Black Desert beginnt in Kürze.

Das Spiel wird gestartet, wenn Ihr den Launcher installiert habt.

Installiert den Launcher, um das Spiel zu starten.

Sollte der Launcher bereits installiert worden sein, wird das Spiel gestartet.
Startet den Launcher manuell, wenn er sich nicht automatisch öffnet.


1 Ladet die Datei BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe herunter und installiert den „Black Desert“-Launcher.

2 Bitte startet das Spiel, sobald die Installation beendet ist.


UTC 19 : 23 21. Jul 2024
CEST 21 : 23 21. Jul 2024
PDT 12 : 23 21. Jul 2024
EDT 15 : 23 21. Jul 2024
Help with Succesion Wizz PvP
22. Mai 2024, 02:59 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 22. Mai 2024, 02:59 (UTC)
# 1

Hey all, iv done pretty well since beta in Large Scale PvP but in 1v1 i cannot for the life of me impove, lets say im starting a 1v1, can anyone tell me what i should be doing first because i seem to get CC'd and their one me straight away, should i be putting my frontal guards up straight away and keep moving? Also when is the best time to use SA is it when the enemy is close? Should i be trying to FG their CC's Teleport and then try to CC them and damage them, i cannot improve at all =/

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 22. Mai 2024, 13:44 (UTC)
# 2

Large scale PVP is different kind of pvp as you depend on blobs and having others take attention away from you, and I would say you must be quite below average if you asked about how to 1vs1.

Your 1vs1 is skill knowledge, stamina managment and reaction time.

When to use FG/SA/Iframe is completly situational on the distance to target and class difference, some classes u can use FG against some others u cant because they can instantly CC u on the back, some u can use SA and trade where against others u cant.

You need to learn other classes or know how their skill set works for you to defeat them and this applies to almost every single class in this game.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 05. Jun 2024, 21:50 (UTC)
# 3

There's nothing you can do, dude. The Wizard is a dead garbage class with zero damage that can be killed by anyone with a little more intelligence than a monkey.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 13. Jun 2024, 22:21 (UTC)
# 4

Witch/Wiz are reliant on landing electric spells to "slow" other players.

You want to kite with lightning spells for the first 20 seconds of so of fighting, while using frontals as they "get close". 

If you move around enough, land enough lightning hits, and properly TP when they pop big cooldowns; this way even if they "CC" you, you can get up because they popped big skills, and can TP + heal to full and reset.



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