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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History


Barrier of Infestation



● Added the Barrier of Infestation.
- Hadum, the God of Despair, has extended their reach to the Lord of Corruption in Serendia Shrine, where the lair of Kzarka lies. To resist against Hadum's infestation, Kzarka has gone berserk. This has caused Ahib Lejenti to now look for mighty Adventurers to bring a swift end to Hadum’s plan by destroying the Barrier of Infestation, which keeps the enraged evil deity bound, to soothe Kzarka's rage and return it to slumber.
- To keep Kzarka bound, Hadum has raised the Barrier of Infestation, which will only allow 3 Adventurers to enter the fight to free Kzarka. However, as the Barrier of Infestation grows stronger, Adventurers will have to muster up the courage to face Kzarka alone.
- Having gone berserk to fight off Hadum's infestation, Kzarka now displays an incredibly powerful and frightening arsenal of spells, but at the cost of its health pool.
- You can start the Barrier of Infestation content through a weekly quest on the Elvia Realm servers. The barrier is divided into five levels. You can start with Level 1 to 3 in a group of 3 Adventurers, but once you make your way to Levels 4-5, you will need to face Kzarka alone.
- For each level, you will be given a 7-minute time limit. You must complete the attempt within 7 minutes to receive your reward.
- You can enter the Barrier of Infestation content after completing the questline "[Elvia] Obsidian Ashes" in Suggested quests then accepting the quest "[Elvia Co-op] Dreary Moonlight" from the Black Spirit.
- You must be Lv. 61 or higher to proceed with the quest "[Elvia] Obsidian Ashes." You can only accept the quest "[Elvia Co-op] Dreary Moonlight" on the Elvia Realm server.

Barrier of Infestation Rewards
Level 1

Predator's Roots x10

Cron Stone x50

Level 2

Predator's Roots x15

Ancient Spirit Dust x250

Level 3

Predator's Roots x20

All DP +1 (Applied to Family, Permanent)

Level 4

Predator's Roots x30

Ancient Spirit Dust x250

Max HP +20 (Applied to Family, Permanent)

Level 5

Predator's Roots x50

All AP +1 (Applied to Family, Permanent)

- You can only accept each level's rewards once per family.

 Over the course of our updates, we’ve introduced a variety of different ways to increase your (displayed) AP & DP. We wanted our Adventurers to be able to enjoy the game by setting new goals in character progression that goes beyond just focusing on upgrading gear. And so, the “Barrier of Infestation” is our latest addition in realizing this desire. Having its origins in feedback from Adventurers wanting to take on World Bosses 1-on-1, the Kzarka for the Barrier of Infestation is truly a fearsome foe. While Kzarka is designed to be taken down by one or three Adventurers, there is also a seven-minute time limit meant to serve as a challenge to make overcoming Kzarka more meaningful.

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