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Update History


Private Monster Zones - Marni's Realm


 We're adding Marni's Realm (private monster zones) as we revealed during CalpheON Episode 2. The concept of private monster zones came to fruition after we thought about how to improve the gameplay experience for our Adventurers who had limited time to play each day.
We first brought this concept to life in the form of a "mini" server, but we felt that version was difficult to balance and didn't offer an equal opportunity access for all Adventurers. Hence we've come to develop and reveal Marni's Realm - Private Monster Zones. Of course, up until we settled on this current iteration, we went over countless feedback and opinions from our Adventurers, which helped us immensely. We're just happy to be able to finally reveal the fruits of our labor.

Marni's Realm does not apply to all monster zones, and we also focused on most popular zones sought after by our Adventurers, such as those in the Elvia Realm, Sycraia Underwater Ruins, and Gyfin Rhasia Temple.
It's quite simple to use. You will need to first move to the designated spot in a monster zone, open up the special menu and click a button to enter. Please note that we limited Marni's Realm to certain parts of a monster zone in order to lessen the burden on each server.
For example, upon entering Marni's Realm at the Orc Camp, you'll find yourself only able to move around and fight monsters in the "best spot" of the monster zone. Since you will be the only Adventurer in said realm, we didn't feel the need to open up the entire monster zone for Marni's Realm.

Also, your usage of Marni's Realm is limited to 1 hour per day.
While we heard your initial feedback on 1 hour being somewhat short, we didn't want Marni's Realm to end up overshadowing the main content of Black Desert, that is, fighting monsters in the open world alongside other Adventurers. Therefore, we have no plans to increase the daily limit at this time.

  • Added private monster zones, Marni's Realm.
    • The presence of all other Adventurers are removed the instant you enter Marni's Realm.
    • Marni’s Realm spawns all the same monsters with the same loot rates as the "normal" zone.
    • You cannot go beyond the pocket of the monster zone within Marni's Realm unless you press the button to leave.
  • You can find the available monster zones for Marni's Realm under Menu (ESC) - Adventure (F5) - Private Monster Zone.
  • The entry button to Marni's Realm will appear once you reach the designated spot of specific monster zones, which you must press to gain access.
    • You can auto-navigate to these designated spots also by referring to Menu (ESC) - Adventure (F5) - Private Monster Zone.
      • * Auto-navigation is not provided to monster zones in the desert.
    • Entry to Marni's Realm is limited to 1 hour per day, which resets at 06:00 daily (an additional 5 minutes is provided as a buffer).
    • As long as you have time remaining, you can enter and leave Marni's Realm as you please.
    • Leaving Marni's Realm will pause the daily time limit, but there will be a 5-minute cooldown before you can attempt to enter again.
    • You can only access Marni's Realm for Elvia monster zones on an Elvia Realm server.
    • You can toggle the Marni's Realm entry button from the respective private monster zone window.
  • Marni's Realm is available for the following monster zones.

Monster Zone Recommended AP Monster Zone Recommended AP
Bashim Base 100 Desert Naga Temple 100
Titium Valley 100 Fadus Habitat 120
Gahaz Bandits' Lair 140 Crescent Shrine  140
Cadry Ruins 140 Tshira Ruins 140
Polly's Forest 160 Traitor's Graveyard 160 
Protty Cave
Centaurus Herd 190
Blood Wolf Settlement   190
Sherekhan Necropolis (Day)
* Monsters do not spawn if entered at night.
Roud Sulfur Mine
Pila Ku Jail 210
Manshaum Forest
240 Forest Ronaros Area 240 
Thornwood Forest
250 Kratuga Ancient Ruins 250
Aakman Temple 250  Hystria Ruins 250 
Star's End 260 Sycraia Underwater Ruins 260
Jade Starlight Forest 280 Gyfin Rhasia Temple  300
Ash Forest 300 Crypt of Resting Thoughts 310
[Elvia] Biraghi Den 240 [Elvia] Swamp Fogan Habitat 260
[Elvia] Swamp Naga Habitat 260 [Elvia] Saunil Camp 270
[Elvia] Bloody Monastery 280 [Elvia] Red Orc Camp 280
[Elvia] Rhutum Outstation 280 [Elvia] Primal Giant Post 290
[Elvia] Hexe Sanctuary 300 [Elvia] Troll Habitat  310
  • Added information of the above zones to ESC Menu → Adventure (F5) → Marni's Realm.
    • Click the Navigation button on the right side of the UI to be guided to a location where Marni’s Realm is available.

Monster Zone Location
  • Added information of the above monster zones to ESC Menu → Adventure (F5) → Monster Zone Info.
    • Select the Marni’s Realm tab in the Monster Zone Info to view details and directions.
  • The [Abyssal] Dark Knight will appear after a period of time fighting in Marni's Realm of the Crypt of Resting Thoughts.
    • Respawn time of the [Abysal] Dark Knight is the same as before.
  • The following conditions apply to Marni's Realm.
    • You cannot use Traveler's Map-type items within Marni's Realm.
    • You cannot summon others or be summoned to Marni's Realm via the guild skill - Call To Gather or Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Compass.
    • You can call for mounts that are within the designated area of a Marni's Realm monster zone.
    • All summons will be de-summoned upon entering Marni's Realm.
    • Death will force your character to leave Marni's Realm.
    • You must be above 0 Karma to enter Marni's Realm.
    • You cannot enter Marni's Realm on an Arena of Arsha or Node/Conquest War server.
    • Each server has a maximum occupancy limit for Marni's Realm, which you can see via the Marni's Realm status UI.
    • A window where you can change servers and check Marni's Realm status will appear if you attempt to enter on a server with too many Adventurers having entered Marni's Realm.
  • Added the message and UI that displays on servers where Marni's Realm - Private Monster Zones is not available.
    • Attempting to enter Marni's Realm on an Arsha/Node/Conquest War server will display a message, along with opening up the Server Change UI.
    • * The Server Change UI will also mark servers where Marni's Realm is unavailable.

Desert Naga Temple

Titium Valley

Crescent Shrine

Roud Sulfur Mine

Pila Ku Jail

Aakman Temple

Hystria Ruins
  • Added the "Marni's Realm Server Status" button.
  • Improved the Marni's Realm UI to now display accessible servers when attempting to change servers.
  • Changed the time limit of Marni's Realm - Private Monster Zone.           
Before After
Available for 1 hr 5 min per day Marni's Realm time accumulates up to a max of 1 hr 5 min while online in the regular world of Black Desert
(Time inside Marni's Realm is capped up to 11 hrs per day).
Resets at 6:00 AM every day Recharges while you are online, therefore Marni's Realm time will not reset daily.
  • The used time will be recharged once you leave Marni’s Realm and return to the regular world of Black Desert. (Up to 1 hr 5 min)
    • You can re-enter the Realm and use it for the amount of time that has been charged, even if the 1 hr 5 min of usage time is not completely charged.
* ※ Time available within Marni's Realm can be charged while a character within your Family stays online in the world of Black Desert.
      • The combat time will be fully charged (1 hr 5 min) during the maintenance.

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