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Payment Wall: Customer Support Experience
02. Jul 2023, 02:59 (UTC)
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Reason for Posting to General Discussions:
I think the player base ought to understand how entirely disregarded their value is, their money, and their honesty.

- Contextually, please note that it is not possible to resolve this issue without direct person-to-person assistence between someone within PaymentWall's Technical Support and my bank. Banks in my region are legally not allowed to make person-to-person interactions with a third party (in this case PaymentWall) without myself and/or someone else directly in ownership of the bank account. Since PaymentWall is either unwilling or too disinterested to actually address the problem at hand and Black Desert's GMs are dis-allowed from handling the problem this is actually a matter that should directly concern the player base at large. Things like 180 Packages cannot be bought through the Marketplace as well as some costumes, etc. This means that my account is effectively cut-off from being capable of benefiting from the entire game experience simply because no one at Pearl Abyss directly nor PaymentWall is willing to help me. 

I have never missed a single payment to Pearl Abyss or this company Payment Wall. Further, the messages received regarding my Bank funds from the company when attempting to make the payments using other Cards is simply wrong. It stated that I should check to see if the account has funds. The an account which has my entire life savings... In short, PaymentWall is neither respectful nor interested in providing customer support. If this should happen to your account expect to struggle quite a lot more simply to get things like Value Packs, Kama Blessings, Combat Books and any other basic "convenience" that is now far harder to acquire simply because no one in either company remotely cares to simply resolve a basic technical issue holding up payments. 

Pearl Abyss, you have a snake sapping at your good name. 

The Problem:

"Persistent Payment Issues and Lack of Resolution for Acoin Purchase"


The customer has been experiencing difficulties with purchasing Acoin, the in-game currency for the game Black Desert. They contacted their bank to inquire about the issue and confirmed that previous payments to Pearl Abyss, the game developer, were successful. However, their recent attempts to purchase Acoin for $10 were not going through.

The customer contacted the game's support team, and the GM (Game Master) advised them to reach out to PaymentWall, the payment processor, for further assistance. They were provided with an email address to contact PaymentWall directly.

In a follow-up email, the customer reiterated their problem and mentioned that they had confirmed with their bank that the payments were going through successfully. They also attempted payments using different browsers and different cards, but the issue persisted. They expressed frustration with the lack of resolution and the suggestion to become a merchant with PaymentWall.

PaymentWall replied, stating that the payment attempt failed due to a timeout issue with the card issuer. They advised the customer to contact their bank for further assistance and provided an alternative payment method using PayPal.

The customer sent another email, mentioning that they had tried various troubleshooting steps, including clearing browsing data and using different web browsers, but the issue remained. They stated that they had tried multiple cards, browsers, and devices, indicating that the account might be flagged or experiencing internal payment processing issues. They described the contradictory messages received from the system, such as detecting zero funds, timeouts, or attempts to pay the customer instead.

PaymentWall replied, requesting a screenshot of the error message and specific card details, but the customer did not provide the requested information in subsequent replies. The customer expressed frustration with the lack of response and stated that they had previously sent the requested information multiple times.

The customer made another attempt to provide the requested information, including screenshots and card details, and described the error message they received. They also mentioned their bank's belief that the account might be stuck in a loop error and offered to put PaymentWall in touch with their bank for real-time testing.

PaymentWall replied, stating that the customer's recent payment attempt did not go through successfully and advised them to contact their bank for further assistance.

Overall, the customer has been facing persistent issues with purchasing Acoin, despite multiple attempts, different cards, and troubleshooting steps. The customer has been frustrated with the lack of resolution and the repetitive nature of the support team's inquiries.

Experience with PaymentWall's Compotence and General Treatment of the Customer:

Based on the provided email exchanges, the competence level of the support team and the general treatment of the customer can be characterized as lacking. The support team's responses suggest a lack of understanding or ability to address the customer's specific issue. They repeatedly redirect the customer to contact PaymentWall and do not provide clear solutions or meaningful assistance.

The support team's replies often seem generic and fail to acknowledge the customer's detailed explanations and attempts to troubleshoot the problem. They ask for the same information multiple times, indicating a lack of attention to the customer's previous emails. This lack of continuity in communication contributes to the customer's frustration and the perception that their concerns are not being taken seriously.

