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Update History


Sea Palace

The Sea Palace has been hidden for a long time, but the Dragon King has finally granted permission to interact with the dry land. Please visit this marvelous place and have a great time.

  • Discovered the path to the hidden Sea Palace.
    • It has been hidden for ages, but the Dragon King has granted permission to interact with the dry land.
    • Already, a few swift Earfolks have ridden on the Shellfolks and have come to the Sea Palace.
* Under the command of the Dragon King, the Margoria Sea near the palace has been designated as a Safe Zone.
- Surfperch, Scorpion Fish, Tongue Sole, Squid, and Flounder now inhabit the Margoria near the Sea Palace.

How to enter

  • With a character of Lv. 30 or higher, enter the Sea Palace via Black Spirit - Quest - Event tab.
In the Land of the Morning Light - Ooldool Strait Cliff, located to the right of Moodle Village in Nampo
Outside of the Land of the Morning Light - Coastal Cliff, located to the left of Velia
  • Jump in the whirlpool at the guided point to enter the Sea Palace.
    • Press SHIFT + W + SPACE on the cliff to jump and hold SPACE to dive.
    • Jumping off cliffs without diving may inflict Fall damage.
The whirlpool near Velia The whirlpool near Moodle Village in Nampo


Sea Palace Tales - [Shim Cheong] Lost Daughter

  • Shim the blind at the Ooldool Strait Cliff is waiting for someone to go to the Sea Palace to find his daughter, Shim Cheong, who threw herself into the sea.
Quest Name Quest NPC
[Shim Cheong] Lost Daughter Shim the Blind in the Ooldool Strait

There once lived a blind man and his daughter, Shim Cheong, who was hard-working and kind.


One day, Shim Cheong was late coming home, so the worried father went out to meet her, only to fall into a stream while crossing a bridge.


A monk, who happened to pass by, helped him and said,
"If you offer three hundred sacks of rice to Buddha, you will be able to see again."
The father then promised the monk to offer the three hundred sacks of rice.


When he returned home,
he realized that he did not have enough money to buy the rice and regretted making the promise.
After learning of her father's concern,
Shim Cheong silently decided to do whatever it takes to help her father.


Then one day, a group of sailors came to the village and said,
"We need a human offering for the Dragon King. We will give anything for the one who volunteers."
Hearing this, Shim Cheong volunteered and asked them for three hundred sacks of rice in return.


On the day they set sail, Shim Cheong bid her father farewell,
but he had no idea she was being offered to the Dragon King.


When the ship arrived at its destination,
Shim Cheong jumped into the sea, praying for her father to be able to see again.


When Shim Cheong opened her eyes in the depths of the sea,
the beautiful vista of the Dragon Palace filled her view.
The Dragon King was deeply moved by her story and love for her father,
so he decided to send her back on a large lotus flower.

All of a sudden, there appeared a gigantic lotus flower on the shore,
and the sailors who found it decided to offer it to the king.
When the king touched the flower, it bloomed, revealing the beautiful Shim Cheong within.


Shim Cheong married the king and lived a happy life,
but she cried every day worrying about her father.
The king decided then to hold a feast for the blind.


Shim Cheong's father seemed not to have attended the feast at first,
but he finally appeared near the end of the event.
When her father heard Shim Cheong's voice,
his eyes could miraculously see again, and the two embraced each other in tears.

Shim Cheong then brought her father into the palace and they all lived happily ever after.


Sea Palace Tales - [Dragon King and Daughter] Save the Sea Palace

  • The Dragon King’s mischievous daughter has disappeared. His courtiers are waiting for someone to find the princess and relieve King’s concerns.
Quest Name Quest NPC
[Dragon King and Daughter] Save the Sea Palace Durong at the turtle statue in the Sea Palace

Sea Palace Tales - [Goyoung's Ploy] Sobbing Goyoung

  • The storage keeper Goyoung is an apprentice who respects Miss Myo in Byeot County. She realizes that Shellfolks are targeting Miss Myo's liver, and sets out to find her.
Quest Name Quest NPC
[Goyoung's Ploy] Sobbing Goyoung Goyoung in the Sea Palace

Sea Palace Tales - [Running Once More] Reunion of Two Friends

  • A strange running race is held in the Sea Palace. Somehow, Miss Myo and Mister Turt participate in the race and neither can stop. What's it all about?
Quest Name Quest NPC
[Running Once More] Reunion of Two Friends Shellfolk Yangban in the Sea Palace

A long time ago, there was a rabbit and a turtle.


The rabbit was quick on its feet, so it always made fun of the slow turtle.


One day, as usual, the rabbit teased the turtle slowly walking by,


to which the turtle said:
"I'll race you up that mountain. You're fast, but I will win."


With many animals watching, the race began.


The rabbit sprinted away and was almost at the top of the mountain in an instant.


It saw the turtle still far away.
so it relaxed and decided to take a nap.


However, the persistent turtle went past the rabbit while it was sleeping.

The rabbit woke up to find that the turtle had passed it and hurried to the end,
but the race was already over.

Sea Palace Tales - [Sea Palace Guide] Gapdol and Sorong at the Sea Palace (Once per Family)

  • The Customs Officer Gapdol who arrived earlier at the Sea Palace, is accompanied by Sorong, who guides him. Explore the entire Sea Palace with them.
Quest Name Quest NPC
[Sea Palace Guide] Gapdol and Sorong at the Sea Palace Customs Officer Gapdol

Water of Life in the Sea Palace

  • The Water of Life in the Sea Palace gives an adventurer energy in the sea.
    • Enter the Water of Life and get the Water of Life's Warm Energy effect.
    • Water of Life's Warm Energy: Slightly increases Energy Recovery during the duration.
  • There is a rumor that Dorio's fishing in secret at the Water of Life in the Sea Palace.
    • Check out the story about how Dorio ended up in the Sea Palace through the quest.
    • Complete the Dorio's weekly quest and obtain the Iridescent Shellfish.
    • Bring Iridescent Shellfish x4 to Shim Cheong and obtain Shim Cheong's Miraculous Fish Tank with the special power.
    • The Shim Cheong's Miraculous Fish Tank infused with the power of the Netherworld makes the time flow 5 times slower.
    • Up to 50 fish can be stored.

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