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Pit-A-Pat Mole

● According to the tales of farmers, there are rumors abound of some mole with a rather peculiar appearance. Farmers have named this mole the 'Pit-A-Pat Mole.'
- When the Giant Mole appears while farming, there will be a very low chance for several holes in the dirt to appear.
- The rather peculiar-looking mole will create a bunch of holes, and will only appear from one of these holes.
- This special mole will drop a 'Pit-A-Pat Petal' when you chase it away, and you will need to bring 10 petals to Jemkas Wyrmsbane at Northern Guard Camp to accept the quest 'Trace of Pit-A-Pat Mole.' Upon completion, you will be awarded the 'Pit-A-Pat Mole' pet.
- Also, this special mole is even greedier than the Giant Mole, as it will drop many more farming materials when you chase it away.
- The Pit-A-Pat Mole pet has the appearance of a mole, and can only be exchanged with another Pit-A-Pat Mole (excluding Gosphys as well).
- The Pit-A-Pat Mole pet's special skill is finding resources, and its talent is increased Life EXP.

▲ Pit-A-Pat Mole appears!

▲ Pit-A-Pat Mole flees