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2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History



We have added the Panokseon, a ship that embodies the beautiful and robust spirit of the Land of the Morning Light. While the basic stats of the Panokseon are comparatively lower than those of the Epheria Carrack, its distinctive feature lies in the ability to utilize 150 cabins to accommodate a large number of crew members, thereby increasing its overall capabilities. As seen in its appearance, the sturdy deck cover structure provides not only high defense but also deals high damage when using the Ram skill. Thanks to these characteristics, the Panokseon can be utilized as a versatile vessel that can be adapted for different purposes. It can serve as a reliable and formidable ship not only for various tasks but also in combat as a sturdy and threatening opponent on the battlefield.

Ever since we introduced the Panokseon, many Adventurers have expressed their eagerness to acquire it as soon as possible. However, as the vessel is made with considerably high technological expertise relative to its era, the construction process will not be an easy task. It will require significant assistance from the people of Moodle Village, thus it is crucial to maintain strong relations with them through activities such as eliminating the Goldmont Pirates that threaten the village, exchanging currencies or Crow Coins, etc.
  • Added the new ship Panokseon, which can be constructed at the Moodle Village shipyard.
    • While the Panokseon is quite slow due to its weight, and its stats are comparatively lower than that of the Epheria Carrack, its distinctive characteristics are the large number of crew members it can accommodate and its sturdy deck cover structure that gives the ship high defensive stats.
    • Also, it has higher Ram damage than that the Epheria Carrack.

Panokseon Stats

HP 2,000,000
Rations 1,300,000
Inventory 20 slots
Weight limit 12,500 LT
Cannons per side 9 per side (left, right)
Cannonball capacity 2,000
Reload 13 sec
Speed 105%
Accel 100%
Turn 110%
Brake 115%
Cabins 150
*The firing speed and maximum range of the cannons are the same as those of the Epheria Carrack. 
* Ship equipment installations are planned to be added in the future.
* Damage repair costs 3,000,000 Silver per 10% damage. (Damage to the ship increases upon remote collection or destruction of the ship.)
* Supplies are necessary when first registering the Panokseon.

Panokseon Skills

  • The following skills are available when boarded the Panokseon.
Skill and requirement Skill description
Ram (Sailing Beginner 1) F while sailing
to charge forward immediately and strike the enemy in the front.
Volley (Sailing Beginner 1) Q or E
to switch to FocusFire mode, and fire cannons from the left or right cannons quickly and precisely.
FocusFire (Sailing Beginner 1) RMB or LMB (hold to increase range)
to rapid-fire from the left or right cannons.
PowerAccel. (Sailing Apprentice 1) SpaceBar + ↑
to quickly accelerate forward while sailing.
BreezySail (Sailing Skilled 1) Shift + ↑ while moving faster than a certain speed
to accelerate forward even faster.
Quick-Retreat (Sailing Professional 1) Shift + ↓
Quickly retreat backwards.
AbruptTurn (Sailing Artisan 1) ←/→ + ↓ while sailing
to change directions quickly.
Bull's-Eye (Sailing Guru 1) Reduces cannon reload time by 1 sec while boarded.

Panokseon Skill - Unbeaten

  • Added "Unbeaten", a new exclusive skill for the big ship Panokseon.
    • It allows you to move a certain distance forward or backward and deal flame attack damage to enemies in front.
    • It can be used flexibly depending on the combat situation, while moving forward or backward during the skill.
      • However, just like other skills like "Ram", cannons cannot be used while using the Unbeaten.
Skill & Requirement Skill Description
Unbeaten (Sailing Beginner 1) "Able to spew fire forward while moving forwards or backwards. Command: Press X or ↓ + X while idle or sailing"
Move Forward (Command : X) Move Backward (Commands: ↓ + X)
  • Panokseon ships can now be equipped with sea crystals.
Crafting method and how to obtain the Panokseon
  • The Panokseon can be crafted at Moodle Village 4 Shipyard Lv. 1.

Ship License: Panokseon
Crafting method How to obtain
Design: Panokseon x30
Complete "[Weekly] Pirate Trouble" from Yooan, the Nampo Moodle Village wharf manager
(Obtain Design: Panokseon x2 upon completion)
Wooden Nail Soaked in Seawater x250
Defeat [Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea] Goldmont Small/Medium/Large Battleship
Finely Polished Pine Plywood x300
Exchange Sangpyeong Coin x10 with Yooan, the Nampo Moodle Village wharf manager
Glue With Traces of Deep Waves x200
Exchange Crow Coin x500 at the Crow Coin Shop


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