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Labreska's Helmet

● Added the Labreska's Helmet item.
* The Central Market registered price changes for Labreska's Helmet will be updated sooner than for other gear-type items for a week after maintenance on April 6, 2022 (Wed).
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Labreska's Helmet


● Chief Floki of the Okjinsini at Jade Starlight Forest - Path of Prophecy is waiting for the one to unravel the secrets to the Fragment of Despair.
- You can start the "[Labreska’s Helmet] Fragment of Despair" quest through Floki at the Jade Starlight Forest - Path of Prophecy.
- You will need to have completed the "[Everfrost] Beyond the Doors of Alyaelli" quest with a character at Lv. 56 or higher to begin this quest.
- Complete all quests up to "[Labreska’s Helmet] Unexpected Gain" to proceed with the crafting quest for Labreska's Helmet.
- The requirements to accept the crafting quest for Labreska's Helmet are as follows:

- Lv. 56 or higher
- Completed the "[Labreska’s Helmet] Unexpected Gain" quest
- Have 1 or more Flame of Frost
- Have PEN (V) Blackstar Helmet or PEN (V) Boss gear helmet with level 10 Caphras Enhancement

* You cannot craft Fallen God's Armor/Labreska's Helm with PEN (V) Obsidian Blackstar Armor/Helmet.

* If you forfeit the "Unexpected Gain" Labreska's Helmet crafting quest, you can reaccept the quest as long as you don't have the Old Golden Ring in your inventory.

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