Update History


Changes in Garmoth's Attack Pattern

Changed the World Boss Garmoth's attack pattern.

Along with the release of Drieghan, Garmoth was introduced as a force to be reckoned with. However, as adventurers have become more powerful, Garmoth no longer seemed to pose a threat you would expect from a "Dragon". Attack patterns, such as when she is invincible while floating in the air, were merely an inconvenience to those fighting against Garmoth. Therefore we made some changes to her attack patterns.

In addition, we are thinking of ways to attach a sense of "challenge" and "rewards" to the world boss monsters, including Garmoth. However, we are trying to avoid suddenly increasing the difficulty, which may ruin your existing "play patterns".

The pattern in which Garmoth interacts with sculptures when first appearing or when her HP was reduced to a certain level was removed.

When Garmoth flies up during battle and begins to charge up magic, you must now hit the magic a certain amount of times for it to be destroyed.

If you do not disrupt Garmoth from charging up magic, Garmoth will cast a powerful magic attack.

The Kagtums which appear when Garmoth cries out as she flies up into the air will now have increased HP, and more of them will now appear.

Fixed the issue where Garmoth would go back immediately into the air after landing on the ground during combat.

Reduced the amount of times Garmoth deals a jump attack while fighting on the ground.

Added a slight standby period after Garmoth deals a powerful attack.

Garmoth's HP was increased by around 10%.

Garmoth's DP was decreased.