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UTC 17 : 2 Jun 10, 2023
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#Kunoichi #Ninja
Kunoichi/Ninja QoL - Target Chase
Nov 2, 2021, 20:54 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Nov 2, 2021, 20:58 (UTC)
# 1

Allow target chase to be a toggle skill

So with the reboot in the midst I'm sure everyone is inputting opinion/ideas on anything to make their class feel comfortable to play and doesn't feel like a drag to grind with in pve. 
This is one of those situations, Target chase as the picture I sent above; Allows kuno/ninjas to constantly run with their weapons out without draining stamina for 20 seconds. This has been the case for about 4 years or so? Incidentally, There is nothing wrong with this skill until you get the point where it becomes more of an annoyance to have to re-cast this skill every 20 seconds. Now many people might not have issue with this, Nor do I in most cases. Henceforth I think this skill should be a skill that can be toggled on/off, The skill is all ready almost up 100% of the time anyways and this sounds too good to PA then add some sorta slow wp drain over time. Much like the skill for DK

Not very many Dark knights use this skill but the point is, Its a skill that can be toggled on and off. So in that respect perhaps apply the same logic in a way to target chase.

Back to target chase, An example of why I feel this skill needs to be toggled is because when I grind mob packs to packs I use target chase to go between them packs. (depending on the distance)
I activate target chase then 20 seconds later I have to re-cast it again, And it honestly kinda ruins the flow of the grind for me having to re-cast every 20 seconds or depending on what I'm grinidng every mob pack. 
Having it be toggled kind of relieves that annoyance.
All in all, If you can change this cool if not, That's okay too. It's how I say it, Just a small QoL change.

TL;DR - Make target chase a skill that can be toggled for convenience of going between packs.

This post was deleted by the writer.
Last Edit : Nov 3, 2021, 15:08 (UTC)
# 3

Hard agree to this post. Annoying as hell to re-cast it. I hate skills and buffs that only last a certain amount of time just so that I need to recast it half a minute later. I think certain skills shouldn't be this way, but something as simple as this shouldn't be that much of a problem imo.

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Last Edit : Nov 3, 2021, 19:38 (UTC)
# 4
On: Nov 3, 2021, 12:43 (UTC), Written by Franklins

Just make it a 10m buff, not evena  toggle.  Heck a lot of these "20 second long buffs that have no CD or a CD the exact length of the skill should be changed to 10m buffs.  If the CD is not longer than the skill why do we have to recast it every 10 seconds?  Is it so we can artificially increase our APM?

Take Ranger's Tree ability that gives accuracy for 20 seconds recastable with zero CD to refresh the 20s duration on accuracy.  Compare that to Witch's Buff that gives mana every few seconds and increases move speed by 10%, it starts out as a 5m skill with a 1m CD and grows to a 10m skill while still maintaining the 1m CD.  The self buffs and party buffs need to be consistent and longer than they are now.

As for Target Chase, being changed to a toggle, careful what you wish for.  Look at Vedir, yeah it's a toggle with a constant MP drain AND the moment you swap from Pre awakening to Awakening it toggles off, which is why it is rarely used by DKs, because the simple fact is that not only is the effect WORTHLESS, it has a ton of limitations just to be used.  My fear is that if they make target chase a "toggle" they will add a continual SP drain, or it'll shut off when doing this action or that action, or they will flat out break it and not fix it for months if not years.  Personally I hate when I cancel target chase on accident right after casting it so then I go 20 seconds without it on, you know they will screw that up somehow and you'll have to relog to reset the toggle.

"what you wish for" 
Yeah that was just an example of what a toggle skill could look like if they wanna make some sorta downside to it, Drain 30 wp each 20 seconds? (like how much wp the target chase skill cost just to cast it) I don't know many possible ways to make this feel more convenient rather than a burden to recast all the time.

Edit - It's up to them honestly, all in all, 10 min duration sounds nice especially for grinding (or longer?).
Or toggle as well works and a slow drain per 20 seconds or not even have a drain at all mind you. 
As long as its not what we have right now lol, Then again that's contradictory since they can also screw it up and do the exact opposite of QoL....

Last Edit : Nov 3, 2021, 19:23 (UTC)
# 5


On: Nov 3, 2021, 15:08 (UTC), Written by ONl

Hard agree to this post. Annoying as hell to re-cast it. I hate skills and buffs that only last a certain amount of time just so that I need to recast it half a minute later. I think certain skills shouldn't be this way, but something as simple as this shouldn't be that much of a problem imo.

Yeah exactly, It's such a small QoL change for kuno/ninja that i don't think will be broken at all since its all ready 100% up anyways (Just a mere fact you have to recast a lot), Since a lot of times we have to cast a bunch skills just to move to the next packs and finding out my target chase isn't active midway while running and then having to recast kinda sucks and ruins flow of the grind; Especially when mob packs are very distant from one another.


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