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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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2 Start the game once installation is complete.

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Hashashin Awakening & Succession


The Hashashin rises from his trials of suffering to become the wielder of the sands' true power.



Hear me, as the bush needs water to grow, and the flowers must be tended to before they wither,

send your blessings of the holy sands before your servant dries into dust.

A wandering soul cries out into the night sky. The sands of the hourglass ran thin, as the soul found no answer to the Blackstar. With time running out, the soul's fleeting life seems certain to end.

Let me overpower the certainty of death.


"Aal's faithful servant. What causes you to cry out in a place like this?

Nourish yourself with my words, carry yourself back to the fortress and rest."


The words resonated with the lost soul. His mission to discover the truth of the Blackstar had reached an unfortunate end.

But to return to a fortress filled of those who deny the teachings?

Those old men who revel in the power they have over the warriors of Aal?

Perhaps he should obey the command, return to where his journey began and turn his brothers back towards the true path, and not that of the false leaders.


Of all Aal’s servants, I appeared for you, and in this apparition I will reveal the truth. Time unlocks the secrets you seek.

Now that I have revealed this truth, return and pray, for there you shall fulfill the rest of your mission.

Take comfort and spend the rest of your time under Aal's blessing.


The first prophet, Barhan, took the words of Aal and committed them to scripture.

The final prophet, Kayal, spoke of the Blackstar’s fall and how it would open up a Paradise to the north.

However the Blackstar did fall, yet Paradise had not opened its shrouded gates.

And in that moment, the mist in his mind began to fade, and clarity was once more his.


Yet why does the prophet narrow his eyes?


Stand aside false vision, for those of pure intention would not speak with a serpent's tongue.

In that moment the ground around them shifted as thousands of sand colored snakes slithered away, revealing a familiar sight in front the soul and the vision.
 ‘Take stock of your surroundings servant. Your birthright surrounds you. Breathe in the city, let it fill your very being.

Worship me and I will ensure that your blood sits on the throne of Valencia for the rest of time.’

The serpentine shadow whispers of a paradise filled with false hope...

For you are Ibedor, birthed from the shadowy despair of this world.

Servant of Hadum! With Aal on my side, I shall not falter!


For I am the blade of Aal, wielder of the arid sands.

Prepare, foul creature, for today will be your last.






A Hashashin who chooses Succession is more agile and uses powerful magic.

With his mastery over the Haladie,

the Hashashin weaves through the battlefield through sandstorms and strikes his enemies from behind.

He can hide himself in sand twisters for a surprise attack,

or summon the sand twister upon enemies to wreak havoc.

The Haladie can now be used to pinpoint the enemy’s weakness with greater speed and strength.





With Aal's Grace, the Hashashin overcomes his suffering and awakens

to wield the Dual Glaives in the name of Aal.

He wields enormous dual glaives as if they were light as a feather, unleashing a flurry of unavoidable attacks to push his enemies to the brink.

Having conquered and absorbed the power of Hadum's servant,

Hashashin sets the sand serpent upon his quivering foes.



Combat Trailers


Hashashin Awakening Combat Trailer



Hashashin Succession Combat Trailer






Hashashin Awakening Skills




Send the sand serpents and launch targets in midair to inflict a decisive strike.

Enemies receive damage as they are launched up and receive a more powerful strike when they fall with the sand serpents.



Ensnaring Sands

Creates an inescapable area of Ensnaring Sands.

Ensnared enemies are nothing but a feast for the sand serpents.



Paradise Surge

Close the distance with your foe in an instant to lead them to paradise.

Can be used multiple times, with one extra unhindered chase with Way of Aal in effect.




Unleash the sand serpents to coil around your enemies.

Can be used from quite a distance. Constricted enemies cannot fight back.




Hashashin Succession Skills




Hashashin Succession Skills

Summons whirlwinds of sands which follow the target in front, and disguises self as a whirlwind as well.



Prime: Sand Warp

Create a warp and vanish into it.

Can vanish once more after using Sand Warp.



Prime: Purge

Empower the shamshir with magic and unleash devastation on everything in front.

Can trigger a sudden attack by using it after Sand Warp.



Succession: Arid Assault

Ambush the enemy by consuming your power.

Can cause explosions along the path of the Haladie after a Haladie Throw.




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