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Update History


Dawn of Naval Warfare: Margoria Expansion

Dawn of Naval Warfare: Margoria Expansion

02 February 2017 18:00

Hello, Adventurers!


By now you’ve had your ups and downs and seen numerous updates in our journey together.


Do you remember your first fishing rod for the Velia coastline? A bit shabby for fully prepared naval adventurers like yourselves. Right? Wait no more! A vast sea full of passion and adventures has finally opened up in Black Desert.



Dawn of Naval Warfare: Margoria Expansion has arrived!

Set your sails high and look out to the distant horizon! All will be held in awe at the glistening beauty presented before you.


Dawn of Naval Warfare: Margoria Expansion Main Updates

There’s a whole bunch of new and specialized content joining Black Desert Online from this update. Open your eyes wide and tune in to find out now!


◈ New Regions, Margoria Sea and Port Ratt

The newly opening ‘Margoria Sea’ is proudly presented with an immense area equal to all of previously introduced areas combined.

In the vast oceans, enjoy taking on gigantic sea monsters, catching brand new sea life, and dwelling in impressive naval battles.

▲ The massive sea greater than any seen before...!

Survive the fierce winds and waves of the sea to discover the new continent ‘Haso’ awaiting adventurers like yourselves.


Access into the continent is limited for the time being but you can dock at Port Ratt on the coast and enjoy generous trading deals that will bring in a big fortune.

▲ Port Ratt located just off the land of Haso. Be captivated by the uniquely Oriental architecture!

◈ New Mounts, Galley and Trader

Now you can construct your own Galley and Trader ships from the newly-added Guild Wharfs in Guild Houses. If you are a member of a guild, you are welcome to control the steering wheel or fire cannons and add various parts to strengthen and decorate your ship.

▲ New Galley perfectly designed for naval battles

The Galley is a battle-focused ship mounting 8 cannons being most fearsome at sea. This mount is utilized mostly in hunting down sea monsters or engaging in naval battles. Maximum passenger capacity is 10.

▲ Though attacking power is rather low, Traders have great durability and large storage space

Traders, as the name suggests, are designed for trading by sea. Traders can endure much weight and has big enough storage to transport spoils of the sea or tradeable goods, but they are relatively weak in naval battlers with only 2 cannons equipped.


◈ Brand New Contents, Sea Trading and Sailing

Trading by sea requires skillful sailing to avoid all dangers at sea including immense sea monsters and pirate ships, which, in turn, will bring huge profits considering all the danger and efforts taken in. Silvers acquired from trading by sea will be bound to your guild.


Characters sailing the Margoria Sea or hunting down sea monsters residing within will learn Sailing. If Sailing level rises, you can perform useful skills to control your Galley or Trader masterfully. The sea will be yours to take!

▲ Characters with high Sailing skills will become your most trusted friends at sea!

◈ Beware of the New Dangers, Colossal Sea Monsters

Number of colossal sea monsters are waiting to strike you in between the waves.


The enormous sea monsters identified heretofore are Candidum, so-called the ‘White Ghost,’ Hekaru that swallows all in one gulp, Black Rust with a steel-like jawbone, Nineshark with a horrific appearance that makes all tremble in fear, and the mysterious Ocean Stalker.


It would be foolish to take on these colossal monsters on a tiny sailboat. Normal attacks would not be effective and only cannon attacks from a Galley or a Trader must be used to take them down.


Be on the lookout! Their presence and power will surpass all expectations.

▲ With great challenges come the great prizes. Wanna test your luck?

◈ New Adventures, Undersea Explorations

Continent coasts have revealed a good number or undersea tunnels and beautiful corals to mesmerize any adventurer.


Try underwater gathering and pick up the most unexpected marine life while earning special knowledge. The ancient underwater ruins and mysterious treasure chests will stimulate all curiosities.


But make sure you are well prepared for the wheeling and dealing. Prepare your Splat Fisher's clothes or Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suits!


The sea is too vast too explore; make sure you don’t get stranded and know your place. Traveler’s map and compasses can come to your aid at times.

▲ The sea awaiting to reveal the most beautiful sights.

Care for the search of a lost treasure ship?

◈ Dawn of Naval Warfare: Margoria Expansion Preview

Margoria Expansion has so much more to offer than what you’ve seen so far.


Colorful and mystical sea adventures will be presented but this is only the start. Black Desert will continue to give full efforts to satiate your thirst for great adventures.


We only ask for your attention and anticipation.

Thank you as always.

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