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Fwuzzy Alpaca Returns

 Fwuzzy Alpaca returns, somehow floofier than before!
Having left your side for a brief respite, Fwuzzy is back and is packed with double the cuteness. Stare googly-eyed at the Alpaca's concentrated adorableness manifested as new mount skills and effects,
● "Fwuzzy Alpaca" has returned as a mount available only to Shais!
- You will need to have the "Registration: Fwuzzy Alpaca" item in your inventory, then talk to a stable keeper NPC to register your alpaca to mount it. 

- You can obtain your very own "Registration: Fwuzzy Alpaca" item by accepting and proceeding with the "Befwend Fuzzy Alpaca" questline through Seiri the NPC in Duvencrune.
* Requires a Lv. 50 or higher Shai character. Available once per family. Can be accepted from Quests (O) - Suggested tab.
* Upon completing the "Befwend Fuzzy Alpaca" quest, you will be able to accept the following quest after midnight. You will need to accept and complete quests for an additional 5 days.
- Fwuzzy Alpacas can be leveled up to Lv. 15.
- Your alpaca can use the following skills (up to 7) depending on its level.
* The Fwuzzy Alpaca will already have learned the "Ptooey" skill at Lv. 1. 
Skill Image Description
Ptooey Ptooey! Your alpaca spits because it's angry.
I'm So Angwy! Your alpaca raises its foreleg to show its anger.
Clompity-clomp Clompity-clomp! Your alpaca leaps high with its short legs. 
Two Left Hooves Your alpaca piaffes in place.
Merry-go-alpaca Your alpaca goes round and round in its place.
Play Dead
Your alpaca plays dead. It will get up again when you call it.
Gwiddy-up! Go even faster.

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