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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History


New Manors: Shimhyangje and Solbaram Neowa House

Complete the following main quests to gain access to manor rentals from Shimhyangje and Solbaram Neowa House.
    • You can find the manor location by pressing the manor icon on the World Map (M).
    • You can rent a manor with 5 Contribution Points and a certain amount of Silver, depending on the rental period.
Shimhyangje Solbaram Neowa House
[LoML] Ruler of Taebaek - Ruler of Taebaek [LoML] Tale of the Officers - Dokkebi's Gift
  • Manor: the rental period and discount prices of Shimhyangje and the Solbaram Neowa House are as follows.
    • The Silver required for rent will be paid from My Silver.
Shimhyangje Solbaram Neowa House
1,000,000 Silver per day 100,000 Silver per day
Rental period Discount (%)
Less than 30 days None
More than 30 - less than 90 days 5%
More than 90 - less than 180 days 8%
More than 180 - less than 365 days 12%
365 days 20%
- If you wish to return a rented manor before the rental period ends, you can receive a partial refund of the Silver you paid through your Mailbox (B) based on the remaining rental days. Please note that only a portion of the Silver will be refunded, proportionate to the remaining days.
- Once the rental period has expired, the rented manor can no longer be used, and all items placed within it will be sent to storage (Shimhyangje: Dalbeol Village, Solbaram Neowa House: Nampo Moodle Village).
Remaining days Deduction rate (%)
Less than 30 15%
More than 30 - less than 90 20%
More than 90 - less than 180 23%
More than 180 - less than 365 27%
365 35%
  • 131 pieces of furniture have been added along with the new Land of the Morning Light continent.
Corner Decorated Vanity [Manor] Stone Pillar Hanji with Wise Words Traditional Design Floor
[Manor] Janggu [Manor] Rice Straw Cover Hanji with Drawing Traditional Stone Floor
Traditional Mattress Four-tiered Bookshelf Red Hanji Bundle for Crafts [Manor] Blue Pine Tree
Traditional Cushion Two-tiered Closed Shelf Hanji Bundle for Crafts [Manor] Bristlegrass
Traditional Long Pillow Four-tiered Luxury Shelf White Hanji Bundle for Crafts [Manor] Deep Pink Azalea
Traditional Backrest [Manor] Wood Bench Ink Wash Painting Folding Screen [Manor] Light Pink Azalea
Traditional Pillow [Manor] A-frame Carrier Four-fold Muntin Screen [Manor] Pink Maehwa Tree
[Manor] Seesaw [Manor] Straw Mat Six-fold Muntin Screen [Manor] Village Mugunghwa
[Manor] Stepping Stone [Manor] Straw Roll [Manor] Jar [Manor] Village Small Pine Tree
[Manor] Sundial [Manor] Millstone [Manor] Open Jar [Manor] Yellow Ginger Flower
Woven Pattern Floor [Manor] Mortar [Manor] Large Jar [Manor] Ripe Persimmon Tree
Muntin Partition [Manor] Pestle [Manor] Earthen Jar [Manor] Bountiful Jujube Tree
[Manor] Traditional Muntin Outdoor Chair [Manor] Storage Bamboo Basket Marquetry Celadon [Manor] Pleasantly Plump Gourd Vine
[Manor] Traditional Muntin Chair [Manor] Round Bamboo Basket [Manor] Moon Jar [Manor] Ginkgo Tree
High-quality Nacre Cabinet [Manor] Bamboo Colander White Porcelain Gourd Bottle [Manor] Maple Tree
Wooden Writing Box [Manor] Small Round Dining Table Marquetry Gourd Kettle [Manor] A-frame Carrier loaded with Straw Mats
High-quality Muntin Partition [Manor] Red Pine Bedside Table Marquetry Vase [Manor] A-frame Carrier loaded with Straw
Wooden Wall Shelf Bamboo Scroll [Manor] Fermenting Jar Blue Mist Flower Porcelain Vase
[Manor] Square Open Bedside Table Maehwa Scroll Ironwood Cutlery Set Blue Mist Flower Vase
[Manor] Book Storage Collection Chrysanthemum Scroll [Manor] Corner Decorated Drawer Morning Muntin Lamp (Ceiling)
Cloud Design Tapestry Carpet Orchid Scroll High-quality Writing Desk Morning Muntin Wall Lamp
Traditional Ramie Patchwork Cloth Wooden Baduk Board Ink and Inkstone Oil Candle Lamp
Book of Etiquette (Vol. 1) Black Baduk Stone Calligraphy Brush Wooden Candle Stand
Book of Etiquette (Vol. 2) White Baduk Stone Round Brush Stand Morning Muntin Floor Lamp
Institute Printing High-quality Nacre Snack Tray [Manor] Square Stone Flowerbed (For Trees) Hanji Wish Lantern Lamp (Ceiling)
Banggak Novel Fish Wind Chime [Manor] Rectangular Stone Flowerbed (For Trees) Three Layer Hanji Wish Lantern Lamp (Ceiling)
Government-issued Book of Strategy Orchid Celadon Flowerpot Blue Muntin Wallpaper [Manor] Red Camellia Tree
Tale of the Gumiho Four-tiered Luxury Wide Cabinet [Manor] Stone Rail Rolled Hanji
Where Is My Leg? Four-tiered Wide Cabinet [Manor] Two Story Fireplace Sagoonja Brush
Square Wooden Plate Corner Decorated Cabinet Blue Cloud Pattern Wallpaper [Manor] Well-managed Village Mugunghwa
Round White Porcelain Plate High-quality Nacre Cabinet Crane Pattern Silk Wallpaper [Manor] Small Citrus Tree
[Manor] Stone Rail Pillar Spread Hanji [Manor] Royal Throne [Manor] Elegant Hexagonal Gazebo
[Manor] Elegant Square Belfry Well-kept Two-tiered Closed Shelf Well-kept Four-tiered High-quality Shelf -
▲ Shimhyangje
▲ Solbaram Neowa House




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