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UTC 21 : 36 Jul 13, 2024
CEST 23 : 36 Jul 13, 2024
PDT 14 : 36 Jul 13, 2024
EDT 17 : 36 Jul 13, 2024
Jul 7, 2021, 20:50 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jul 7, 2021, 20:50 (UTC)
# 1

  The title says it all, it's the worst class that pearl abbys has released in recent years ... the idea for the class is great but the performance - a tragedy! People stop playing her even before her awakening comes out ... players delete her on season cause playing her is just so so bad !! Content creator streamers said that is trash tier for everything and also quit on her... PVE is hidious ... PVP even worst! Long animations,cringe movement,bad feeling overall... low dmg and she is not even tanky at all ... just big big disappointment :(


If you agree with that just like this post, maybe PA reboot this class with other old classes ;)


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Last Edit : Jul 7, 2021, 21:08 (UTC)
# 2

lol.  There are worse classes.

Last Edit : Jul 7, 2021, 21:51 (UTC)
# 3

Imagine malding because a new class isn't Day 1 OP, brain dead, FOTM trash.  A new class being average is something to celebrate, not rage over. It ain't even a bad class, either, so get over yourself. 

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Last Edit : Jul 7, 2021, 22:02 (UTC)
# 5

unless the new class is better than the most op existing class, it's dog shit tier and no one should play it. -brain dead players

Last Edit : Jul 7, 2021, 23:24 (UTC)
# 6

Im enjoying her immensely, so of course its going to end up as trash tier like Dark knight.

The one only other class I can tolerate grinding with...figures. Im noticing a lack of grab skills as well, should I just give up on it?

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Last Edit : Jul 7, 2021, 23:54 (UTC)
# 8

Nice troll OP.

The classe is completly OP with its shield melting and anti FG recovery. its make literaly 9 classe implayable for 15 sec everytime we got hit by a Corsair.

and this is just the Succession. Now imagine a Gun-blade high distance anti Shield where literaly without FG alot of classe cannot even move and got a repeated error message.

15 sec or you can do nothing except wait to die. And in addition this class will have several patches which will buff it until ultra instinct. these 1-3 week.

Last Edit : Jul 8, 2021, 01:29 (UTC)
# 9

Yeah atm moment against players at equal gearscore and on classes they know little about. The Corsair gets bullied in 1v1. Many classes atm does everything better than the Corsair. 


I'm taking a wait and see approach to see how it's awakening does. If it's trash tier too, then I will just do enough season to get the PEN Cap Neck and forget about my seasonal character.

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