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Dead pve endgame and maybe a way to fix it.
Jul 14, 2022, 23:19 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jul 14, 2022, 23:19 (UTC)
# 1

As in topic - there is no endgame pve. We grind, we get stronger and we either pvp with it or just quit the game.. grind just for grind is no fun if someone is not into pvp, and there's a lot of pve players, maybe actually more than pvp if you look around channels and listen to what people say. 

Im playing since a very long time... had some breaks but I remember times when doing world bosses train was more or less endgame and was actually fun and was a way to get to know some random people while waiting for channel swap. I remember altar of blood and how I enjoyed doing it with guildmates, sometimes even randoms.. and now its gone. Just like that.

PA you are killing your own game, instead of promising us things we never seen (I dont know where to start here.. how many things were promised already, how many things were supposed to be in the game and never made it here? For example: mountain climbing, reworked trading system, stars end boss... etc) you should focus more on things you had/have in game already and only need reworks to be actually good content.

Altar of blood: 

What about giving us both normal and hard mode of old AoB with reworked rewards, so its actually a good way to make money and spend time with friends? With normal version all you need to do is give it back and rework only rewards - for example again 1 rng bag for every wave completed but with a bit more caphras and a chance for crons, memory fragments and maybe small chance for some accesories, not to mention more gold bars. To make it even better and actually rewarding give some very rare cosmetics like capes with special symbols/way to change how they look.

With hard mode add new monsters from elvia/endgame spots and make it give double the reward as normal with a chance for some capes with special effects (that's just an example how to rework old and good content that you kicked from the game because barely anyone was doing it.. why? Maybe because there was no money in it without events??)

Rework atoraxxion: Make normal mode easier and delete wipe mechanics - make it do more damage but not kill whole group just because someone is learning.. how are they supposed to enjoy content? If they learn basic mechanics from normal, they can go elvia and tryhard there... normal is supposed to be normal and easy, thats how games work nowadays, giving both noob players and experienced ones a chance to do content.

My last suggestion is to make a whole rework of guild bosses. They are just useless.. its even pointless to comment content that died years ago and nobody even bother to do them anymore.. 

For example give a guild a choice to gather materials from missions to make special summon scrolls for either normal boss or hard version again, while you need to gather materials for normal one for week, for hard one its 2-3 weeks but give you a lot of resources to progress your character - cron bundles, caphras bundles, memory frag bundles with chance for new, better belongings of adventurer so guilds actually do guild bosses as its supposed to be.

Sorry for my english, hopefully everyone understands it well enough and maybe even can add something more.

Last Edit : Jul 14, 2022, 23:34 (UTC)
# 2

Altar of Blood is garbage. Just give us a normal arena game mode without the stupid defense BS.

Ever try the hard move Valtarra training manual? The mobs just destroy the defense object, and you fail. 

Why even have CC's on skills when they don't CC the majority of PVE mobs?

Last Edit : Jul 15, 2022, 01:46 (UTC)
# 3

Group content in BDO is a joke, if you look at any other MMO you will find nice group stuff to do with randoms or friends, but here? nah mate just solo grind till you have master the spot so good that you can grind even without looking while you are watching netflix.

Dead group content:
-Altar of blood

-Valtarras training


-Guild bosses

This game have such potential to be incredible, atleast fix one of these and the game will be better. Don't star changing te mechanics, just the rewards, 1h of anybodies time at centaurs is about 600millions, then just think how to make this more rewarding: mem fragments, caphras, fail stacks, raw silver, chances to get treasures items.

I know atoraxxion has this yes nice, still dead. Why? because you can do it weekly and everyone wants to improve in the game, is so simple, just adjust the rewards so this stuff gives between 400 to 600M an hour and that will bring the players to play together (something that we really need because grinding is so fking boring).

And so do it with the red battlefield rewards, increase them, allow pvp players to get nice rewards aswell without needing to participate in nodes or sieges (thing that is mega boring, you are dead half of the time and the other half looking someone to kill, so yeah many changes and still the same boring thing to do).

Last Edit : Jul 15, 2022, 18:23 (UTC)
# 4

PA has proven that managing income from normal grinding spots is all they feel competent and confident about. All the other modes always gave way too much or complete trash.

Admittedly if something is fun ppl will accept that its a negative income. 

But NOT in BDO, this is a niche game with niche players all content that is negative income will die, PA knows that, hopefully.

Thats why they dont fumble around other game modes imo.

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