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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History



 "Yar!" was added. Yar! is a new type of minigame that you can play with others with cards that have images of NPCs you can meet throughout the world of Black Desert. It is a simple game that was inspired by the classic games of poker and yacht.


It's easy to understand the rules after playing it a couple of times. The basics revolve around drawing cards a set number of times each turn in order to assemble the best hand of 5 cards to score the maximum number of points possible. You go back and forth with your opponent, committing hands to accumulate points each turn. Strategic planning and a bit of luck are both important factors in winning a game against another Adventurer in Yar!, so embrace the tides of fortune while trying to outwit your opponent.


We hope you'll enjoy playing Yar! with other Adventurers traveling across distant lands, as well as playing against NPCs in the Black Desert world.

● A new game is gaining popularity among the villagers of the Black Desert world. The game, "Yar!", was introduced to the villagers by a Shai girl named Yar who suddenly appeared in Velia one day.
- The "Yar!" deck consists of cards with symbols of a sun, moon, star, and flower as well as numbers 1(A) to 6.
- Go to ESC (New) Menu > Community (F9) > Yar! to start the game.
- Select the game mode which will determine the types of hands in play and enter the Family Name of your opponent to send an invite.
- When your opponent accepts your invite, the "Yar!" minigame begins!

[Yar! in a Nutshell]

"Yar!" is a minigame where you draw cards and score points based on the matching hands.


1. Select "Draw!" on your turn to draw cards up to a set number of times.
- Here, you can select the cards you wish to keep then re-draw the rest.


2. The points each hand will earn you are listed on the left side of the Yar! window.
- Select the hand you want to commit and earn the pertaining points.


3. Take turns with your opponent until you have committed points to all the hands.
The Adventurer with the most points wins!

- The possible hands you can score points for are listed below. When you play the game, you can score each hand only once.
Hands Description
Bit o’ Ones Gain the sum of all 1s (A) in points
Bunch o’ Twos  Gain the sum of all 2s in points
Lump o’ Threes  Gain the sum of all 3s in points
Nest o’ Fours Gain the sum of all 4s in points
Clump o’ Fives  Gain the sum of all 5s in points
Stack o’ Sixes  Gain the sum of all 6s in points
Mates Two of a kind. Gain their sum in points.
Peak Three of a kind. Gain their sum in points.
Dragon Claw Four of a kind. Gain their sum in points.
Double Trouble Two pairs. Gain 15 points.
(Each pair must be different.) 
Den of Wolves Full house (a pair and three of a kind). Gain 25 points.
(Each set must be different.) 
Yar! Five of a kind. Gain 50 points.
Broken Arrow Small straight (four in a row). Gain 30 points.
Straight Shot Large straight (five in a row). Gain 40 points.
Chance Earn the combined total of all cards in your hand.
● You can enjoy playing Yar! with some villagers in Velia.
- You can play Yar! with the following NPCs in Velia.

Islin Bartali

● Added the following titles that can be obtained depending on the total number of victories you’ve achieved against either Adventurers or NPCs.
Titles from Adventurer Match Victories Titles from NPC Match Victories
Gettin' Yar Feet Wet Welcome to Yar
Looking for Yar Players Heart of Yar Cards
Yar-mageddon Yar Outta Time
Yar Incarnate Yar Arena Master

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