Additionally, the customer expresses frustration with the suggestion to become a merchant with PaymentWall, which seems irrelevant and unhelpful in resolving their payment issues. The support team's failure to address the customer's specific concerns and their repetitive inquiries give the impression of a lack of competence and attentiveness to the customer's needs.

Overall, the support team's responses suggest a lack of expertise and effectiveness in resolving the customer's problem, leading to a frustrating experience for the customer.

Transcript of Interactions between PaymentWall and Customer:
Note - Transcript is primitive and required reconstruction. PaymentWall reply system becomes confused when " ' " is used creating a scrambled code amongst the words. Otherwise the emails are intact as provided. 

Letter 1 Monday, May 8

Hello, I contacted my bank this morning to find out why I am unable to make a purchase of Acoin. The payment is not going through, but my bank notes that all previous payments have. Once a month I make a [redacted] payment to PA. Usually at the beginning of the month. This month I purchased [redacted] then [redacted]. Those payments processed. Now, last evening and this morning I attempted to purchase +1000 Acoin for ($10). These attempts did not process. My bank confirms that the previous payments were received by you and processed. Can you tell why the transaction is being reversed? I've not experienced a problem of this kind before. I will attempt again using a different browser, but after that I am clueless. Thank you.

GM Replay

Greetings adventurer, GM [redacted] here and I'll be handling your inquiry! I can see that you are contacting us today, as you have an issue with your purchases. We know how important your payment inquiries are so we are happy to help wherever we can! In that case, you will need to reach out to PaymentWall directly for more information, as we can't issue it on our side. Please be so kind and send a new email to in which you describe your issue and possibly attach your receipt alongside it, so that PaymentWall can help you directly. We established this partnership with PaymentWall to improve our overall level of service that we can provide to you and help to simplify your payment process. Thank you for your understanding and should you have any in-game problem, I'll be more than happy to help you with it! Kind regards, GM [redacted] The Black Desert Support Team

Letter 2 Monday, May 10

I'm just resubmitting my request for aid in uncovering what has happened to my ability to purchase Acoin. Then, after discovering what is happened to fix the problem. Initial Problem: Unable to purchase $10 of Acoin Later: I contacted my bank to confirm all payments had gone out to Pearl Abyss. Everything has been paid and funds are in the account for all transactions. Continued Attempts to Pay: My bank indicates the problem is on your own. As does Pearl Abyss. However, there is no clear reason why the payments are being blocked. In attempt to find out more payments were attempted using various browsers to no success. Following this the card was used to pay for services from Amazon, Gas, Nintendo games, and many other things. No issues were found with the card. We then attempted to use a different card. The first was Master. The second was Visa. Your services (through the Acoin process) claims there is no money in our account. There is absolutely money in our account. Attempts to update your of our attempts to understand this: Multiple emails were sent detailing our steps in attempting to uncover why the account is unable to make payments. Continued Attempts to Understand: Further charges were made on the card last night and tonight. Daily needs. Gas, groceries, etc. No issues again. The card is working fine. Further contact with the bank also indicates no issues. Everything is working. The card should work. Contacted Pearl Abyss for further help: Was told to send you a fresh email as to this issue. There's nothing more we can do from our end.

Letter 2, Reply Update:

My bank has informed me that the serves were down at the time of the initial transaction for the May 7th attempt. 6:42 pm. Because the bank servers were down the translation did not occur. Presently though the bank is detecting that any attempts I make to pay for Acoin is returning to them as a Reversal. That’s all the information we have on this end. Thank you. Payment Wall Reply: Letter 2 Sent: May 11, received May 24 Your payment attempt for 10.00 USD to on 10-May-2023 was not successful. You will not be charged for this. The reason why it failed is due to the card issuer timed out. Contact your bank for further assistance. If you still encounter issues after coordinating with your bank, send us a screenshot of the error or prompt message you receive so we can investigate. You can use PayPal which is an alternative payment system that supports online money transfers for both businesses and individuals. Best Regards,

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 02. Jul 2023, 02:59 (UTC)
# 2

