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Dream Horse: Doom

Prepare for Doom!

29 April 2019 13:00



Greetings adventurers,

Doom, the new trail-blazing Dream Horse that will only accept the fiercest of riders, is finally coming. Managing to get a Doom is a true achievement for any veteran equestrian.

Doom performs the strongest attacks among the currently available Dream Horses and is also the swiftest.


▲ Check out the trailer for Doom




Doom. It is known as the roaring fire that blazes through battlefield. Yet, it was not always so praised.



Doom's siblings, Diné of the forest and Arduanatt of the wind, were lauded for their beauty and powers. Yet not Doom, with its menacing coal-fire body. It had no wings to soar through the skies, or a mighty horn. Even worse, everywhere it went, it left behind a trail of fiery hoofprints.



Doom tried to suppress its inner fire, but fire continued to consume all around it. The only ones who could keep it company were its siblings, but while they had the chance to go out and be loved by the world for their powers, Doom doubled down on controlling its own power.



Afraid of harming others, Doom decided to exile itself. Every single day it spent on its own, it would pray only for one thing: that it could one day be around others without harming them, just like its siblings did.



Doom became increasingly lonely as time passed by during its exile. Knowing about the sadness in Doom’s heart, one day, Hadum, the God of Darkness, sought Doom out under disguise. He told Doom that others were waiting for him in the Land of the Dead.



Doom believed him. It wanted so desperately to believe that someone would want to seek it out. Therefore, Doom left its home for the first time and ventured into the unknown.



After traveling many leagues, Doom finally stood before the entrance of the Land of the Dead. Unsettling noises seeped from beyond, but Doom charged through without hesitation. It kept on galloping and galloping, passing through scenes of unimaginable agony.



There was something wrong. No matter how frantic its search was, Doom simply couldn’t hear anyone calling its name. In fact, everything was fading slowly fading to black, but as soon as the thought passed its mind, he suddenly realized it was a trap! There was no one there for Doom.



Doom tried to leave, but the gates of the Land of the Dead were firmly shut. Even after multiple attempts to ram the gates down, they would not budge. Doom had spent too much time trying to rein in its power that now, even when it was needed the most, it hesitated to draw upon its full strength. However, a thought crossed its mind as it looked around the infernal surroundings: There is no reason to not use its full powers here.



After that revelation, Doom gathered all its strength and charged at the gates a final time. With a thunderous explosion, the gates finally gave way.



Doom was free at last, and it had learned an unforgettable lesson: Power is not something to suppress, but to harness and control.



In fiery spirit and body, Doom returned from the Land of the Dead, ready to take on anything.



Dream Horse Skills


S: Charge - Allows you to perform Charge an extra time. Also, it deals greater damage at a wider range compared to a normal Charge attack.


Double Jump - Allows you to jump once more in midair if the horse already knows Streak Leap and High Jump.


Courser's Spirit - HP and Stamina will slowly recover while the horse is resting.


Doom Skills


At Lv.1, Doom will already know Courser's Spirit, Double Jump, and Dark Flame Step. There is a certain chance that it has already learned Dark Sprint.


Dark Flame Steps: Inflicts Flame Damage to nearby enemies.


Dark Sprint: Speed through enemies in a blaze while inflicting damage to those nearby.


Instant Accel and S: Instant Accel have to be learned to use this skill, as Dark Sprint allows you to speed up once more while performing S: Instant Accel.


If Dark Sprint is learned, Doom can also inflict damage while using S: Instant Accel.


Two-seater: Doom is the only Dream Horse that can learn the skill Two-seater.


How to get Doom

Doom can be obtained by training then awakening a Tier 8 Lv. 30 courser with a Krogdalo's Origin Stone via NPC Gula of Stonetail Horse Ranch and NPC Melabee of Grána.

To get a Dream Horse, train your Tier 8 courser in their Skill, Elegance, or Strength. Once the combined stats for these three is at least 200%, you can attempt awakening your courser with a Krogdalo's Origin Stone.

If you succeed in awakening your Tier 8 courser, it will be reborn as one of the three Dream Horses: Arduanatt, Diné, or Doom.

If you fail in awakening your courser, its stats for Skill, Elegance, and Strength will all reset.

If you used Cron Stones during your attempt at awakening your courser, only half of the training stats will disappear.

Doom will gallop into the world of Black Desert Online during the April 30th maintenance.

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