Black Desert will begin in a moment.

Install the Black Desert Launcher if the game doesn't start.

Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

The launcher will appear if it's installed.
If it doesn't, try to run your downloaded launcher.

Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History


Elvia Realm Improvements

We've changed the entry method for the Elvia Realm first introduced with the improvements made to the structure of Elvia servers. You can enter the Elvia Realm via the relevant UI from any server you're on instead of having to log in to specific Elvia servers. We hope this will alleviate several issues, including that of overcrowded monster zones in the Elvia Realm since you can now be on almost any server to enter the realm. 
You can enter the Elvia Realm from almost any location and not just specific monster zones, including safe zones (towns, etc.), without the screen loading. Also, Adventurers in the Elvia Realm can see, meet, and interact (party, combat, etc.) with one another like in the normal field. We didn't set a cooldown for entering and leaving the realm, but we've added a loading animation that lasts around 10 seconds, due to the possibility of using this improvement to repeatedly enter and leave. 

  • Changed the entry method for the Elvia Realm, infested by Hadum, God of Despair. 
Before After
Switch to an Elvia Realm server Enter Elvia Realm via the UI on the upper right of the screen on any server
  • Press the  button on the upper right of the screen to enter the Elvia Realm (However, you can't enter the realm on a server in which a Node/Conquest War is in progress.) 
    • You cannot enter the Elvia Realm with a ship taken out. Make sure you check in your ship in a wharf before attempting to enter.
  • The monsters in monster zones in the Elvia Realm will turn into very powerful monsters. All NPCs and monsters in the realm will be Hadum-infested. 
    • However, NPCs and monsters from Atoraxxion will spawn in the Elvia Realm. 
  • Your mount will move to the Elvia Realm with you when you enter.  
    • However, you cannot move to the Elvia Realm if you have trade items in your inventory or mount inventory.  
  • In order to go into Elvia Realm, it must attune with Elvia's energy emitting from the spacetime rift.
    • If you are struck by a debuff while attuning yourself to the Elvia Realm, the process will be canceled, preventing you from entering the realm.

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