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Value Pack Permanent Color Changes
May 13, 2022, 21:28 (UTC)
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I bought the Value Pack with the express idea that having Mervs Palette would allow me to change colors permanently once saved. However, once the Value Pack expired, all my colors reverted to default. This is completely unacceptable. Why pay money for something... like access to Mervs Palette, only to strip away all the changes you made to make all your gear look so nice? I feel a little cheated, and extremely disappointed. I customized all my mounts, and armor, and clothing sets... and then a few days later... gone. I feel like that money was a complete waste. Everything I paid for was removed... carry weight, color customizations, storage space... gone. It feels so wrong to dump money into a game that just snatches away your purchases on a timer. It feels like I paid real money for an outfit, and then told me it would disappear after 7 days. That's asinine.

Anyone else feel the same way?

Last Edit : 4 Days ago
# 2

Buy another VP and everything will be back. The dyes were saved so once you activate VP, they will be dyed by your colors automatically.

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# 3

Soooo... youre saying I should sink MORE money into a temp VP? Considering how much money Ive already spent on this game for customization... that seems ridiculous. Ive already spent more than the game is worth. Please tell me that your solution isn't "Spend MORE money on temp crap for eternity". That seems ludicrous.

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# 4

I agree, the VP should have dyes as permanent effects but that's how they get their money. Treat a VP as a monthly subscription, this is a pay for convenience / pay to win type of game after all. The fees just keep stacking. I don't remember the exact amount but if you want a VP/Moon/Tree it's something like $40/mo. This is pretty outrageous I know, and I would never spend that money on it.

I just wasted 20 day VP because I got so annoyed being essentially "forced" to play drakania for the freebies but the class was so annoying boring for me that it burnt me out. That's a pretty expensive  VP and one that I actually paid real money for due to a package that it came in.

BDO is a casino game, and anything you get is temporary. Did you succeed at getting TET? It's only temporary because when you try for PEN it will go to a TRI since the success rate is stupid low. Did you finally get PEN after 3 years of trying? That's only temporary because they added something stronger to the game. So go turn it in and get base level of that new thing.

One day when BDO hits the dust, all the money you spent in the game will be gone too because you're not getting the game to play offline once they close their last server. Everything is temporary in an MMORPG and it's not just BDO although BDO makes it feel like everything is temporary and never a permanent feeling of progression.

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# 5
On: May 13, 2022, 22:49 (UTC), Written by LunaNatsume

Soooo... youre saying I should sink MORE money into a temp VP? Considering how much money Ive already spent on this game for customization... that seems ridiculous. Ive already spent more than the game is worth. Please tell me that your solution isn't "Spend MORE money on temp crap for eternity". That seems ludicrous.

That's entirely up to you dude. I never use VP or any other buffs, I don't need dyes. Couldn't care less. Money saved. 

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# 6

For a permanent colour change you need the dyes. Otherwise they would be obsolete.

Yes, the business model with THREE different convenience subsciption packs is absolutely predatory and screams regulation. But it takes the old people in politics a long while to realize such issues and by the time they do things will have moved on. But that is on a different page.

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# 7

I do support the game by running VP at all times. It's not that expensive, however having all three (VP, kama and moon) buffs is a bit too much to ask for. All three should be combined and price kept the same.

I don't know how much money you have spent on BDO but I see nothing wrong in paying for subscription. In my opinion most of the pearl shop items are a ripoff. You should spend wisely if you don't plan to f2p. Not spending a penny on the game is possible and a good challenge if you're up to it. If you decide to spend know that there are only few items worth getting. Buy them on sale and using coupons. An example would be how I got my tent. As far as I remember around Christmas time the best game pack was €30 and it came with three months VP plus 3k pearls. These pearls were enough because I had coupons and the tent was on sale. In my book that's a free tent.

How is BDO like casino? I mean there is a lot of rng rolling but you almost always get something back. Not exactly like a casino. The gear progression is not the best out there but ain't too bad either. You just have to know how it works and get your expectations in check. Always enhance spares and mind your failstacks. Simple as that. If you want to progress you have to make as few silly choices as possible. The guaranteed PEN gear is an option too or you can just buy gear off the market. Most of the items you will need you can buy easily and quite often cheaper than making them yourself.

I don't see BDO as pay2win game. I can't think of an item that will win the game for you. It is definitely a pay2try game imo, which although worse you can completely ignore. I'm guilty of buying "convenience" items but never give it a go items. Keep in mind you can give PA all your money and win nothing at the end. 

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# 8

Meanwhile in other games they are giving you Dyes for FREE.

Just look at PSO2 lol.

Free gears, free alter apearance tickets, free colour change passes, free everything.

Meanwhile BDO gives you free Cron stones that you cannot even sell, so you fail 6 times on PEN and then EVEN PAY TO REPAIR YOUR WEAPON / ARMOR.

By the way the guy in the previous comment have no idea what p2w means.

Right now they are thinking to increase the price of outfits up to 800+ mill silver, but ye it's not p2w at all.

Zero grind instant 800+ mill silver just by using your credit card, don't forget you can buy multiple items not just one.

Reminder you will be surprised how many people with daddys money and huge businesses exist in this world.

These people don't even know how much money they got in their bank, you really think they grind a single minute in this game lol?

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# 9


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# 10

I think it has more to do with not being able to craft in game dyes.

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