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UTC 23 : 28 12. Apr 2024
CEST 1 : 28 13. Apr 2024
PDT 16 : 28 12. Apr 2024
EDT 19 : 28 12. Apr 2024
Yzrahid Highlands - Misleading Telegraphs
12. Feb 2024, 01:59 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 12. Feb 2024, 01:59 (UTC)
# 1

If you go to Yzrahid Highland to grind you're going to die. 

- The purpose of this spot is to delete crystals, apparently.

1. Misleading telegraphs

2. Hit from anonymous sources at vast ranges far outside the indicated area of the hit.

3. Every attack and effect is the same color.

4. Reliability of actions doesn't match the substance of the events leading to all actions being unreliable to undesirable.

Most of these attacks require a class to possess incredible mobility:

- Most older classes do not possess such mobility. Leading to a panicked race to get to the next required position.

Some areas in the 'green' (safe) area are still kill zones.

- this is likely a de-sync issue as it is inconsistent to rare, but still sketchy.

Is this a game a rat's maze for neurological studies?

- The basic setup requires you to block and then iframe. Or reverse the order.

This isn't communicated in any way what so ever. "Die and lose crystals to find out". 

Apparently your mode of communication is , "lose crystals to find out".

- thanks for respecting our time. it is really appreciated...

In essence, you are communicating that we should just, "delete hours of gameplay to perhaps gain an understanding of gameplay."

Turning crystals off does not work as you cannot complete even the first phase with full pen gear without crystals. Meaning a full demo of the area of not possible to undesirable.

Desync is quite deadly at all these new locations. 

- Crystal loss makes it prohibitive to use the spots.

What you are seeing on screen does not always match reality.

- De-sync is always problematic. You are communicating to me that if I die from lag is my fault.

I have the best internet this area provides. I have the best cables. Etc, etc. I am lucky. Many people will have less. I struggle.

I cannot upgrade further. Yet, Desync is my fault? 

"If you de-sync you will be punished with crystal loss". 

"Goodie! Let me sign right up for that!" - not...

Frequently the only correct action for these mechanics is to leave combat entirely.

- as telegraphs are unreliable narratives every action becomes an UNRELIABLE response.

- only even a few of the new classes have "absurb mobility" necessary to survive the game just deciding to off you because that's apparently going to be every location now? yay. 

Gameplay that works only for some classes or circumstances, but not for others is... not worth it. Because this game is now entirely about your crystal set, far and above anything to do with your gear, then there is no reason to play this. You're just deleting gear for a chance at persistent profits.  Profits that will be reset into the negatives at the slightest mistep.

I am fighting myself; not the creature.

This is actually my biggest pet peeve with all this. " IF I damage the leg then it might stomp. If it stomps I might desync. If I desync I might die. If I die I might lose cystals. If I lose crystal I lose more money than the entire grind session (for multiple hours). " Summarizing in, "What the heck is the reason I should even get remotely close to this content?" And that leads to the conclusion, "Yea, I should NOT involve myself with this." And this isn't an issue of skill or gear. I have both. It is just that at any time, for any reason, something unreliable and unrecoverable can happen and does happen from time to time. 

- actually, I enjoy this one shot stuff quite a lot, but at the end of the day it is too cost prohibitive. 

You've made Crystals too costly to use for the content they are intended. I don't know what the solution is here because you also made the market hinge on them being incredibly expensive to offset our excessive profits right now. We're being punished for bad math. That's the reality. The issue isn't just the bosses. It's the whole assumption behind them. I don't know how to tell you to fix this, but I understand how we got here. And I largely agree with intent to stop the game from bloating that these kind of mechanics represent. As well, it is fresh gameplay. So, it's not the creatures, it's the resulting economic that's the problem. These are LoML Calamity level diffuculty creature, but with Crystal Loss. It's not sustainable. We with the gear to be here can't afford to attend it. You put the price of entry too high to match the risk of using the content. 

- all it takes is one glitch, one desync, and the whole night is ruined. 
- if you want to make a way for us to burn off silver this probably isn't the way to do it. 

- if you are looking for a way to stop power creep and moving more ap / dp / sustaining hp over onto elixirs and then there also having the cost of buying all that be part of the silver burn too? this isn't the way to do it either. 

You're just telling us that you're going to lose to go here. One way or another, the whole day's grind, is just going to be a loss. I don't think silver should be the "win" conditions necessarily, but right now "To play is to lose". That's the set up you're taking the game into. So, I guess that's why I'm writing this. 

Be very careful. This is not a good plan. 

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 12. Feb 2024, 14:08 (UTC)
# 2
On: Feb 12, 2024, 01:59 (UTC), Written by BelleAtwell

Some areas in the 'green' (safe) area are still kill zones.

- this is likely a de-sync issue as it is inconsistent to rare, but still sketchy.

Everything in your post was meh w/e except this one spot.  The green explosions on the floor are not "safe" they are damage with a buff attached.  You still take a tiny bit of damage in the green zones on the skills, the green explosions do a lot of damage but still provide a buff.  It is best to pause in the little green explosions during the leg destroyed phase just long enough to get the damage buff then move out of the area because it hurts.



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