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Artifact/Lightstone Inventory

An artifact inventory applied to the entire Family was added so you can now manage and keep your artifacts and lightstones separately. We developed this inventory with the purpose of adding a separate space that allows you to manage artifacts and lightstones without taking up your existing inventory, also taking into consideration the greater variety of artifacts and lightstones to be added in the future. 

The inventory was created so that you can store up to 30 artifacts, and for lightstones, each one stored will be stacked and displayed similarly to the 'Palette' feature. 

Additionally, the artifact inventory is shared amongst your Family. All of your characters can manage the items stored in the inventory, but when you infuse or unequip any stored artifacts or lightstones, please take note that you must move them from your artifact inventory to your regular inventory. 

Artifacts and lightstones were updated in hopes of providing great variety to how you enjoy the game. We are considering upgrading presets and other functions to broaden utilization in addition to the update of new artifacts and lightstones, so we hope you look forward to it. Thank you. 

● Added an artifact inventory which allows you to store artifacts and lightstones separately from your regular inventory.
- The artifact inventory applies to your entire Family.
- You can use it via the 'Artifact Inventory' button on the bottom of the Inventory UI.
- The same items will be stacked and take up a single slot, which will enable you to easily check the quantities of a single type of item.  
- Small icons for lightstones will be displayed so you can get an idea of the current infused artifacts in the inventory without having to check the tooltips.
- You can use the filter on the bottom to look for fire, earth, wind, and special lightstones held in the inventory.

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