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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History


Shadow Arena Official Launch

  • Shadow Arena Official Launch.

    • Your records and ranks from the pre season will all reset.

    • Shadow Arena has become brighter! You can now enjoy your match in a brighter map.

    • ① Maehwa, Ninja, and Striker have entered the roster of Shadow Arena.

      • Please check the list of skills below:

      • A single-command combo has been newly added for Maehwa, Striker, and Ninja in Shadow Arena as well.


      • Basic Attack: Slice, Whirlwind Cut, Upper Kick

      • Obtainable Skills: Cyclone Slash, Blooming, Red Moon, Blind Slash, Stub Arrow, Blunt Kick, Carver, Chase


      • Basic Attack: Wind Slash, Shuriken Throw, Sky Stepping, Throwing Kick, Wind Slash, Shuriken Throw

      • Obtainable Skills: Ninjutsu: Concealment, Smokescreen, Blade Spin, Shuriken: Malice, Beheading the Dead, Ankle Cutter, Shadow Stomp, Fatal Blow, Shuriken: Flight


      • Basic Attack: Heavy Fist, Triple Flying Kick, Fist of True Strength, Taeback Kick

      • Obtainable Skills: Wolf’s Fang, Massive Suppression, Adamantine, Rage Hammer, Twisted Collision, Sweeping Kick, Flash Step, Fist Fury

    • ② The single-command combos also been revised wholly so that you can utilize character combos better.

    • Press [Space] + [LMB] during basic attack while possessing a character in a match of Shadow Arena to perform a skill combo.
      Only the skills acquired through Unknown Skill Book item can be used in a combo. If there are no skills learned, pressing the one command above will only launch a basic attack.

    • If all skills are learned, hold [Space] + [LMB] to perform skill in the following order.The order of skill launched will not be affected by whether each skill can be performed during cooldown or not.

    • Each character’s skill combo will now be activated not only during standing attack but while performing the skills below.

      1. Shield Charge
      2. Take Down
      3. Scars of Dusk
      4. Ground Smash
      5. Forward Slash
      6. Spinning Slash

      1. Midnight Stinger
      2. Darkness Released
      3. Rushing Crow
      4. Claws of Darkness
      5. Dark Flame
      6. High Kick
      7. Dark Split

      1. Predatory Hunt
      2. Elastic Force
      3. Smack Down
      4.  Raging Thunder
      5. Storming Beast
      6. Beastly Wind Slash
      7. Ultimate: Fierce Strike

      1. Soaring Kick
      2. Heilang: Whiplash
      3. Heilang: Fearful Trembling
      4.  Heilang: Trample
      5. Heilang: Surging Tide
      6. Heilang: Lightning of Earth
      7. Leaf Slash (Launched forward)

      1. Celestial Spear
      2. Sword of Judgment
      3. Forward Slash
      4.  Flurry of Kicks
      5. Judgment of Light
      6. Celestial Smite

      1. Rising Storm
      2. Blooming
      3. Blind Slash
      4.  Slice (Launched forward)
      5. Upper Kick
      6. Steel Gale

      1. Blind Slash
      2. Steel Gale
      3. Chaos: Red Moon
      4.  Blooming
      5. Upper Kick
      6. Slice (Launched forward)

      1. Ninjutsu: Black Moonlight
      2. Ankle Cutter
      3. Ninjutsu: Shadow Explosion - Ghost Greeting
      4.  Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp
      5. Fatal Blow
      6. Throwing Kick
      7. Wind Slash (Launched forward)

      1. Shuriken: Flight
      2. Ninjutsu: Blade Spin
      3. Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp
      4.  Fatal Blow
      5. Shuriken: Malice
      6. Throwing Kick
      7. Wind Slash (Launched forward)

      1. Fireball
      2. Multiple Magic Arrows
      3. Frigid Fog
      4.  Meteor Shower
      5. Thunderbolt
      6. Dagger Stab

      [Dark Knight]
      1. Wheel of Fortune
      2. Unveiled Dagger
      3. Hidden Strike
      4. Kamasylvia Slash
      5. Obsidian Ashes
      6. Kriegsmesser Training (Launched forward)

      1. Rage Hammer
      2. Heavy Fist (Launched forward)
      3. Twisted Collision
      4. Sweeping Kick
      5. Adamantine
      6. Taeback Kick

      1. Rage Hammer
      2. Sweeping Kick
      3. Heavy Fist (Launched forward)
      4.  Scissor Kick
      5. Adamantine
      6. Twisted Collision
      7. Soul Basher

    • ③ New boss features have been added:

      • You may face off against the followed bosses in Shadow Arena now:

        • Red Nose, Giath, Dastard Bheg, Muskan

    • Upon defeating theses bosses, you will receive the following benefits:

      • Muskan: Muskan’s Shoes, Max Stamina +300 (3 mins.)

