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Sollte der Launcher bereits installiert worden sein, wird das Spiel gestartet.
Startet den Launcher manuell, wenn er sich nicht automatisch öffnet.


1 Ladet die Datei BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe herunter und installiert den „Black Desert“-Launcher.

2 Bitte startet das Spiel, sobald die Installation beendet ist.


UTC 23 : 50 12. Apr 2024
CEST 1 : 50 13. Apr 2024
PDT 16 : 50 12. Apr 2024
EDT 19 : 50 12. Apr 2024
Reporting Thievery: Tamer has been Repeatedly Robbed
18. Dez 2023, 12:31 (UTC)
363 4
Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 18. Dez 2023, 12:31 (UTC)
# 1

The First Incident.

Long ago someone stole Heilang's brains, damage, and accuracy during an update.

- to date it has never been given back

The Second Incident.

Someone stole Heilang's sit-on-command pose and gave it as an automatical ability to the Maegu's fox.

- It has, to date, never been returned to Tamers.

- This clearly shows that the Maegu is a thief and should be understood as received as somewhat like malicious activity to steal from our class to give to another.

The Third Incident.

Our "walk" animation was changed and probably given to another class as well though I haven't had time too look around and find out to whom we were theifed upon for the sake another.

If possible can you return these animation to us as an animation pack, even if we have to pay to have these things returned to us? 

It's really not great to be stealiing from our classes like this to benefit other players. Especially as the Tamer was and is a classic brand market character for the game. 

It's really just not cool to steal from your player base this way. Please give Heilang back his functionality, too. We played this character for years as a continuous summons, always present, companion and ever so slowly we're literally being robbed. Having our assets put on other classes and actually taken away from us.

This is robbery so please stop. 

We love Black Desert. Why are you mistreating us?

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 18. Dez 2023, 12:42 (UTC)
# 2

For efficiency and sellout reasons. You´re not gonna get it back.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 18. Dez 2023, 15:30 (UTC)
# 3

Don't forget her original summon animation (Summon Heilang), which Shai now has. Her other animation (Awakening: Cloud Stomping) looks similar if not identical to Corsair's main skill (Storm Surge). They change Heilang to Heuklang, then give her unique animations to other classes. They are continuously stripping away her very identity! Sadly this is not the only class they are doing this to, but it might be the most noticeable. They really need to stop doing this! When they release new classes, they need to be original and unique. Don't copy what is already there or remove it from the very class it originated from! It's lazy and quite frankly disrespectful

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 18. Dez 2023, 17:10 (UTC)
# 4

Tamers unite!



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