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Update History


Great Ocean Zones and Ship Upgrade Revamp

The revamps to Great Ocean monster zones and ship upgrade methods introduced in the GM note are now here.
First, we're improving the loot and drop rates in Great Ocean monster zones. We wanted to add more zones with unique traits for our Adventurers to choose from just as we did to the monster zones on land.
We also adjusted the difficulty of Saltwater Crocodile monster zones to be available for solo Adventurers, but will maintain loot dropping for up to two party members as before.
To make Great Ocean content more accessible to a greater number of Adventurers, we applied a revamp to the means of upgrading ships as well.
Certain zones will now drop Verdant Black Stones, certain region quests will reward a bunch of Sea Monster's Ooze, and new recipes for Adhesive for Upgrade have been added as well.
We will continue to look for making quality of life improvements so many more Adventurers will easily be able to access more Great Ocean content.
We'd like to thank all of our Adventurers who love sailing the high seas of Black Desert.
● Increased the drop rates and amount of loot obtained from defeating the following Great Ocean monsters.
Saltwater Crocodile
[Violent] Black Rust
[Violent] Nineshark
[Predator of Vadabin] Black Rust
[Predator of Vadabin] Young Black Rust
[Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea]Goldmont Small, Medium, and Large Battleships
[Main Fleet] Goldmont Small, Medium, and Large Battleships
[Chasing Dark High Seas] Black Rust
[Chasing Dark High Seas] Nineshark
Normal and [Young] Candidum
Normal and [Young] Nineshark
Normal and [Young] Black Rust
Normal and [Young] Hekaru
Normal and [Young] Ocean Stalker
Cursed Pirate Ship
● Changed the following monster zones to now bear unique traits with the adjustments made to loot reward types and drop chance.
Monster Zone Trait
Saltwater Crocodile Habitat Materials for Chiro's Ship Parts (used on Carracks)
Lekrashan Habitat Sea Crystals (used on ships)
[Predator of Vadabin] Black Rust Habitat Black Stones for enhancing ship equipment
Goldmont Pirate Territory Sailor/Sailing/Combat EXP Gains
Sea Crystals and Black Stones for enhancing ship equipment at a lower drop rate than Lekrashan and [Predator of Vadabin] Black Rust Habitats
Hekaru, Ocean Stalker, Young Hekaru, Young Ocean Stalker, Sea of Silence
Young Candidum, Young Nineshark, Young Black Rust
Materials to upgrade Galleass and Caravels
* Verdant Black Stone, Moon Scale Plywood, etc.
● Adjusted the Agris Fever Points consumed when defeating the following Great Ocean monsters with the adjustments to junk loot.
Great Ocean Monster Agris Fever Point Cost
Saltwater Crocodile /  [Violent] Black Rust / [Violent] Nineshark 140
[Predator of Vadabin] Black Rust 200
[Predator of Vadabin] Young Black Rust 40
[Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea], [Main Fleet] Goldmont Small Battleships 60
[Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea], [Main Fleet] Goldmont Medium Battleships 150
[Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea], [Main Fleet] Goldmont Large Battleships 300
Lekrashan 1000
[Chasing Dark High Seas] Black Rust / [Chasing Dark High Seas] Nineshark 250

● Adjusted the difficulty for the Saltwater Crocodile Habitat from Party of 2 to now be soloable.- The health of Saltwater Crocodiles has been reduced by 40% accordingly.- The loot drops remain same as before if attempted with a party of 2.

● Increased the Combat and Sailing EXP gains for your character and EXP gains for your Sailors when defeating [Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea], [Main Fleet], and normal Goldmont Small, Medium, and Large Battleships.
● Added an item that drops from defeating Sea Monsters 
- Ferocious Sea Monster's Spirit Pouch: Vendor loot affected by Agris Fever and Item Collection Increase Gauge.


- Sea Monster's Bizarre Fang: Drops at a low rate from defeating certain Sea Monsters. Can be exchanged for the following items from [Crow Coin Exchange] and [Trade Goods Exchange] NPCs.* Sea Monster's Bizarre Fang x1 → Blue Whale Oil
* Sea Monster's Bizarre Fang x1 → Blue Whale Tendon


● Increased the maximum price for the following items on the Central Market.
- Whale Tendon Potion: 1.6 million Silver
- Superior Whale Tendon Potion: 4.2 million Silver
- Whale Tendon Elixir: 5.4 million Silver
- Tough Whale Tendon Elixir: 17.6 million Silver
- Blue Whale Oil: 16.7 million Silver
- Blue Whale Tendon: 16 million Silver
- Coral Crystal: 9 million Silver
- Elixir of Deep Sea: 20 million Silver
● Greatly reduced the Workload required for Sunset Black Stones. 
- Workload: 10,000 → 600
* This will take approx. 20 minutes for a Worker with 150 Work Speed.
* Head over to Chiro's Ship Part Workshop in Iliya Island 3 for more information.
* If a work order is already in progress, once their work is complete, the item will be stored in the storage at Iliya Island.
● Morco of the Crow Merchants Guild is now exchanging Crow Merchants Guild's Barter Vouchers for Verdant Black Stones in Velia.
● Added region quests in the Arsha Sea near Iliya Island and Nox Sea near Lema Island to obtain Sea Monster's Ooze.

Quest Name/Condition Details/Rewards
Ocean Stalker from the Great Ocean
(Available from Lv. 50)
Defeat Hungry Ocean Stalker x2 near Iliya Island
- Reward: Sea Monster's Ooze x100
Hekaru from the Great Ocean
(Available from Lv. 50)
Defeat Hungry Hekaru x2 near Lema Island
- Reward: Sea Monster's Ooze x100

● Added 3 new Heating recipes to craft Adhesive for Upgrade used to upgrade Epheria Caravel and Galleass.
- Sea Monster's Ooze x1 and White Cedar Sap x300
- Sea Monster's Ooze x1 and Acacia Sap x300
- Sea Monster's Ooze x1 and Elder Tree Sap x300
* The previous recipe involved Sea Monster's Ooze x1, White Cedar Sap x100, Acacia Sap x100, and Elder Tree Sap x100


● Adjusted the materials required for upgrading Epheria Caravel and Galleass.- You will now need 4 Seaweed Stalk to upgrade a Caravel (previously 6).- You will now need 3 Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square to upgrade a Galleass (previously 6).

● Improved the following item descriptions for materials used to upgrade ships.- The different uses and means to obtain the following items have been added to the descriptions.

Verdant Black Stone
Sea Monster's Ooze
Graphite Ingot for Upgrade
Timber for Upgrade
Adhesive for Upgrade
Island Tree Coated Plywood
Rock Salt Ingot
Ruddy Manganese Nodule
Khan's Tendon
Moon Vein Flax Fabric
Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square
Deep Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square
Enhanced Island Tree Coated Plywood
Brilliant Rock Salt Ingot
Cobalt Ingot
Pure Pearl Crystal
Tear of the Ocean
Cox Pirates' Artifact (Parley Beginner)
Cox Pirates' Artifact (Parley Expert)
Cox Pirates' Artifact (Combat)
Deep Sea Memory Filled Glue
Khan's Scale
Moon Scale Plywood
Bright Reef Piece
Seaweed Stalk
Luminous Cobalt Ingot
Brilliant Pearl Shard
Great Ocean Dark Iron
Abyssal Gem
Saltwater Crocodile's Scale
Violent Sea Monster's Bone
Violent Sea Monster's Scale
Violent Sea Monster's Ooze
Violent Wave Plywood
Delicately Polished Support
Wave Residue Adhesive
Starlight Powder
Starlight Hardener
Starlight Emulsifier

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