      • Dastard Bheg: Bheg’s Gloves, AP +30 (3 mins.)

      • Giath: Giath’s Helmet,  All Resistance +30% (3 mins.)

      • Red Nose: Red Nose’s Armor, HP auto-recovery +15 (3 mins.)

    • ④ ‘Practice’ match has been added to Shadow Arena.

      • You can play as many different characters in Practice Mode, since the characters sealed within the stones never disappear.

      • Contaminated Man and Contaminated Woman will appear in a Practice match and these monsters are easily defeated; a perfect practice target.

      • If you get killed by another adventurer during the Practice match, you will resurrect as the Black Spirit and can possess characters again.

      • In a Practice match, the Dark Fog will not close in. Every Practice has a duration of 25 minutes, and you can rejoin a Practice.

      • In a Practice match, you will possess yourself into characters with full skill set unlocked.

      • At max 50 adventurers can participate at once, and once the participant number exceeds 50 in the room you will be automatically sent to other room for Practice match. The match can also start when there is only 1 participant.

    • ⑤ Strong monsters will now appear from Waragon Cave.

      • Fierce Rhutums will appear in the Waragon Cave in the early period of the match.You can try to take them down for a chance to obtain strong gear early in the match, but these monsters will be tough opponents. Also, Hungry Black Spirits will appear more often in these caves so beware!

    • ⑥ Bonus Missions have been added to Shadow Arena

      • However for certain Bonus Missions with a special requirements for example ‘Finish a match without killing any adventurers,’ these can only be checked after the match ends.

      • Complete the Bonus Missions for extra rewards of Resplendent Black Rock x1 - x3 depending on the type and difficulty of your bonus Missions on top of your match rewards!

      • You can check the current status (whether it has been completed or not) of your Bonus Mission during a match.

      • The Bonus Missions appear in 3 different situations:

        • After a match begins

        • Right after you go into a character

        • After a specific period has passed once combat begins

      • However, in order to sustain the previous combat environment of Shadow Arena, Bonus Missions are given at random to an individual at 25% chance.

      • Bonus Missions including an example like ‘Kill 2 Mystics’ will be offered at random to create a variety in a match of Shadow Arena.

  • The following character skill damages have been adjusted for Shadow Arena.



Skill Name Damage Increase/Decrease

Shield Strike


Sideways Cut


Scars of Dusk


Ground Smash



Sinister Energy


Sharp Nails


Mark of Shadow



Elastic Force


Corpse Storm


Rock Smash



Shield Strike


Forward Slash


Sideways Cut


Divine Power


Sword of Judgment


Here are the new times for Shadow Arena: 



  • ‘Re-join’ button has been added to the results window of a Shadow Arena match.

    • After all part members have died in party mode, you can press the 'Re-join' button in the results window to enter Shadow Arena again with the same party members.

    • This feature can be used by both solo and party modes.

  • Guides regarding how to possess classes as the Black Spirit have now been added in the following situations:

    • After the match starts as you roam around in Black Spirit form.

    • After the match starts if you have not possessed a character.

  • A new BGM has been added when in Black Spirit mode while waiting for the game start.

  • The BGM will start to change when the Dark Fog starts closing in.

  • Fixed the issue where players who left after 5 minutes of Shadow Arena survival time (based on the survival time displayed on the screen) were unable to receive rewards through the rewards window.

  • Fixed the issue where Silver reward appeared on the result UI of Shadow Arena when a player left the match. (Player who left the match in the middle of the game cannot receive Silver.)

  • Pressing the Shadow Arena Rewards button when the Shadow Arena Rankings window is open will now close the Shadow Arena rewards window.

  • Fixed the issue where any member of your Party that exceeds the 50 player limit count would be disconnected when entering Shadow Arena Party mode.

    • Depending on the situation, it will now become possible to enter Shadow Arena even when the number of participants exceeds the 50 player limit.

  • Fixed the issue where the rewards list would be visible in the results window after you play a match in Shadow Arena's Private Room.

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