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A substitute for Alchemy Stone, Spirit Stone

A substitute for Alchemy Stone, Spirit Stone


If you find Crafting or Growing an Alchemy Stone troublesome,


we suggest you give Spirit Stones a try. It is a type of Alchemy Stone that cannot be recharged.




Because a Spirit Stone cannot be recharged, when its Durability is depleted it can no longer be used.


It is also not as effective as an Alchemy Stone.


However, it has the advantage of being easier to get than an Alchemy Stone.




While it is impossible to Craft a Spirit Stone,


you can still receive it as a Quest Reward or by defeating Monsters in Kamasylvia.




You can use a Spirit Stone the same way as an Alchemy Stone.


If you Right-click the Spirit Stone in your Inventory, it will appear in the Alchemy Stone Slot.


This means you will not be able to use it simultaneously with an Alchemy Stone. To use the Spirit Stone, press the [U] key.




▲  Green Grade Spirit Stone’s effect. The durability of each stone starts at 50, and each time it is used the durability will decrease by one.


▲  Blue Grade Spirit Stone’s effect. It’s maximum Durability is also 50, but it has a greater variety of effects when used.