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New Region: O'dyllita

Greetings Adventurers!


The long awaited new area, O’dyllita is finally open for you to explore!

For those adventurers who want to know more and to those who enjoy the thrills of an adventure, follow us as we embark on an adventure into O’dyllita! 


Before we begin our journey,  

please make sure you’ve completed the requirements to venture into O’dyllita. 


1. Are you at or above level 60? 

2. Have you finished the quest [Lv. 58 Kamasylvia] The Light of Kamasylve? 



If you’ve answered yes to both of the above, you’re all set to go!   


Now, to take your first step into O’dyllita, please accept the main quest [Lv.60 O'dyllita I] Flower of the Burning Moon.


If you wish to enter O’dyllita without progressing the main quest, go to Node Manager Aliluna at Thornwood Castle and Node Manager Honti at Shiv Valley Road to receive sub-quests with which you can obtain most of the NPC Knowledges available in O’dyllita.  


However, O’dyllita is a very closed society, so you’ll only be able to obtain all NPC Knowledges by progressing through the main quest line. For instance, you won’t be able to obtain Knowledges of the Queen of O’dyllita and her followers if you do not do the main quests. 


Therefore, we recommend you complete the main quest line of O’dyllita to make your adventure through the region much more enjoyable! 


Tip! Don’t be scared by the recommended AP of the new Monster Zones of O’dyllita! 

The only monsters you need to face during the main quest line are the ones in Manshaum Forest of Kamasylvia.  

The difficulty of monsters you face while progressing through the main quest line will be as strong as monsters in Manshaum Forest of Kamasylvia.

So if you’ve completed the main quest line of Kamasylvia, you’ll do just fine with the O’dyllita main quests! 


And here we are! 

The capital city of O’dyllita, O’draxxia. 


Let’s take a look around the city. 


Why don’t we visit the queen first?  


We present to you the ruler of O’dyllita, Queen Viorencia Odore.

Here’s the message from the queen, so listen well!


You, who have been chosen by both the light and shadow! 

Welcome to O’dyllita, the promised land of the burning ones, the Ahib. 

There are no heroes in this land. 

All of us here are barbarians, warriors, 

and shadows hidden in the Arid Land. 

We are preparing to unveil poison and fangs against the greater darkness approaching us! 

Are you prepared to join the gruesome journey ahead? 

We wait for the day the darkness hidden in the world's shadow 

is purified into another darkness that blooms from our Mother's wrath... 


Gruesome... Journey?  

We’ll let you take the lead when we tour the Monster Zones later on... 

Not that we’re scared, of course! We just prefer to be where we can see everything better! 


Anyway, feeling a little peckish? We are!  

How about we catch some fish and cook up something to eat? 


Hey, look over there! Those pink flowers! You see them? 


They only grow in O’dyllita! It’s called Delotia.  

Well, we guess this is a great moment to introduce you to the new gathering items of O’dyllita. 






[Moonlight Stone]


These three are the new gatherable items in O’dyllita.  

Delotia is a plant that grows in the O’draxxia region and can be gathered with Bare Hands or with a Hoe.  

Also, the spiky Thornwood grows surprisingly well in barren lands where droughts are common. 

Lastly, mine the Moonlight Stone with a Pickaxe to obtain Nickel Ore.  

Well, we think we’ve learned enough of the new gatherable items! 


Let’s continue on to fishing. 


How about here? Plenty of space for us to haul in some nice fish! 

Now how about we finally do some fishing and eat lunch? 

By the way, don’t worry about the fish going bad while carrying it back for cooking.  

Fish in O’dyllita stay fresh for a longer period than fish caught in other regions! 


Did you catch anything you like?  

While you’re busy cooking the fish, let us introduce you to some of the delicacies of O’dyllita!



Stir-Fried Bird 

Chicken Breast Salad 

Delotia Juice 

Delotia Milk Tea

Delotia Tart

Delotia Pudding

Frank Sandwich

Stir-Fried Bracken and Meat

O'dyllita Meal



Delotia Juice, Delotia Milk Tea, Delotia Tart... 

As you can see, a lot of O’dyllita’s cuisine is made from ingredients found only in O’dyllita. 

Please check their recipes for more details on how to cook them! 


While we’re at it, let me introduce you to some Elixirs of O’dyllita. 



Elixir of Skill 

Elixir of Mastery 

Elixir of Labor 

Elixir of Armor 

Armor Draught 

Perfume of Charm 


You can tell from their names the effects they have... 

While others... Well you’ll have to find out for yourself! 


Other than the Elixirs we just showed you, some new Elixirs, Draughts, and Perfumes with Immortal power were discovered in O’dyllita as well! 


