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Krogdalo's Sanctuary

The treasure exclusive for Mythical Horses, Krogdalo's Sanctuary, has been added. Adventurers who possess all three types of Mythical Horses can now ride them conveniently according to the situation, befitting the dedication you have shown so far. We hope that Krogdalo's Sanctuary will serve as a new goal for many adventurers who have an interest in Mythical Horses, further enriching their enjoyment of Black Desert..

Krogdalo's Sanctuary

  • The sanctuary of of Krogdalo's offspring, “Krogdalo's Sanctuary,” has been discovered.
    • Krogdalo's Sanctuary is a treasure item that allows you to store and retrieve the 3 types of Dream Horses anytime, anywhere..
    • Krogdalo's Sanctuary is accessible for the three Mythical Horses: Mythical Arduanatt, Mythical Diné, and Mythical Doom..

How to obtain Krogdalo's Sanctuary

  • While mounted on one of the three Mythical Horses, visit [Eldest Spirit] Merindora in Grána to accept the [Krogdalo's Sanctuary] questline..
Krogdalo's Sanctuary
Quest Objective
[Krogdalo's Sanctuary] Krogdalo's Seeds Talk to Merindora.
[Krogdalo's Sanctuary] The First, Wind Bring a Mythical Arduanatt to Krogdalo's Trace.
[Krogdalo's Sanctuary] The Second, Earth Bring a Mythical Diné to Krogdalo's Trace.
[Krogdalo's Sanctuary] The Third, Flame Bring a Mythical Doom to Krogdalo's Trace.
[Krogdalo's Sanctuary] Krogdalo's Gift Talk to Krogdalo's Trace.

Krogdalo's Sanctuary exclusive title, [Celestial Pathfinder]

  • Upon completing all quests for Krogdalo's Sanctuary, you can use the [Celestial Pathfinder] title.

How to use Krogdalo's Sanctuary

  • Clicking on the horse icon in the upper left corner of the screen with a character that has Krogdalo's Sanctuary allows you to store one of each Mythical Horse via the Krogdalo's Sanctuary UI.
  • The stored Mythical Horses can be retrieved at any time while idling and can be swapped with other stored Mythical Horses.


Notes on Krogdalo's Sanctuary

  • If you have retrieved any of the Mythical Horses from Krogdalo's Sanctuary, you cannot store Krogdalo's Sanctuary in the storage.
  • You cannot retrieve Mythical Horses in the Red Battlefield or Battle Arena where mounts cannot be used.
  • You cannot store Mythical Horses carrying trade goods in Krogdalo's Sanctuary.

Krogdalo is the King of Celestial Horses who came down to care for the earth at the command of the Goddess. When he came down from the skies his majestic appearance and thunderous hoof-beat drew a hundred spirits admirers to follow behind him. Clouds of five colors floats above his head, and music could be heard among the cloud. 

Krogdalo pulled out some hair from his mane and let it disperse. From his hairs came the wind, trees, and fire. After he finished touring this world he went back to the skies above. It is said that he sometimes comes back down to visit his children.
- "Legendary Krogdalo," The Great Library of Grána 

Krogdalo's Children Legend
Krogdalo, the spirit of the wind and earth, had three children:
Arduanatt, Diné, and Doom.
The eldest was Arduanatt, the one who resembled the wind.
With the two wings attached to its body, Arduanatt could freely soar and glide in the air.
Arduanatt one day met and befriended Secrua, daughter of the sun.
Unlike Secrua, who was just and passionate like the sun,
Arduanatt's soul was free-roaming. This caused a lot of quarrels between them.
Eventually Arduanatt's wings melted down after a big fight,
causing him to fall to the ground.
To this day, Kamasylvians believe that after ages of hiding from Secrua,
the fallen Arduanatt will soar again among millions of ordinary horses running on the ground.
Diné, the forest's most beloved one, was the second offspring among the three children of Krogdalo.
With her fearsome, golden horn, she protected the woods of Kamasylvia from their invaders. 
Being the protector of the forest, she was loved and worshipped by the forest, and at the same time, alongside her another sister, Arduanatt, was the only one who could go close to Doom.
One day, a small snake came to see Diné. With tears in its eyes, the snake looked like it was in desperate need of help and said there was a huge group of crows filling up the skies black, leading everyone to death. Fooled by the snake, Diné hurriedly strode towards the misty forest. However, the forest seemed peaceful as usual. Only later did she realize that the snake was gone and came back to her mother's trace, but by then Doom had already left the forest.
The thought that she had failed to protect her own family made her feel despair. She soon realized that she needed to find Doom at once. Leaving her duty of protecting the woods behind, Diné left the forest for the desert.
Since that day, whenever they found a golden mirage from beyond the forest, the people of Kamasylvia would believe that Diné was coming back to the arms of the woods once again from the arid desert.

Doom, the master of flames, was the youngest among the three children of Krogdalo.
Every step she made created searing blaze that burnt everything.
Unlike Arduanatt of the wind, who flew around the skies freely, or Diné of the earth, forest's most beloved one, Doom was not free from the burden of her own flame. Apart from her sisters, no one would dare come close to Doom. Because of this, she suffered from loneliness for a long time. 
There was someone who had been eyeing Doom and her agony. It was Ibedor, the serpent protector of the Mirror of the Rift.
Take a good look at your true self. At the end of the arid desert, there lies a burning hell gate. It is there, where you shall meet a person. Weep no more over your bitter loneliness, for the one you will meet will understand you the way you are. With this companion, you shall be able to run freely across the lands with your blazing inferno.
Convinced by Ibedor's words, Doom left her mother for the very first time.
According to the records, Doom was last seen on a stormy day,  disappearing beyond a roaring sandstorm of the desert.

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