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Update History


Vipiko's Dreaming Horse and TET (IV) Blackstar Box

Last Update: December 20, 2023

Meet your Dream Horse - Vipiko's Dreaming Horse

  • To thank all of our adventurers for attending the Calpheon Ball, we're issuing Vipiko's Dreaming Horse, which can be used to obtain your very own Dream Horse.            
    • Added a Challenge to obtain Vipiko's Dreaming Horse.    
* These challenges are available once per Family regardless of whether you claimed a previous Vipiko's Dreaming Horse awarded from 2023 Heidel FESTA.            

How to Obtain Vipiko's Dreaming Horse (Dream Horse/Mythical Censer Bundle)

Obtain Vipiko's Dreaming Horse via Challenge (Y)
Dec 20 (Wed) after maintenance - Always
(Once per Family) 

Select a Dream Horse or the Mythical Censer bundle

  • Use Vipiko's Dreaming Horse obtained through Challenge to choose one Dream Horse emblem or a Mythical Censer Bundle.            
    • The Mythical Censer Bundle contains 5 Mythical Censers.            
Items obtainable by using “Vipiko’s Dreaming Horse”
(Choose one of the following items)
Horse Emblem: Dream Doom (Female)
Horse Emblem: Dream Diné (Female)
Horse Emblem: Dream Arduanatt (Female)
Horse Emblem: Dream Doom (Male)
Horse Emblem: Dream Diné (Male)
Horse Emblem: Dream Arduanatt (Male)
Mythical Censer Bundle
(Mythical Censer x5)
* Recommended for veteran adventurers
Don’t worry about Dream Horse training and skill acquisition!
* The Dream Horse obtained through using Vipiko’s Dreaming Horse has learned all available skills and is a Lv. 1 Dream Horse with 100% mastery in all skills.
* If you use a growth reset item on this Dream Horse, its initial level stats (speed/acceleration, etc.) will be reset to Lv. 1 but all skills will remain with mastery still retained at 100%.
▲ Enter the phrase to make sure that you picked the right horse.
Certain horse skills require specific gear to use!
You need a Saddle and Champron to use Sprint and Charge skills, respectively.
Also, you need Stirrups to enter combat (LMB) and fight while riding a horse.
You can obtain these three pieces of horse gear from the Challenge (Y) menu upon claiming Vipiko's Dreaming Horse.
Open your inventory next to your horse and equip each piece of horse gear to use these skills!

Lv. 61 Challenge: Choose Your TET (IV) Blackstar Box

  • Added a new challenge available once per Family upon reaching Lv. 61 with a Season character.
Requirements Reach Lv. 61 with your season character
1 of the below with your season character (If already achieved, you can claim the reward from the Challenges)
- Complete the simplified main questline ([Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum)
- Complete the main questline up to Mediah
- Complete the main questline of Mountain of Eternal Winter
- Complete the main questline of Land of the Morning Light
Change Scheduled for Dec 27 (Wed)
The Choose Your TET (IV) Blackstar Weapon Box is awarded to adventurers who completed the season server!
For adventurers who graduated from the season servers via the simplified questline instead of the main questline but were unable to claim the Choose Your TET (IV) Blackstar Weapon Box, we will be removing the "season character" requirement during the Dec 27 (Wed) maintenance.
  • You can claim either 1 TET (IV) Blackstar weapon (main/awakening/sub-weapon) or 10 Dim Origin of Dark Hunger once you achieve 1 of the requirements above.
▼ 4 Choices (Choose 1) ▼
TET (IV) Blackstar Weapon
(1 Main/Awakening/Sub-weapon)
[Event] Dim Origin of Dark Hunger x10
TET (IV) Blackstar Main Weapon Box
TET (IV) Blackstar Awakening Weapon Box
TET (IV) Blackstar Sub-weapon Box
[Event] Dim Origin of Dark Hunger x10
* For veteran adventurers who do not require TET Blackstar weapons.
* Open the TET (IV) Blackstar Main/Awakening/Sub-weapon Box to obtain a weapon suitable for your class.
      • Shai cannot open the TET (IV) Blackstar Awakening Box.
* TET (IV) Blackstar weapons obtained from the box cannot be registered on the Central Market.
* Only normal characters can open the TET (IV) Blackstar weapon box and equip the claimed weapon.

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