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UTC 9 : 10 15. Aug 2022
CEST 11 : 10 15. Aug 2022
PDT 2 : 10 15. Aug 2022
EDT 5 : 10 15. Aug 2022
Challenge: obtenir une réponse d'un CM/GM
09. Mai 2022, 19:33 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 09. Mai 2022, 19:33 (UTC)
# 1

Une année s'est écoulée depuis ma dernière tentative de suggestions... C'est l'heure de remettre une dose avec des suggestions compilées pendant cette année et cette fois ci de les rendre publiques.
Après tout, on nous avait promis de pouvoir jouer sur l'océan sans besoin de poser le pied à terre. Au final, la grande expédition a fini dans le mur et il ne reste pratiquement plus personne sur l'eau.
A défaut de voir le contenu de la grande expédition s'améliorer, on a noté les petites choses qui "seraient mieux si" au fur et à mesure.
il y a tellement de petites choses simples à faire qui peuvent nous améliorer le gameplay sans leur demander bcp d'efforts... Vu qu'il semble impossible d'avoir une petite discussion vocale avec des gens qui feront autre chose que transmettre, mon but cette fois ci est de voir combien de CM/GM vont lire ceci et prendre la peine de laisser leur avis. Je ne me fais pas trop d'illusions... mais l'espoir fait vivre... 
Fluffy "One Day" Himself comme j'ai été renommé par des amis.


- Fix camlock and 360 turn: makes turn/angle stats of ship useless + invincibility bug while spinning

- fix pvp dmg cap & desync

- Increase render distance on sea monsters/ships. Some appear when we are on top of them

- bug at barter points where players stopped are invisible. Only ship appears

- bug underwater ship after char swap or server swap

- bug: sometimes impossible to use focus aim.  We can again after firing a normal shot

- bug: canon deals 0 dmg if we leave the wheel after shooting but before they land

- On sea people use crappy graphics to get advantage. Make high graphics less dark on monster areas. We can't even see the monsters when playing remastered

- Get rid of ugly sea fog/white veil when not on remastered

- Make maps from crocs be exchangeable with the needed ones. example: exchange 1 map and 1k coins for the part you need. Or exchange 3 parts for the part you need

- As promised on release of great ocean, allow sailors to make a living on sea with active fun gameplay, not afk bartering. Atm anyone in the game for 1 day can make 200m/h at least in valencia. In sea? Not even best players make that

- Make a ship where canons can be handled by party members for extra power. Still give the solo play option but special canons that can only be used by players like old ships

- Make the hitbox of islands round so we don't get stuck with ships

- Cox ships take too long to appear and we are long gone once they appear. Make them appear faster and get you out of the wheel

- When flagged or with pirate status, don't allow 49 as repaircrew or make them killable. 

- when a ship is not moving with someone at wheel, make a tornado appear (avoids afk)

- underwater gear to be able to explore underwater life (stam and breath) and more underwater gathering

- Make repairing our ship faster (9 secs is too long and other materials are too pricy)

- Make housing in Port Ratt and Kuyt (makes no sense using  buffs in velia/epheria to go lekra and having 20mins left) 

- Allow us to sort our sailors, create sets like pets (and rename sets) for quick embark (and add option to disembark all). Allow us to rename sailors like workers

- Tell us the timer on sailor renewal (or better, have them swap every ingame day). it's a pain looking for the type we want. Maybe regroup them all in the taverns.

- Allow us as many sailors as we need (i'm talking about the 20limit). And allow us to purchase them through loyalties

- Captain cabin has no function (people look at it and never go back there). Make it like a house that we can decorate and enter while in safezone. Items could be seamonster drops

- Sails UP/Down and currents/wind are a stupid feature as they impact all ships the same way. So people don't care about it and power through (except the ones doing sailies everyday). It's only useful if it makes you gain time on your travel and that's the only case where it's used as there is no pvp. On grinding zones, it's just painful. So people avoid it by grinding 0 current zones and swapping server

- Give us more powerful monsters worth killing solo. Why don't crocs have a big Croc appear? That does not take 400 cannonballs to kill obviously!

