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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History


New Black Spirit's Adventure


Black Spirit Adventure is here with a brand new makeover filled with new features and lots of surprises. Roll 2 dice and win amazing rewards and learn all about the revamped Black Spirit's Adventure below.


Now you will roll not 1 but 2 dice, and their sum will determine how many spaces the Black Spirit moves forward.

Get Black Spirit's Dice via the 'Acquire' button located on the bottom right corner of the Black Spirit's Adventure window based on your playtime.

You will gain an extra pair of dice every 30 minutes, up to 3 times a day.

Getting the same number on the dice will automatically grant you another roll.

However, an extra roll will not be granted if you land on a bonus square or the finish line, or if you roll the same number on both dice for the second time.

Your Black Spirit piece will change appearance every 10th round completed.


Type of Dice


Item Name

How to Use

Black Spirit's Dice

You will be able to roll 2 cube dice.

The total spaces to move will be decided by the sum of the dots shown on the 2 top surfaces of the dice.


(ex. Dice "A" shows 3 dots  + Dice "B" shows 4 dots  = You move 7 spaces)


If the dots on the surfaces of Dice A and B are the same, you will be able to roll once more after moving.


(ex. Dice "A" shows 3 dots  + Dice "B" also shows 3 dots  = You move 6 spaces then receive a bonus roll, which will allow you to move additional spaces.)

Black Spirit's Special Dice

You can roll 2 of the same dice which has the same number showing on all faces of the dice.


(ex. Dice "A" only will result in 5 dots  + Dice "B" will only result in 5 dots  = You move 10 spaces, then receive a bonus roll!)


*Check below for how to obtain


How to Play



1. You may choose the dice to roll from your collection. If you have more than 5 dice, press the < button to browse all of them.

2. Besides the basic dice (which have 1–6 dots), there are "special" dice with a fixed number of dots. Using these special dice at the appropriate time will help you to move as far as you desire.

3. Select the appropriate dice amongst the many dice you may have, then press the button to roll.

4. Use the "Acquire" button on the lower portion to obtain the Black Spirit's Dice.

   a.  Only normal Black Spirit's Dice can be obtained from the Acquire button.

5. The board has a start and finish square. Reach the finish square within the remaining number of chances to receive the completion reward. If you fail, you will be returned to the start square.

   a.  Depending on the special dice, you can either aim to complete a round or for a special item on a certain square.

6. You will have 5 chances to roll from the START square.

   a.  Reach the FINISH within the given number of chances to receive the completion reward.

   b.  If you fail to land on the FINISH square within the given number of chances, you will return to the START square once more.

7. You will see the number of successful rounds completed on the left-hand side of the board.

8. Landing on the 17th square marked as Bonus will move you to the special board.

9. Check out the "How to Play" section on the right-hand side for more details.


Special Board

Landing on the special Bonus square moves you automatically to the special board.

If you reach the FINISH square within 5 rolls or if you consume all 5 chances, the special board will end and you will get back to the normal board.




Rewards for round completions of the all new Black Spirit's Adventure are as follows:



Rounds Completed


Reward for completing Black Spirit's Adventure


Black Spirit's Adventure Box

Reward for completing Black Spirit's special board


[Event] Advice of Destiny

Additional rewards for completing Black Spirit's Adventure


Black Spirit's Special Dice Box


Fine Accessory Box


[Event] Shakatu's Shiny Box (Combat) x2


[Event] Shakatu's Shiny Box (Combat) x2


[Event] Gold Bar Box x2


Advice of Valks (+100)

※ There are no rewards for additional completions of Black Spirit's special boards.


How to get Special Dice

With the addition of the All New Black Spirit’s Adventure, all adventurers will be able to claim a Black Spirit’s Special Dice Box once during the entire event period from their Challenge Rewards (Y)!

There is also a reward for any failed completions of the Black Spirit's Adventure.

Use Simple Alchemy in the Processing window to combine Black Spirit's Special Dice Piece x5 and Black Gem Fragment x1 to get a pair of Black Spirit's Special Dice that generates a single number. The dice's number will be randomly given between 1 and 6.

Currently this is the only way to obtain special dice but special dice may be offered later via special events.




Fail to complete Black Spirit's Adventure

Black Spirit's Special Dice Piece


Enjoy double the fun with the all new Black Spirit's Adventure!


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