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[Guide] Character Inventory Slots optimization & increasement guide - Free to Play (F2P no P2W)
Sep 7, 2021, 19:07 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jan 7, 2024, 14:50 (UTC)
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Here is my guide on inventory increase, i used my preformated text-guide of a older forum post from the past, where i adviced someone those options here.

I hope it helps those, who still lack on inventory slots, and especially all new/and returning players. Parts of it also include optimizations and useful tips!

So here it is.


For optimized usage of this guide and its F2P items and mechanics, you have to login daily and do certain quests in the game!

(This does not mean, that you have to spend thousands of hours or many hours per day in the game to get all those items - most of it is actually available by only playing one or two hours per day actively and basically by just login into the game and claiming the daily loyalty points)

The guide is structured in following sections:

1. Beginner Inventory

2. Town/City Storages

3. Multiple Characters

4. Central Market

5. Various Items

6. Suggested Quests

7. The Magnus

8. Delete Function


Make use of the "Beginner Inventory"!

-> New Adventurers (beginners) have access to this "bagpack button" beside the regular Equipment/Inventory window

-> Open it and you can store almost everything without weight limitation in it (this will help you reduce your weight and increase again your intentory slot capacity).

Following restrictions apply to the beginner inventory:

- unavailable to returning and experienced adventurers

- unavailable to trial characters

Items that cannot be stored in the beginner inventory:

- Quest items
- Junk items (Trash loot)
- Character-bound items
- Pearl Inventory items
- Contribution items
- Time-limited items
- Trade items
- Horse Emblem/Rowboat License
- Guild-related items

For more informations on beginner inventory:


Make use of every town/city storages!

-> Store mainquest rewards or other rewards, which you don´t like to use to the originated regions town or city storage

-> Store items for later usage in a town/city storage e.g.

weapon exchange coupons, skill and combat training books, Sealed Books for Life/Combat, Value Packs, Kamasylve Blessing, Book of Old Moon, GM letters, Fughar letters, etc. 

# To have more town/city storage slots, you can invest contribution points to buy storage-houses



Make use of multiple characters on your account!

-> you can have from the moment you start the game, up to 6 characters for free!

Usually you want to have one character as your main character which you most of the time play with and the most progress you invest in.

All other characters you create serve as alternative characters.

Having multiple characters has various benefits:

-> Alternative storage place for "not often used items" (store items which you never need in your alternative characters inventories), 

-> aside of that mentioned above:

# World-Boss location remote placement (so that you can switch to the alternative char, as soon as the world boss appears and get the loot after the fight has ended),

# Failstack enhancing for Advanced-/Expert-Players,

# Using alternative chars for lifeskilling on specific world locations,

# AFK reading books in your residence to get/increase the knowledge of various monsters,

# AFK cooking/alchemy in your residence for passive income,

# Finishing adventure logs faster, with using different chars on different locations (saving the way of traveling to the location)

# To speed up questing and to increase the amount of quests you accumulate on your account (e.g. "Rulupee´s Travel Log" needs up to 30.000 quests for having a higher permanent failstack chance),

and there is probably many other benefits of having multiple characters.



Make use of the market place/Central Market! (one of the most important)

Basic informations on the market place:

-> Warehouse storage capacity up to 5.000VT of weight and infinite numbers of items (warehouse weight can be increased by +4.000VT with "Blessing of Kamasylve"-Buff)

-> 35% Tax is always applied on market sales! You receive 65% of the items value! (if a item with value of 10.000 silver is sold on the market, you will receive 6.500 silver)

-> actived "Value Pack"-Buff will increase the silver you will get of the sold item by 30% (6.500 silver x 30% = 8.450 silver)

# if you have a value pack activated, you will gain 84,5% of the items value once you sell it on the market.

Other options to increase market sales value:

- Family Fame +1.5% (From 0.5% up to 1.5% with 7.000 Fame)

- Rich Merchant´s Ring +5% (very rare treasure item)

General Rules:

-> Store all things, which you want to sell in your warehouse of the central market,

if you want to sell your item immediately on the market place, than make a sell-offer (Important note: without active Value Pack you will lose 30% of the collected silver value of the sold item)

-> Store everything in the warehouse, which you need to use regularly,

(e.g. Elixirs, Draught´s, Perfumes, HP-, MP-Potions, Manos-Clothes, Lifeskilling-Clothes, etc. - everything you want to have for lifeskilling/grinding for remote access with market maids, but don´t want to store in town/city storages)

-> Store as many items as possible in the MP-Warehouse weather you need them or not.

(usually all items remain in your warehouse storage until you sell them actively or the developer deletes them for various update-reasons)

IMPORTANT NOTE on market-place silver collection: 

once your things are sold, the silver is ready to collect.. BUT.. don´t collect the silver yet, because you lack the 30% bonus of value pack (which is already mentioned above).. collect all the silver of the sold items once or twice a month with the "Loyalty Value Pack 1-Day" (from the Pearl-Shop "Loyalty")..

you will be busy anyways for many days, with doing other things, than collecting silver on the market place..