- Give us real party monsters: lekra zone loot is individual but lekra is group and not worth killing solo. Crocs duo? not really.

- delete useless zones like the little ships and rusts near ratt and replace them with better content

- new chandeliers with other sea monsters when?

- Selling barter items directly from boat

- Make canon balls travel faster

- Separate cooldown from ramming and canons / Separate stamina from ship and character

- being able to move ship and barter window in IU (and save it)

- Make Kuyt a real pirate island with storage and housing

- Make ship skin marketable. Make it worth the buy for whales to sell it on market. Don't make it a p2w item

- add market to iliya (and other cities with storage)

- Sea music while sailing (can be soothing when empty, or pirate when monsters) 



- Make imperial delivery, market, and breeding available in all stables

- Change horse capture mini game for one like fishing or little chariots

- T10: fern root and feathers are too rare. Promote horse lifeskilling by giving more quests depending on lifeskill level. Artisans should be able to make 2 attempts per month. Masters 1 per week. Guru: 3 per week. Reward people who commit to things.

- Cron T10 attempts

- Make a skill that replaces the crappy drift cancel every player is using. Or just reduce the time for the accel to trigger allowing it to trigger right after. Think about players who have less finger mobility

- Peridot Wagon Autopath is broken: the path changes a bit after each loop or during sprint and we end up caught/stopped on some decor item

- Autopath to saved loop is straight line so does not work. And if we already are in the loop path but not were it starts, it's the same bug. When starting and autopath, it should take us to starting point too

- When setting up new autopath, make horse stop. or just make it go to that new direction 



- Enable fake gatherable objects to be actually gatherable (ex: wild herbs, plants, trees, rocks, ore, etc)



- Why is a level 49 less of an hunter than a 61? Hunting damage should not be connected to level of character but lifeskill level/mastery

- Put hunting matchlock in tool slot, not weapon slot.



- Make a grid to help us align seeds and allow us to plant several seeds at once (ex: clic on squares in parcel, then select seed)

- Create a seed storage (accessible from inventory) where seeds stack like in market. The higher the lifeskill, higher capacity for seeds. Atm magic seeds are a pain to manage.



- Make better hitboxes or find a way to make placement of items closer to each other. Huge gaps between some items that are not even touching.

- Give us the rest of the flowers/plants for manor at once

- Revamp interior of manor or allow us to configure the inside as we wish. Right now it's absurd (we feel like ants) and there is no way i move from my grana big house as manor is smaller.

- bring back the rankings on manor so we are able to visit some. There is nothing to be gained from rankings. Or find a way for us to see some others. ex: register your manor for visit (it creates a tab for people who are proud of theirs for others to take a look at)

- In placement mode: in the list of placed furniture, allow us to highlight and zoom to the item (or scroll through them if several) for better removal. Atm, removal of some items or even find them may not be easy (example with fairies) 



- Rework guild storage to avoid people stealing or throwing away things. Example: 2 tabs (should work like family inventory), 1 common, 1 safe where no one can take anything out except leader and advisor.

- Change the guild missions and delete the limitation of 10/day. Allow whatever guild to do whatever size. And stop with random stuff. Marlin chat became the guild quest chanel... Just allow all missions in whatever size people feel comfortable with. People should be able to select the type of quest, then the size.

- Make small guilds worth instead of trying always to go XL without any interactions between players. (example with drill or guild galley)

- Allow guild leader to warhero, avoids the need of a ghost account.

- Rewamp guild officers roles or allow roles to be assigned to members/officers: example choose who can start guild missions. Allows to make people more involved while making life of officers easier.

- Show summary of active guild quests: server were it is, completion (ex: nb of monsters left to kill), time left.

