hope to see you on the Mountain of Eternal Winter!  

please do so u can skip all the cutsceens in mainstory!
@AnyGM that is Lore oriented ... Mind asking the Dev How in hell did Lafi bedmountain Escape O'dylitia ? (or answering yourself if you can =D )
cause last time we saw him we had a "CROSSROAD" choice about his a... hum, destiny, and I'm pretty sure I sent him to Viorencia Odore.. you know the queen of the Ahibs...
In a CASTLE full of the most ELITE AHIB GUARDS there is ...
coherence much ?
@Maesh Yes! how did he get out?! and why do we lose our memory again? makes no sense
Hey, Is it notmal that after you finish the quest with a new character the black spirit tells you to do the "normal" questlone from the beginning? Because it honestly feels a bit weird to go around killing imps at lvl 56...
If you find yourself in a plot hole, stop digging.
Does the Shai Bonefire not protect against the cold?

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