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Update History



● The instruments of Florchestra, the maestro of a famous wandering musician named Artina who brought out the musical talent of Shais, have been revealed to the world.
 New "Florchestra" instruments that bring out the talent of Shais have been added. There are a total of 7 Florchestra instruments, and out of the 7, 5 are upgraded versions of the old beginner instruments while 2 are completely new instruments that were not part of the beginner instruments.

Florchestra instruments boast a more exquisite exterior than the old beginner instruments, and their sounds can be modulated through a processor called an Effector. Also, the musical technique differs for each type of instrument. A musical technique refers to the many different ways of playing music and the Effector is a music processor that modulates the sounds of instruments to be more extravagant. You can use a fuller sounding and more beautiful music than with the old beginner instruments by using these two tools to its full extent.

These new instruments were crafted to bring out the talent of skillful Shai Adventurers who enjoy Black Desert's instrumental performance system. Do all these terms seem like Ancient jibberish to you? Take a gander at [Florchestra Lessons with Artina] made for beginner musicians like yourself!

Florchestra Acoustic Guitar

Florchestra Flute

Florchestra Drum Set

Florchestra Harp

Florchestra Piano

Florchestra Violin

Florchestra Handpan

- Florchestra instruments boast a more exquisite design and richer timbre than the old beginner instruments, and their sounds can be modulated through a processor called an Effector. Also, the musical technique differs for each type of instrument.
● Added a Florchestra Instruments category on the Compose window. You can set the Effector and musical technique when you select a Florchestra instrument.
- You can adjust settings for the Effector from the upper left of the Compose window.
- The Effector has 5 types of effects.
Effects Description
Reverb Time Provides a sense of space by adding reverberation.
Delay FeedBack Adjusts the number of echoes.
Chorus FeedBack Adjusts the Effector's amount of repeated sounds.
Chorus LFO Depth Adjusts the Effector's modulation depth.
Chorus LFO Frequency Adjusts the Effector's modulation frequency.
- You can adjust the amount of sounds transferred from your instrument to the Effector by using AuxSend from the Florchestra Instruments category. When it lights up, it means that the sounds are being transferred to the Effector.
- The settings for the Effector affects the entire song.
- You can adjust the settings for the musical technique on the upper right of the Compose window. Musical techniques refer to ways of playing music, and they differ for each different type of instrument.
- You can see the default musical technique on the uppermost part of the screen.
- You can see that notes of the same color as the selected color on the musical technique selection window will appear when you enter a note after changing musical techniques.
- You cannot enter many different musical techniques for the same beat. Also, the last musical technique you selected will be applied to all.
● Changed the Music Album window to categorize beginner instruments and Florchestra instruments differently.
- Select the Florchestra category and press the button for playing to use a Florchestra instrument to play solo or in an ensemble.
● Florchestra's apprentice, Artina, found the blueprints for Florchestra's instruments in the seventh home she left behind, letting the world know how of the method to craft these instruments.
- According to what's written on the blueprints, there is a tree called the Tree of Seven Sounds, which is invisible to regular people and is said to be the source of all sounds. They say the blessing of young spirits who guarded the Tree of Seven Sounds is necessary to craft a special instrument that can tug at one's heartstrings.
 The method to obtain these newly released Florchestra instruments with their brilliant tones, musical techniques, and Effector, is different from beginner instruments that you can get directly from a shop with Silver. You can slowly obtain the upgraded versions of the beginner instruments over 10 days via daily quests. Since you cannot complete the daily quests for each instrument simultaneously, you should carefully decide on which instrument you want to obtain first. However, for the new types of instruments that weren't part of the beginner instruments, the drum set and the handpan, you can craft both instruments in a single day by following each of their weekly quests (though not simultaneously). In this case, don't forget that you need to co-op and play ensembles with other Shai Adventurers! Although they're more difficult to obtain these than the beginner instruments, Florchestra instruments crafted from memories gained by going on concert tours in different territories with other Shai Adventurers will hold great meaning.
● You can craft Florchestra's instruments through Processing (L) using the blessing of young spirits obtained through quests.
Florchestra Instruments How to Craft