- Decrease war timer to 5minutes (or even 3) and increase price to start a war and keep it up.
- Remove all limitations: 3 connected players for guild missions, 10 to collect salary, 30 for payout. Allow small family sized guilds to enjoy the game like the others.


Quality of Life

- Make a window to see where our contribution points are spent. An option to reset them

- Preorders should last 2weeks max. Then it's taken off auto. Avoids people leaving the game with preorders up

- Preorder/Buy/sell in bigger quantities up to 10000

- Make a special inventory for elixirs/meals/lifeskill and combat stones (hunting requires both) with a tick box like vell one that allows it to be used again auto at end of it. (example: if you don't slot them while cooking/alch, you have to stop to use them again. While grinding, you just have to open inv and done.) Make it family wide.

- Upgrade family inventory slots through loyalties

- Make a special family inventory for lifeskill tools / horse gear. (unify lifeskill tools like stones?)

- Separate cooldown of travelers map and archeologist map (and reduce their CD to 2h)

- Auto assemble scrolls and make them stack : pile fe, relics, etc (talk to a npc or black spirit, give him x amount, and he gives us the correct amount of scrolls)

- Failstacks guide inside the game (to see the % chance at what failstack / avoids using external guides)

- On quit page where we can see all characters and their inventory, make lifeskill level visible too.

- On website profile page: guild history/family name change history (and not being able to hide guild)

- Character names should not have too much lI (big i and little l) same for guilds

- Allow players to make as many tuvala sets as they want during season. 

- On the titles list: make the completion requisites clear (what we have to do to get it)

- Make lifeskill levels family wide (that is my dream) by fusing our current levels. Sea karma is family wide... why not this?

- Having more possible sets of pets would be nice. 5 is not enough. Allow us to name sets.

- loyalties coupon to change pet names

- being able to save different UI on characters instead of having it apply to family. or just give us more presets

- Pets: allow us to reroll pets skills like for fairies. but with silver or some game items. Not through cash shop.

- stop with rng shit where people are extra lucky while some spend monthes/years. Put a pity system from the start. BDO should be fun, not a chore. Grinding over and over the same spot is no fun. And when you see people going there and being lucky very quicky, it gets frustrating.

- Make crafting things always more profitable than buying in market. (Works for 90% of things in game: gear, cooking, alch, etc)

Why bothering crafting stuff when buying is cheaper?  Not rewarding the ones who play... Stupid mechanic.

- Make a real "hide adventurers" on wb that hides EVERYONE, not only a few.

- change lighstones rates: it's a stupid money sink. And the quest to purify/exchange them needs too much clicking.

- increase cap of active quests to 50 (instead of 30)

- increase possible chat boxes to 10 (and fix the inactive ones showing upgrades when we switch on them even if disabled)

- Allow the ability to "Edit UI" while performing other tasks like Horsing/Sailing/cooking/alchemy/processing.

- Make the infinite potions be usable from family inventory (so they work for all family)

- Put more herbs/fruit vendors in major cities

- repair supreme utensils with advanced ones restoring 900 each time

- rework the fame bonuses: new caps with more rewards. allow 5k family fame to a second pearl order, 10k 3rd. combat fame get daily grind scrolls depending on level, lifeskill get lifeskill scrolls. Atm you get 5m daily approx.

- allow transport of characters from "quit window" instead of forcing character swap (ofc it will still happen if you are connected on that one)

- fix report spam option in chats

Si vous êtes arrivés ici... chapeau ^^ A dans un an? 

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 10. Mai 2022, 12:28 (UTC)
# 2

Perso j'attends toujours des reponses a mes questions sur l'autre sujet :/

Fin "mes", c'est des questions posé mainte fois par les joueurs et les mecs (je parle des devs) sont même pas capable de prendre 5 minutes pour y répondre..

