Update History


Narchillan gear

● Added Narchillan gear.
- You can exchange Narchillan gear for the corresponding PEN (V) Naru gear and Canon awakening weapons, which you can obtain by completing each class's awakening questline, available once per family.
- The stats for each piece of gear are as follows.

* Each piece of Narchillan defense gear will activate the set effects of boss and/or Blackstar defense gear when they're equipped together.
For example, if you equip the Blackstar Helmet + Blackstar Armor + Narchillan Gloves + Narchillan Shoes, you will gain the 'Blackstar Armor 4-set effect.'
- Narchillan Gear cannot be enhanced, including Caphras Enhancement.
- Season characters cannot equip Narchillan gear.
- The effects of Narchillan gear do not apply when your character's Karma is below 0.
- You cannot sell Narchillan gear to vendors nor register them onto the Central Market.