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Please change quest counter/Objective Complete sounds back
May 26, 2022, 00:56 (UTC)
564 2
Last Edit : May 26, 2022, 00:56 (UTC)
# 1

The quest counter/Objective Complete sounds for quests changed, either on the Eternal Winter patch or the one a week before it.  For example, the quest [Daily] Lara's Great Discovery and Bread requires Shaking to make 100 dough.  As the count increased from 0 to 100, every increment used to make one shorter sound, and hitting 100/100 would trigger "Objective Complete" that would make a completely different, lengthier sound.  This was great, because I could let my character go and do other things on my PC.  Once I heard the "Objective Complete" sound, I could stop processing.  Ever since the aforementioned patch, it makes the exact same sound for every increment and "Objective Complete".  There's no way to know it's done without checking the count, so I have to sit there and watch the counter like a hawk.

Please change this back!

Last Edit : Jun 2, 2022, 00:48 (UTC)
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