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[NA][Summer Vacation] #Event A Festival for everyone!
Aug 5, 2021, 17:10 (UTC)
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Visit the Summer Terrmian Festival! Free Old Sky Moon Balloon Rides! We have something for every player to enjoy:

Enjoy the wonderful summer night atmosphere; perfect to snap sexy and breath-taking pictures!

Participate in fun mini-games!

 Fish or Cook for Silver!

Rock a new look thanks to Payo and Giorio! 

(Terrmian Casual Wear not included!)

Take Memories and Souvenirs Home! Courtesy of Pataya, Palong and the Festival Manager!

Dump your pockets to purchase buffs and goodies!


Impromptu Horse and Ship exhibit!

Who doesn't love a crowded beach where you can't put down your fishing chair cause there are tents on every inch of the sand?

Booking your vacation 2 weeks prior is necessary because of the cocktails are often sold out and the fishing resources get exhausted! 



"The Festival is not responsible for any Shai in undergarments or drinking liquor and that behavior is condoned, please report any incident to the nearest Festival Guard or the Festival Manager.

The Festival  is not responsible for any property damage included but not limited to: your fishing rod or any injuries from your incompetent diving technique."

#Event P.S Open the picture in another tab for bigger resolution!

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# 3

Contrast is amazing and the two images in one with the tree as the divider is a great idea!


Good luck :D


I also love the disclaimer at the bottom!

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