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Install the Black Desert Launcher if the game doesn't start.

Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

The launcher will appear if it's installed.
If it doesn't, try to run your downloaded launcher.

Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History



● Added the Drill, an object that can be installed by guilds in their designated guild base server group.
- You will need to have learned the Guild Skill "Nature's Gift," which requires 30 points, to craft the [Guild] Drill Assembly Set.
- You can craft the [Guild] Drill Assembly Set via Guild Crafting, and, unlike other recipes, doing so does not require a Guild House.
- The parts and respective crafting methods of the [Guild] Drill Assembly Set are as follows.
Part Time Required Materials
[Guild] Drill Support x1 3 hrs Old Tree's Tear x100
Elder Tree Plywood x100
Palm Plywood x100
Standardized Timber Square x100
Black Stone Powder x1000
[Guild] Drill Shaft x1 3 hrs Earth's Tear x100
Steel x100
Vanadium Ingot x100
Black Stone Powder x1000
[Guild] Drill Grip x1 3 hrs Old Tree's Tear x100
Log x100
Bronze Ingot x100
Black Stone Powder x1000
[Guild] Drill Pin x1 20 min Earth's Tear x10
Steel x10
Titanium Ingot x10
Black Stone Powder x100
[Guild] Drill Fuel x1 1 hr Black Stone (Weapon) x1000
Black Stone (Armor) x1000
Powder of Flame x1000
Fire Horn x1000
Coal x1000
[Guild] Drill Assembly Set x1 10 hrs [Guild] Drill Support x1
[Guild] Drill Shaft x1
[Guild] Drill Grip x1
[Guild] Drill Pin x10
[Guild] Blueprint: Drill x250
※ Old Tree's Tear and Earth's Tear can be obtained according to a set probability by gathering with a Fluid Collector or Mining, respectively.
※ You can obtain [Guild] Blueprint: Drill x4 each time you complete a Guild Mission.
* Urgent guild missions requested by the people of Margoria will not be rewarded with [Guild] Blueprint: Drill.
- Complete a Guild Mission during the event period up until February 16, 2022 (Wed) and get "[Guild] Blueprint: Drill" x10.
* This excludes urgent missions from the people of Margoria and guild barter missions.
- Once crafting is complete, the [Guild] Drill can be installed on any desert terrain in your guild's base server group.
- Using the [Guild] Drill Assembly Set in the desert will begin installation, during which it cannot be damaged.
- [Guild] Drill Assembly Set takes approximately 15 minutes to complete installation, and cannot be damaged even by enemy guilds during this period.
- Once the [Guild] Drill is complete, you can interact with it to fill it with [Guild] Drill Fuel kept in your Guild Storage to activate it.
- The [Guild] Drill requires [Guild] Drill Fuel x5 to activate.
- Once construction is complete, enemy guilds will be able to damage it immediately. If your drill has already been activated with fuel, you will be partially compensated if your drill gets destroyed.
- If your [Guild] Drill has been either idle for more than 1 hour after construction or has no fuel when it is destroyed, you will not be able to claim a reward.
- Once the [Guild] Drill's drilling has completed, the drill will be consumed, upon which you will be able to claim your reward from the Guild Activity Reward UI for the next 30 days.
- Rewards from the [Guild] Drill can be obtained by all guild members.
- With the [Guild] Drill, you can excavate a variety of items from the Great Desert of Valencia, including spoils of war from buried soldiers, ancient weapon parts, trade goods of merchant guilds covered in sand, and fossils sought by scholars.
● Added the Pilgrim's Stone item.
- You can obtain the Pilgrim's Stone as a reward from drilling.
- Select Grinding from the Processing (L) window with the Pilgrim's Stone to obtain Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Hard Black Crystal Shard, and Mass of Pure Magic.
● Added [Guild] Covenant of Blood to items obtainable by completing the [Guild] Drill.
● Added new Guild Skills you can learn from consuming [Guild] Covenant of Blood.
Skill Effect Duration Cooldown Required Guild Points [Guild] Covenant of Blood Consumed
Guru's Touch Life EXP +40% 60 min 100 min 50 points 250
Blessing of Fortuna Item Drop Rate +10% 60 min 100 min 50 points 300
State of Nothingness Combat EXP +200%,
Skill EXP +50%
60 min 100 min 50 points 250
※ Can be stacked with other Guild Skills.
● Added rewards for either successfully drilling with the [Guild] Drill or if the drill is destroyed.
Item Amount for Successful Drilling Amount if the Drill Gets Destroyed
Faded Trader's Box 1 1
Traces of Time Fossil Fragment 4 2
Nameless Warrior's Keepsake 1 1
Secret Treasure Chest 1 1
[Guild] Covenant of Blood 20 10
- Items that you can obtain from the Faded Trader's Box, obtainable via the Drill, are as follows:
- Open the Faded Trader's Box and you'll obtain a Secret Voucher I-VI. You can take these to the NPC Wolfgang in Calpheon to exchange them for the following items.
- You can obtain the Traces of Time Fossil Fragment with the drill. If you use Grinding (L) on it, you'll be able to obtain one of the following items according to a set probability.
Material Product
Traces of Time Fossil Fragment Fine Fossil Fragment I
Fine Fossil Fragment II
Fine Fossil Fragment III
Fine Fossil Fragment IV
Ancient Weapon's Frame
- You can obtain the Lone Soldier's Identification Tag from the Nameless Warrior's Keepsake. You can bring this to the NPC Yisar Pjetyo in Tarif to exchange it for an Enchanted Scroll (+35).

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