-> just don´t get used of having a value pack all the time, and make yourself get comfortable with the 1-Day Loyalty Value Pack!

Things that I stored in my warehouse for example are: 

Capturing Rope for horse, Potions and Elixirs as already mentioned, Furniture, Black-Gem´s, Fragments, Shards, rare Fruits from Gathering, very rare/expensive Crafting items e.g. Sunset Dyed Wool, Supreme Hides/Feathers, Blood, Oil of..., seeds for farming, and as mentioned above lifeskill-clothes, silver keys, hunting rifles, fishing rod, processing stones, Black stones, Memory fragments, Rare crystals, and some other stuff...

For a optimized usage of the warehouse storage it is important to have market maids/butlers!

These you´ll get for free a few times a year from: log-in rewards, seasonal rewards, regular recurring events, and also only one for your account from the Main-Quest/Black spirit reward.



Make use of various items to increase your max. inventory space!

-> Morco´s Gear Bag (a separate container inside your char-inventory - this container gives you additional 8 inventory slots - in that container you can place also hunting rifles, life-skill tools, etc.)

-> Patrigio´s Apparel Bag (same item as Morco´s Gear Bag, BUT you can only place outfits and costumes in it)

-> Inventory Slot expansion coupons (from: once-per-family quests, season exchange items, attendance rewards, for new- and returning adventurer rewards, loyalty-shop, recurring events)



Make use of the free premium rewards incl. inventory slots through quests!

The quest-journal "Suggested"-Tab is very very important!!! Lots of free nice items...

Do the quests, and you get more for free!

To access full quest functionality you have to activate all of the buttons in "Quest Type" (visible on the botton of the picture)

If you have those quest filters not activate, many quests will stay hidden and you cannot access them!


- Some quests are only available once per account

- Some quests require previous chain-sidequests to have access to the shown suggested quests

- Some quests also require to have finished certain mainquests to have access to suggested quests

For more information on quests and their finishing conditions or questchains, you can research all quests in:



Make use of the Magnus!

-> by unlocking the Magnus you have a full teleport function in the BDO world, which lets you fast travel from one region to another in the game for a small fee in return!

-> and most importantly you will have storagewide access to all regions storages after finishing the full Magnus Mainquest!

-> you will be also able to retrieve items from your other inactive characters to your active character through the character selection window (requires having storage maids)

to unlock the Magnus and all its function you have to finish the Mainquest "Abyss One - The Magnus"

Having the Magnus-Quest visible following has to be done:

-> having finished either the Balenos Mainquest, or

-> parts of the Simplified Mainquest, or

-> parts of Land of the Morning Light Mainquest, or

-> parts of the Mountain of Eternal Winter Mainquest

(One of those above criterias have to filled, depending on your choice of the startlocation/startquestline in the game upon entering the BDO world with your first character)

Biggest benefit by finishing the full Mainquest of Magnus is the rewards:

-> You will receive plenty rewards! (Buffs, Value Pack, Cron stones, and more)

-> You will receive a full PEN Boss-Defense gear of your choice!

# Boss-Gear can only be equipped with normal non-seasonal characters

# the gear is one level higher than Tuvala PEN gear

# recommendations usually are either Griffon Helmet or Red Nose Armor


Rewards are only gained once per account!

(I do not recommend to do the Magnus Questline multiple times per account)


Make use of the delete item function!

last but not least, don´t carry useless trash-items on your char...

In the inventory there is a red trash/bin-icon which lets you delete mostly everything you don´t need.


-> Various very important items can be restored/recovered through the ingame menu "support"-function with "item-recovery"!

-> You can only restore/recover a maximum number of items per month/year!

-> Some items may only be recovered through a support-ticket on the website. Changes requested through the support-ticket can take one- or two weeks until applied on your account. 

For more information on item recovery:

Here is my example what things for example can be or can become useless...

marked - RED: not so important... (but may become important at a later time of your gameplay)

-> you don´t have to carry them all around, they can be stored in storage,

-> juices on the picture (yellow, orange and also green) can be consumed to increase your characters passive stats permanently (weight, stamina, health)

-> or as the summon scroll (some are character-bound items, finish them and retrieve the rewards after the fight!)

marked - ORANGE: partly important... (some quest-items are leftovers)

when main-quests or side-quests are done multiple times, e.g. with your 2nd char, you will have some of them as leftovers

The reasons of this leftover-items can be various, some of them may:

-> because you already fullfilled the conditions on your first walkthrough on the game with your first character

-> some of those items only fill once the knowledge book of your family and once thats done, they lay around idle

once you are done with, for example the mediah main-quest, you don´t need the "Seal of the Black Sun" the silver-bronze looking star on the picture above


-> If you are not sure, keep them until you are done with all mainquests on your character

-> afterwards, store those in the originated regions storage of the quest location, or if you are confident, delete them


If you have done all those things, you should have plenty of free space in your main-characters inventory and the best is: IT´S FOR FREE :) 


Hope you like my guide :) 

Feel free to give critics, ideas, etc. 


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