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 12. Mai 2022, 09:48 (UTC)
# 3

Effectivement, c'est dommage d'avoir l'impression qu'il n'y a pas de dialogue possible. Je vais m'acharner un peu et si je vois qu'on à pas notre mot à dire et qu'on ne veut même pas nous écouter/répondre. Je passerai mon chemin. La plupart des gens que j'aimais bien ont arreté de toute manière :/

Certains joueurs sont des puits de savoir sur le jeu et ses mécanismes. il  est dommage de ne pas profiter de cela pour rendre bdo meilleur. 

Exemple con: bdo a fait plein d'améliorations QoL mais ils y vont en mode teubé. 10 presets pour artefacts? il y a deja une dizaine de lifeskills... Mettez en 20 punaise! Et dans le même temps, ils ne leur est toujours pas venu à l'idée d'augmenter les presets de pets...

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 12. Mai 2022, 15:45 (UTC)
# 4

Bon, j'ai continué ma chasse au CM/GM en espérant mettre la main sur l'un d'eux sur le discord officiel... je n'ai pu parler à dieu, j'ai du me contenter d'un de ses saints (j'ai pas été très tendre comme à mon habitude):

Réponse d'un ambassadeur lol

Bref, direction support pour savoir ce qu'est devenu leur "Around the Table" :/

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 13. Mai 2022, 12:22 (UTC)
# 5

In the beginning I'd like to apologize for typing all of this I have in mind in English inside of the French section, however I find this thread worthy of attention.

As a sailor/barterer I would like to point out some things related to the Sea Content. I'm not going to question anything in the remaining Lifeskills because I don't have enough of experience to judge anything out there.

The main issues I would like to see being solved are:
- removal or major decreasing the current in sea grinding zones like Lekrashan or Crocodiles.
Present strong current makes sea monsters grinding uncomfortable and is avoided via guild-channel switching. There are some areas in these grindspots where it's more efficient to just swap channels instead of sailing through the hard current to lure and deal damage to monsters. It makes ship significantly slower and is time consuming. Lekrashan area is even worse. Monsters are spread in significantly larger area than in Crocodiles habitat.

- implement a party loot system for Lekrashan habitat area.

When it comes to Lekrashan I would gladly see the major change to that grindspot. The change would be to implement party system of 2 players so it makes the spot more viable for the party, which is still required when battling the Lekrashan. In my opinion it does not make any sense at all to implement a party-requiring boss in solo grinding spot. Currently, players need to separate and fight their own sea monsters because loot is not shared when battling a single sea monster together. Adventurers only meet and cooperate when Lekrashan spawns. Due to mentioned reasons players leave their ships (switch character) near Lekrashan habitat area and join the boss battle only when it spawns for actively grinding player. It's basically leeching on active players and rewards both players in the same way. The clear winner is the leeching player, because better crystals (green rank and above) rarely drop from normal sea monsters. That is the reason why this grindspot is dead.

I should also mention Goldmont Pirate Territory or Black Rust Habitat as there is no real reason to grind these monsters, but I think that is obvious and does not need to be said.

- reducing the fog presence / strength of an effect in sea monsters grinding spots.
As Fluffy mentioned. The visibility when grinding is strongly impacted by the fog and the nighttime. When grinding at these areas at night or in fog it's basically shooting blindly with a hope to hit anything. It would drastically help to reduce the impact of the night and fog on the visiblity on these grind spots.

- normalizing the cannonballs flying speed and trajectory.

When player shoots the volley and moves his camera down immidiately after the shot it makes cannonballs travel faster and straight to the target. It also applies in reversed way; when player looks at the sky immidiately after firing a volley then cannonballs change trajectory to steeper and fall later. As far we know there is no reason to hold cannonballs longer in the air than needed and most of the players want to deal damage as fast as possible. It especially applies in Sea PVP. My suggestion is to standardize the cannonballs travel trajectory and speed without having the camera impact on it. This is really an unpleasant experience to constantly look down on your ship after each shot to deal damage faster to the opponent.

- QoL for bartering / selling goods from the ship instantly for silver.