Immortal: Beast's Draught 

Immortal: Giant's Draught 

Immortal: Savage Draught 

Immortal: Frenzy Draught 

Immortal: Spirit Perfume Elixir 

Immortal: Perfume of Courage 

Immortal: Khalk's Elixir 

Immortal: Elixir of Deep Sea 

The Immortal word on these items mean that their effects are maintained even when you die! Amazing, eh? 

We think we’ve seen most of what we can around town. 


Now let’s head onwards to Monster Zones! Ready?


Adventurers! As shown on the map, there are four Monster Zones here.  

The first is the Tunkuta monster zone where a 2-player party is recommended. It's where the Tunta worshipping Turos trample around. 



Wait, do you hear it? This music! 


This piece is called VIII. O'dyllita: Field Theme #14 Clouds of War. 

Whenever we hear it, we feel like a bunch of monsters will charge at me at any moment! So good!  

Right, the Tunkuta Monster Zone. The Turos, these large bovine creatures, have immense endurance and boast powerful strength, but they like to keep apart from each other, so don’t worry about fighting many at the same time.  


Find yourself an adventurer and charge into the Turos!  


We also hear you can obtain materials for the new Elixirs there, so don’t miss it! 

Oh wait... 


Turo's Belt 


This is a belt you can obtain from the Monster Zones of O’dyllita. 

And there are Turos in Tunkuta... 


That must mean you can get Turo's Belt in Tunkuta! 

Well, we hope you congratulate each other if you get it, no matter who gets it first. 


This is not all, there are some more items you can only get in Tunkuta. 

Flame of Despair and Embers of Despair are crucial in crafting Fallen God's Armor! 


Alas, Flame of Despair has a very low drop rate. However, do not despair because you can exchange some Embers of Despair for one! 

Promise us you’ll show me the Fallen God's Armor if you acquire a Flame of Despair and craft it!  


Next is Olun's Valley. As you can see from the map, this is for a party of 3. 



Huh? What is this ominous tune? 

What you’re hearing now is VIII. O'dyllita: Field Theme #11 Escalating Tension. Such a fitting title, isn’t it? 

Every single monster in Olun's Valley is extremely powerful. One misstep could be the end of you. That said, the golems of Olun's Valley are slow and predictable, so it will get easier once you get the hang of it. 

Do remember that the goal of defeating Olun's Statue is to survive with your party members through coordination and concentration. 

Here are the 3 things you need to know to survive in Olun's Valley! 


▶ Move with caution. 

▶ Concentrate on coordination and defense. 

▶ Don’t be greedy.  


And here’s the Crypt of Resting Thoughts.



We hear the Crypt of Resting Thoughts is the hardest zone out there, even harder than Ash Forest!

Last but not least, Thornwood Forest, a zone controlled by the Fallen Ahib. 


If you’re the kind of adventurer who likes Hystria Ruins or Aakman Temple, Thornwood Forest is the zone for you! 

The Ahibs here are susceptible to CC status effects. I believe a skilled adventurer like yourself should know what to do. 


Also, you can obtain Ominous Ring and Specter's Energy from Thornwood Forest.


Ominous Ring 


Finally, there is a new ring to be discovered! Can’t wait to find out what it does! 


You can get Specter's Energy from a lot of places, but monsters of Thornwood Forest have a higher chance to drop it. 


Remember the Blackstar Armor you can craft with Specter's Energy? 

Well, now the Blackstar Helmet is available for crafting too! 



Blackstar Helmet 



The method to craft a Blackstar Helmet is similar to the process of crafting a Blackstar Armor, so why not give it a try? 


The design screams power, doesn’t it? 


Lastly, there’s a new function to help you become an even more powerful adventurer! 

Now you can add Crystals to your Awakening Weapon.  


Use Inverted Heart of Garmoth to upgrade a Dandelion or a Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon to be able to add 2 Crystals on them. 


Ah'krad Crystal 

Olucas' Crystal 

Materials to craft these Crystals can be obtained from various Monster Zones of O’dyllita.

Now, the final part of our tour.


Let's complete [O'dyllita] Caphras' Journal from the main quest tab.  



Now we can all learn more about the Immortal Alchemist, Caphras and begin the Adventure Log, "Caphras' Record" along with it.

What’s that? You only have Volume 2 and 3?

That’s correct! It’s all we have right now! Only some parts of the records of Caphras the Immortal Alchemist have been discovered. The location of the rest is still a mystery!


Let's all hope the rest can be found soon!



How was our little tour of O’dyllita?  


What’s the first thing you want to try or see?  

We personally want to catch those fish that last longer... 

And go into new Monster Zones to craft the magnificent Blackstar Helmet... 

Or maybe go and fight Garmoth to upgrade my awakening weapon... 


Nevertheless, there are so many things to do in O'dyllita so take a journey today!

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