Update History


Garmoth's Nest - New Red Battlefield region

Added "Garmoth's Nest", a new region to the Red Battlefield.

  • In Garmoth's Nest, Garmoth will randomly attack adventurers by breathing fire both on land and while flying overhead.

  • 5 minutes after the battlefield begins, pots will appear all over the region, which you can break to obtain items that grant you powerful buffs.

  • If you're killed in Garmoth's Nest, you will randomly be revived from one of three sites existing per team.

  • Pots and Red Battlefield NPCs are available at each revive site, allowing access to obtaining buffs and purchasing potions.

  • Select (New) Menu → War → Red Battlefield to enter the Red Battlefield from Garmoth's Nest.



We've added Garmoth's Nest, a new map to the Red Battlefield. Unlike the preexisting Red Battlefield, this is a map with an entirely different feel, and we've added some new strategic elements that will add some spice for adventurers already familiar with the battlefield. Besides increasing the size of the map and altering some rules, we're testing out different ideas to continue expanding on the Red Battlefield with changes and new styles of gameplay.