Currently, players, in order to sell their bartering goods, need to move items to their inventories, close wharf menu, open 'buy/sell' menu and then find and finally sell an item for silver. As bartering goods meant to sell (mostly T5) have a weight of 1000 LT it makes extremely hard and frustrating for players to sell all items from barter in short period of time. In most cases players need to equip specific outfits to increase their maximum weight to be able to carry more than 1 bartering item in order to sell it. It's incredibly infuriating as the entire operation needs to be repeated several times. There is a way to store all goods in a warehouse and talk to the warehouse manager in the town or city to sell them all at once, but it's also time consuming and most importantly requires several free warehouse slots.

- Captain's Medalions for Loyalties or increasing the amount of free sailor slots.
Many players have more than 1 ship and having just '6' free slots is not enough, especially when Carracks are taking majority of them. I would like to see amount of free sailor slots increased or see some allowance to buy these slots for certain amount of loyalties as manual swapping sailors from one ship to another is frustrating. Currently that feature is considered pay2win as cannot be reached without spending real money. I don't mind supporting the game, but amount of pearls should be considerably reduced for that item. 

All points mentioned above are the issues I'd like to see resolved. The rest, pointed out by Fluffy, are debatable in my opinion and everybody should say what they stand for. I'm not going to mention ship desync because this is an issue PA said they are currently working on. Thank you for your attention.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 13. Mai 2022, 14:08 (UTC)
# 6

You did the right thing, i wanted to use french to see if i could get a french speaking CM/GM to talk directly with me. 
As you may know i'm not a random sailor as it's mainly the only thing i do in the game for several years now.

i see people complaining in Marlin group chat so it's time to voice our concerns and be heard. i don't pretend my ideas are the best but we need sea content and the actual content reworked as it's completely obsolete. Only the boat building seems still ok for me.

And talking about boats... we will soon have skins for carracks. But do you remember the Benelois skin (the one for ships before Carrack)? 
A skin sold 50€ (the most expensive item of the game) and that most of players used for a month before not having the adequate ship for it anymore as it is not usable on Carracks.
The probem other than the price (Horse skins are 22€) is that it was a p2w item because it give ship stats and you have to pay for them as it's not a marketable item. Wanna bet they'll make the same shit wit these new skins?
I really hope they will not spit at our faces and will have the decency to make it a cosmetic item only!
Or then make it marketable and worth for whales (the ones buying pearl stuff to sell on market to get silver) to buy and sell on market. This way, it won't be p2w as people would have a chance to get it on market like outfits.
On the same topic of whales. Making the marketable items the same ratio pearl/silver would be a smart thing to do too.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 13. Mai 2022, 14:36 (UTC)
# 7

I do not undertand french, but i totally agree with the english part, sea content feel so musty, carrack skin is just a sop to make us sailor happy for a bit. Most of your changes need really so little effort to be make that are absolutely worth it (like selling t5 and nineshark/black rust shared by more people). This won't change the fact that bartering 1 day give the same silver about 2-3h grinding. Some change should be on the schedule, most of the new and reworked life skill give us almost the same grinding silver, meanwhile bartering doesn't.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 13. Mai 2022, 15:02 (UTC)
# 8
On: May 13, 2022, 14:36 (UTC), Written by OmezLuke112

I do not undertand french

The french part is just an introduction. What's important is the suggestion list and that they realize that the sea content we have makes no sense anymore. it needs adjustments et least.

We were promised things before great expedition, then at release, then at balls. Until they withdrawed and gave us a huge middlefinger. People have invested time and sometimes money (skin, sailors, inventory, storage, etc) and they are still disrespecting sailing and it's players.

We all expect a lot, but if we only can get what already exists decent... 
if they don't know how to do it, we can help them. But it's time for a wake up call before the sailors definitely quit. i know i won't take it much more without any significant sign that we matter. Carrack skins could be a sign if they make it the right way. I'm not a cow waiting to be milked and then f*cked by the farmer.


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