Florchestra Acoustic Guitar
[Blueprint] Florchestra Acoustic Guitar x1
Maple Plywood x10
Platinum Ingot x50
Copper Ingot x50
Dewdrop of River's Glee x10

Florchestra Flute
[Blueprint] Florchestra Flute x1
Platinum Ingot x50
Silver Ingot x50
Gold Ingot x50
Dewdrop of Forest's Mirth x10

Florchestra Piano
[Blueprint] Florchestra Piano x1
Birch Plywood x30
Translucent Crystal x52
Black Crystal x36
Dewdrop of Daylight's Passion x10

Florchestra Harp
[Blueprint] Florchestra Harp x1
Maple Plywood x10
Platinum Ingot x50
Copper Ingot x50
Dewdrop of Star's Memory x10

Florchestra Violin
[Blueprint] Florchestra Violin x1
Maple Plywood x10
Platinum Ingot x50
Copper Ingot x50
Dewdrop of Night's Hope x10
- You can purchase blueprints for Florchestra instruments at Lake Kaia, Lake Flondor, Salanar Pond, and Artina's Instrument Shop in Ancado Inner Harbor.
- Right-clicking on an instrument blueprint will navigate you to an Artina NPC of an Instrument Shop for the blessings of young spirits (dewdrops) required to craft an instrument.
- You can only accept the following quests when you have the respective instrument's blueprint in your inventory. Also, these are daily quests.
Quest Completion Requirement Quest Reward
[Daily] Dewdrop of River's Glee Hand over Bottle of River Water x20 to Artina
Dewdrop of River's Glee x1
[Daily] Dewdrop of Forest's Mirth Defeat 250 Polly Mushrooms for Artina
Dewdrop of Forest's Mirth x1
[Daily] Dewdrop of Daylight's Passion

Deliver Flondor Golden Egg

Perform a solo for Artina

Dewdrop of Daylight's Passion x1
[Daily] Dewdrop of Star's Memory

Hand over Ancient Kingdom of Orzeca Coin x5 to Artina

Hand over Refined Delotia Reagent x5

Dewdrop of Star's Memory x1
[Daily] Dewdrop of Night's Hope Gather and hand over Delotia x10 and Thornwood Timber x10 to Artina
Dewdrop of Night's Hope  x1
Florchestra Instrument How to Craft

Florchestra Drum Set
[Blueprint] Florchestra Drum Set x1
Birch Plywood x10
Platinum Ingot x50
Fine Soft Hide x30
Dewdrop of Moon's Rhythm x10

Florchestra Handpan
[Blueprint] Florchestra Handpan x1
Platinum Ingot x50
Iron Ingot x50
Red Crystal x30
Dewdrop of Fire's Pride x10
- The quests for obtaining dewdrops required to craft the two types of instruments mentioned above are recurring weekly quests and cannot be completed simultaneously.
- To accept a recurring weekly quest, you must complete a preceding quest from Artina once per family.
- Preceding quest for "[Weekly] Dewdrop of Moon's Rhythm": Reach musicianship grade C
- Preceding quest for "[Weekly] Dewdrop of Fire's Pride": Complete Artina's Music Journal Knowledge category
Quest Completion Requirement Quest Reward
[Weekly] Dewdrop of Moon's Rhythm Complete concert tour in Calpheon territory with Shai performers;
Dewdrop of Moon's Rhythm x10
[Weekly] Dewdrop of Fire's Pride Complete concert tour in Valencia territory with Shai performers;
Dewdrop of Fire's Pride x10
* You must stick to the tour order mentioned in the notice you get upon accepting the quest, and must perform in an "ensemble" as well.
● You can obtain knowledge when you craft a Florchestra instrument.
- Added a Florchestra Instrument Knowledge category to Adventure Log → Travel Log
- You can obtain the title, when you acquire all of the Florchestra Instrument Knowledge entries.
- You cannot register crafted Florchestra instruments on the Central Market.

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