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[Marketing] and shai
Sep 2, 2022, 14:08 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Sep 2, 2022, 14:10 (UTC)
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(Pass it on faithfully please, don’t do BDO a disservice, I want the game to grow and last, don’t you?)


You kinda need to listen even if you have your own plans PA?


I know you wanna capture the retired market, the social market, the people with money current spending it on social media an such (dokev is one attempt as that with the family aspect).


Why, well these retired games from the 80s, they have a lot of free time and disposable income. They are woth 10-1000 times the income of a normally player (sorry f2p, money talks) so you don’t need a lot to make a marketing investment profit but you have made a mistake (you know this).


BDO is not a social game, Shai is your social class; you are upsetting the people that took on shai and are creating two separate gamer identity groups with no bridge. One that is social only and one that is ‘gamers’ only.


Not clever is it?


Shai was not played as you intended (you said you where going to take this onboard!!!) but you are trying to for her back into that role, this won’t work, use what you have learnt and make a bridging class. That mean you need to listened to people that currently player her, while adding all your extra social stuff on top, not change the class under their feet, because, we talk.


This means you have to give shai more attention that other classes (more investment than planned /intended, cus you got it wrong), this means you have to give shai more than other classes, her toys and her ability to play the standard game, and then make a new class that is nearly 100% social and be clear about that in your advertising.


Anyhow it’s your reputation you are destroying with poor and underhand marketing, not mine.


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