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Update History


Rare hunting animals

● Reports of rare animal sightings from all over are reaching some seasoned hunters. Many hunters living in quiet seclusion in Behr have gathered to put together a Rare Hunting Guide. You might be able to get special information about these rare animals by becoming friendly with the hunters.
- Added [Knowledge - Ecology - Rare Hunting Guide] Category
- Added the following rare monsters for hunting.

[Parched] Poison Net Desert Scorpion

[Enchanting] Rainbow Fox

[Oblivious] Breoro

[Moonlit] Crystal Alligator

[Cursed] Stone Cobra


- You may be able to obtain knowledge by hunting rare animals, and obtain the following titles.

Monster Name Title
Poison Net Desert Scorpion - Fierce
- Desert Eagle
- Savior of Ibellab
Rainbow Fox - Nothing If Not Quick-witted
- Great Detective
Breoro - Executing Traitors
- Grieving
- Heartbroken
Crystal Alligator - Enjoying the Music
- Alligator Trainer
- Watcher
Stone Cobra - Taken Aback
- Snake Researcher
- Faux Snake

- You can get the [Bonus] Hunting quests by chance if you hunt the following animals.

Region Title Monster Name
Wild Animal Area near Acher Guard Post in Kamasylvia Wild Belladonna Elephant
Baby Belladonna Elephant
Feather Wolf
Black Leopard
Ferrica, Ferrina
King Griffon
Wild Grass Rhino
Verdure Buck
Verdure Doe
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Lion
Boss Grass Rhino
Verdure Buck
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Lion
Areha Palm Forest
Wild Giant Lioness
Giant Lion
Giant Mountain Sheep
- You cannot accept the same [Bonus] Hunting Quest more than once. However, you can accept other [Bonus] Hunting Quests without a daily limit after completing a [Bonus] Hunting Quest.
Region Reward per Region Universal Rewards
Wild Animal Area near Acher Guard Post in Kamasylvia

Mournful Crystal of the Forest x2

Hunter's Token x25

Hunter's Dawn x1


* You can get the following effects for 30 minutes when you obtain Hunter's Dawn:

- Hunting EXP +15%

- Attack Speed +2

- Movement Speed +2

- Critical Hit +2


Narc's Wishstone x1

Hunter's Token x25

Areha Palm Forest

Areha Handcrafted Compass Part x1

Hunter's Token x25

- You can use Heating (L) on Mournful Crystal of the Forest x10 to get Forest Fury x1
- You can use Heating (L) on Narc's Wishstone x30 to get Breath of Narcion x1
- You can take Areha Handcrafted Compass Part to Burita Allon, the trade NPC of Valencia, to get Lion Meat x250

 Rare animals have been sighted in the Black Desert world. They are hard to find, but we hope that coming across these rare animals, filling out the Rare Hunting Guide one by one, and obtaining new titles along the way will add a new element of enjoyment for our Adventures. We will continue to add new rare animals with their own unique characteristics—please stay tuned! You can also get information on the rare animals from the villagers living in Behr, which may soon become a booming hunting village! We also added [Bonus] quests to hunting; all you have to do is complete some rather straightforward quests to receive rewards unique to each region and short but powerful buffs.

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