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[NA][Art (Impression/Thoughts)]
Aug 1, 2021, 03:17 (UTC)
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I finally was able to finish the dungeon this week. Even though I did the normal verison after the crystal change, I was still annoyed every time I died.

- Some of the puzzles were actually kind of fun. Mostly the ones that can't be solved by just one person.
- The design of some of the structures look beautiful.
- Content to spend time with people.

- Rewards CAN be really good, but I rather just being able to choose.

- BDO has never had dungeons before, and in return it has a really bad time explaining mechanics.
- The main story quests can be accidentally skipped way too easily.
- Normal and seasonal difficulty should have never lost crystals/exp in the first place.
- Getting 5 people together to run something that can take up to 4+ hours can be a challenge.
- Not being able to open the map...

- Knowledge being on just a rock that looks like all the other rocks.
Overall, it was an okay time and I hope the playerbase can input feedback for their next dungeon.

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