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Improvements to Pet Looting

We're implementing the improvements to how pets loot items as we mentioned during CalpheON - Episode 2. The pre-existing system was where your pets would follow your character's movements while looting along the way. However, this would make it so that the more your character moved, the slower your pets would loot. Many of our Adventurers gave us consistent feedback on this matter, so we looked into many different ways to improve this system through much deliberation and testing. Thus, we ended up modifying your pets to now prioritize looting items over movement. After the update, regardless of how fast your character moves, you will find your pets looting most of the items they may have previously missed, and we've also made your pet's looting ability no longer affect other pet abilities such as finding rare monsters or detecting enemy players.
● Improved the way pets loot items.
- Pets will now prioritize looting items over following your character, especially when you're on the move.
- Pet abilities such as finding rare monsters, detecting rare monsters and resources, etc. will no longer interfere with your pets' looting in any shape or form.
Before After
* Five Tier 4 pets recorded with pet behavior set to Agile.

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