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31 August 2016 15:00

A Goyen Brother Holds Up the Sword of Faith

Today we are excited to announce the start of our bi-weekly Awakening Series, starting with the Warrior Class! Unlock your Greatsword after level 55 and take to the battlefield with your newly unlocked skills as you fight for fame and glory! Following the Warrior Awakening on August 31st, we will bring your Sorceress with her devastating Scythe on September 14th.




In light of the new powers each class unlocks as they are Awakened you will be able to go toe to toe against new and powerful enemies with the Valencia 2 Expansion. Whether you are delving into the depths of the two new open world dungeons, The Aakman Temple and Hysteria Ruins or joining the ranks of the infamous Muiquun Gang to ambush would be adventurers who have the misfortune of getting lost in the desert, now is the time to prepare for an all new level of combat, stake your claim, and take what is yours.