Reply to Payment Wall Reply: Letter 2 Sent: May 13

We’ve attempted another transaction from the account today. Your services are still rejected payments. The issue is a reversal. - Funds are present- Servers are working We’re upgrading the issue to be monitored. Additionally, your automatic email says to be assisted more swiftly an account should be made with Paymentwall. However, attempting to do so requests that a person become a merchant with you?? This makes no sense. This is a ridiculous situation. Five minutes of conversation between yourself and the bank could resolve whatever this problem is. A simple observed transaction between all parties would also resolve the issue. Instead you present a false means of expedition to the process of receiving contact and have made no contact with me, my bank, not anyone else. This is not trust-building.

Update Sent: May 14

In keeping in line with the directions from Pearl Abyss we are continuing to inform you of our attempt to understand the issue regarding transactions. Today we attempted to make a payment of $10 using a cell phone. After this all account passwords were changed. The account received the same issue as prior, demonstrating that something is held up on your end of the system. The bank also was able to detect that a Reversal had taken place. The issue with the Master Card being told to check funds in the account remains mysterious. This concludes our attempts to understand things further under through use of a cell phone. The reason for this consideration and attempt at payments was that prior to the initial attempt of the $10 charge a new machine had been used for the payment. While, to our knowledge, all information had been submitted correctly during the payment process this may have flagged the account as hacked or under attack in some way. We’ll continue to submit reports as new ways to investigate further occur to us.

Payment Wall Reply: Letter 2 Replies & Updates Sent: May 24

Your payment attempts for 10.00 USD to on 24-May-2023 were not successful. You will not be charged for these. Do the following troubleshooting steps before retrying your payment: - On your computer, open Chrome; - At the top right, click on 'More'; - Click on 'More Tools' and then on 'Clear browsing data'; - At the top, choose a time range; - To delete everything, select 'All time'; - Next to 'Cookies and other site data' and 'Cached images and files', check the boxes; - Click on 'Clear data'. * Close and re-open your browser. * Use another web browser. If you still encounter issues after performing the steps mentioned above, send us a screenshot of the error or prompt message you receive so we can investigate. You can use PayPal which is an alternative payment system that supports online money transfers for both businesses and individuals. Best Regards,

Letter 3 Sent: May 24

Greetings. I have attempted these steps. However, nothing works. Further information: Today an entirely new card was received. Nevertheless, the issue persists. - We have now tried multiple cards, multiple browsers, and multiple analysis. The account seems to be flagged or denied in some way from making payments. The issue is not on our end so far as we can conceive. Note: We have tried multiple debit and credit cards from multiple devices. This seems to indicate that the account has suffered some kind of looped payment error. For example, when using a separate device (like a phone) the payment does not go through. a. When attempting use a credit card the red text message says to check to be sure there is money in the account. As already discussed in prior emails, there is sufficient funds. b. This leads us back to the idea the account is suffering some kind of internal loop issue. 1. When the servers went down the payment attempted to go through, but did not time out. At least, on the bank's end this was detected as a "reversal". - The bank interpreted this action as your company attempting to pay me rather than me attempting to pay you. - This makes no sense, but further adds to the idea the account has some kind of stored issue. Like a loop in the internal process. Otherwise, why would you attempt to pay me when I am attempting to pay you? 2. These kind of issues sounds like some sort of collision (contradiction) in the process-action. 3. Adding to this is that it does not detect funds-on-hand from different bank accounts: (the credit card and debit cards are not the same accounts). - This would also seem impossible without some kind of internal issue with the account's payment processing abilities. Again, we can only detect that the action to pay was attempted on our end. On your end several different messages are received. If we generalize all the variables the conclusion is that a "0" is being detected by the system. The determination of what the zero is continues to vary. In one case it is no funds. In another it is a time out. In still another you're attempting to pay me the 10$ as I'm attempting to pay you resulting in the reversal. As of May 25th we have replaced the internet router as well as debit cards. No change. Again, this isn't surprising since it rejects multiple cards across multiple browsers and devices. We'll continue to experiment and update you. Payment Wall

Reply to Reply: Letter 3 Sent:

May 26 Send us a screenshot of the error or prompt message you receive after completing the previously mentioned troubleshooting steps so we can investigate further. In addition, provide the following details: - First 6 digits of the card: - Last 4 digits of the card: - Name on the card: Best Regards, Letter 4 Requested Information Sent including screenshots.

