Update History


Graphic/Audio Remastering

The long-waited Graphic/Audio Remastering is now here!


Graphics Remastering has been applied.You will be able to experience the big changes with your very own eyes.


Through the remastered graphics, feast your eyes on dramatic lighting effect and realistic display of objects and surrounding.


Ultra Mode is best experienced with a high end PC, so please keep this in mind.


If you would like to see the remastered graphics, please go to Settings →  Display → Display Quality → Graphics → High-End Graphics and choose Remastered Mode or Ultra Mode now. (*Remastered option can only be set from a PC that supports DirectX 11)

Experience the remastered Audio all throughout the world of Black Desert Online.



The music of Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon has been remastered. You can now enjoy the re-made and remastered music of each of these territories.

[Ambient Sound]


The ambient sounds in all territories have been renewed.

[Sound Effect]


The sound effects of the following five boss monsters have been renewed:

Titium, Belmorn, Mudster, Skeleton King, Kzarka