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La Orzeca Outfit

  • La Orzeca Outfit

Viorencia Odore, the queen of the Arid Land of O'dyllita, announced that she would grant the Orzeca relic known as the La Orzeca Outfit to whoever brings her Quturan's Lungs, the Divine Tree of the fallen Ancient Orzeca Kingdom.

  • The La Orzeca Outfit was a gear made in Orzeca long ago, in order to protect those from the grips of Hadum. It was created by instilling the powers of the Thornwood goddess into the incarnation of greed.
    • The powers of the Thornwood goddess were extracted from the gear and into Quturan's Lungs when Orzeca met its demise. the Divine Tree. Since then, its whereabouts have been unknown. According to the Ahibs, recently, it can be found from the Monster Zones below.


Item Name

Acquired From

Quturan's Left Lung


Quturan's Black Leaf

Thornwood Forest


Ash Forest


Crypt of the Resting Thoughts

Quturan's Right Lung


Quturan's Right Lung



Olun’s Valley


Crypt of the Resting Thoughts

Collect the leaves affected by the powers of the Quturan's Lungs and unite them together into a single source of power. These leaves have a higher chance to drop than the lungs.

  • ※ Perform Simple Alchemy on Quturan's Black Leaf to obtain Quturan's Left Lung, and on Quturan's Ashen Leaf to obtain Quturan's Right Lung.

  • Right-click on the lungs to begin a story quest which is available once per family. At the later stages of the quest, you can obtain the La Orzeca Helmet with Quturan's Left Lung, and the La Orzeca Armor with Quturan's Right Lung.

  • You can obtain the La Orzeca Outfit through NPCs by exchanging additional Quturan's Lungs you obtain.

  • Once you have completed all the La Orzeca Helmet and La Orzeca Armor quests, you'll be given a final quest through the Black Spirit in which you can obtain the "La Orzeca" title.



La Orzeca Outfit is the very first outfit in the game that can be obtained through loots. Its design was based on the ancient theme (Black Spirit concept) along with added effects and an exclusive title once it is crafted. This outfit has been aimed for adventurers who are at a fairly advanced level and hope to distinguish themselves aesthetically. We hope this outfit can become another exciting goal for adventurers to seek out as it is unique not only in its look but also in the adventures you must overcome to claim it as yours. We did consider adding special effects to the La Orzeca Outfit but we decided not to as it should be an optional challenge instead of a compulsory one. Hence, the outfit will have normal effects just like other regular outfits.

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