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UTC 13 : 43 Oct 3, 2022
CEST 15 : 43 Oct 3, 2022
PDT 6 : 43 Oct 3, 2022
EDT 9 : 43 Oct 3, 2022
[Suggestion] Very simple concept, very simple game (social stuff)
Jul 18, 2022, 17:37 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jul 18, 2022, 17:40 (UTC)
# 1

‘Magical Football’ / rocket league (not played rocket league)

If you had a None fatal game where skills could be used on a ball to do stuff(*1), and maybe Players can get KD, Stunned and such but not take damage (maybe no ccs on player?). Well you have hell of a game with no feeling of self defeat (cus you don’t die, it’s not skill gear checking in that way)

(Psychology; that opens the game up to other players and become a stepping stone to more competitive BDO content -some of you CM see in in BA with the Muscian and such, crossing that gap - well be a lot easyer if the game had the tools and functions)

Lore; well it’s a magical ball, maybe it’s the black spirit and 2 team are taking revenge on it :P

Function; Get this magical ball over a line on the opponent side and score a point.

Concept; you now have a social, not PvP in the traditional sense, team based game.

You could couple this with its own arena like we have with BA, but this one has a stage for a band and other structures that are suitable for player driven event.

You can access this new area as you do BA, so now you have a social hub that is not BA, that can be accessed on demand.

It's not just magical football, that's the focal part, with all this social stuff on the side. Allowing for more music and events to happen without having to pick and advertise a location and sever.



1*) mechanics

Stun- would stop the ball dead, in the air. Zero velocity and after the stun it drops to the floor

Stiff- Reduced the velocity energy of the ball (goal keeper shai with their bongos :P)

Float – Add upward velocity

Slow – slows the ball (reduce slow duration for game play liveliness)

Freeze – Stop the ball and then the freeze end, ball pings of in RNG direction

Knockback – add velocity in opposite vector to attack

KD – smashes the ball to the ground and set velocity to zero

Grab - you grab the ball – that need some thought: P maybe some effort to make that really good.. zerks become OP football meta :P


Look at the fun that could be had here!!!

Last Edit : Jul 19, 2022, 04:36 (UTC)
# 2

I would love to kick a Black Spirit ball.  They should actually make those things for real!  I'd buy some!

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