Payment Wall Reply to Reply:

Letter 4 Sent: June 6 We have yet to receive a response with the following details/information: - Screenshot of the error or prompt message you receive after completing the previously mentioned troubleshooting steps - First 6 digits of the card: - Last 4 digits of the card: - Name on the card: Best Regards, Letter 5 Sent June 15 Hello, I've sent this to you multiple times. It was in the attached files you requested. Initial numbers are [redacted] and final numbers are [redacted] [Name]

Payment Wall Reply to Reply:

Letter 5 Sent: June 16 Provide us with the screenshot of the error or prompt message you receive after completing the previously mentioned troubleshooting steps. Make sure that your attachment is in picture format (jpeg, pjpeg, png, gif) and the file should not exceed 5 MB. Best Regards,

Letter 6: Sent: Tue, Jun 20, 3:02 AM

Attachments to support The Credit Card number is [redacted] then [redacted]. The Screenshots are below. The message received is: "We were unable to authorize your card." My bank tells me: "Payment wall is attempting to pay me 10$ or whatever the Acoin amount I attempt to purchase is..." You tell me: "The payment is timing out." I have told you that the problem exists on multiple devices and from multiple IPs and Locations. You have told me to attempt resetting my browsers and trying others. I have. The entire problem began when my region experienced a maintenance in services during the period in which the problem initially begin. I have communicated all of this to you. Including my bank's belief that the account is stuck in some kind of loop-error. If you are willing I can put you in touch with my bank so that you can test the problem in-real-time. Note: You demonstrate a lack of continuous and progressive awareness of all of these communications we have made. We have made communications on this issue since May. Sometimes daily. Sometimes weekly. You continue to ask me the same questions. I continue to send you the same information again and again. Thank for your time,

Payment Wall Reply to Reply: Letter 6 Sent: June 6

Your payment attempt to made on 03-Jun-2023 for 10.00 USD did not go through successfully. Your bank did not approve your transaction. Contact them for further assistance. Best Regards,


To Pearl Abyss Directly:


I really love your game so I genuinely hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek your assistance in resolving this ongoing issue with my account's payment capabilities. I understand that you receive numerous inquiries, and I genuinely appreciate your attention to this matter. However, you really have continued to disregard my attempts to resolve this. I have tried every way I know how. 

I have been experiencing difficulties in making purchases of Acoin, specifically an amount of $10. Despite my efforts, the payment does not go through, and my bank has confirmed that all previous transactions to Pearl Abyss were successfully processed.

In my attempts to troubleshoot the issue, I have utilized different browsers, devices, and even tried multiple cards, both debit and credit, to no avail. Furthermore, I have diligently followed the troubleshooting steps provided by PaymentWall as well as your own Staff's directives, including clearing browsing data and utilizing alternate web browsers, but the problem persists.

I want to emphasize that this issue seems to be beyond my control as I have confirmed with my bank that funds are available, and no issues have been detected with my cards. I really wish I did not have to expose my interactions in this way. Money matters should be a private matter. However, due to banking regulations in my region, I am unable to establish direct contact between PaymentWall and my bank without my presence or someone directly associated with the account. Since your own staff and PaymentWall are unwilling to help me I am left to communicate in this manner.

The impact of this issue extends beyond my personal inconvenience. Certain in-game items, such as 180 Packages and costumes, cannot be acquired through the marketplace, limiting my ability to fully enjoy the game experience. It is my belief that finding a resolution to this matter would greatly benefit not only myself but also the wider player base.

I kindly request your support in escalating this issue and facilitating resolution of this problem. I no longer have any idea what else I can do.

I understand that you are committed to providing excellent service to players, and I genuinely appreciate your dedication. I am hopeful that with your assistance, we can overcome this obstacle and restore the functionality of my account's payment capabilities. I suspect I am far from the only person who has been treated in this manner. 

Thank you for your attention and understanding. 

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