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[NA][AutumnBall] The Autumn of Change
Sep 15, 2022, 15:06 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Sep 15, 2022, 20:19 (UTC)
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The Autumn of Change

A short story about new beginnings, friendships, and facing one's fears


Many autumns ago, a wounded girl found shelter in the forest. With no one to guide her, she learned to light up the fire where she found safety.

A lack of life filled the empty room, and in it, the only movement came from the dancing of the reds and black, the darkness filling the void and the light fighting all but in vain.


Through the broken windows she saw time fly by, and the falling of leaves caused the colors to fade, revealing the weakness behind.

The warmth of the fire provided protection, but it also burned inside, and the day came when no one could fight no more, when she gave in to the vivid flames, leaving in evidence all the chaos and pain.


The door was kicked opened and she stepped out into the unknown, where change could happen at any moment and she would be all alone.

But she wasn't, as the guiding wind blew through the branches, she found a strange light. And despite the fire being gone, she felt no cold, just emptiness.


But this light was special, it didn't burn, instead it felt like home, and it filled up the void and much more.

Time passed and as the cycle started anew, the color began to fade again. In a different time, the girl would have cried in fear, as this light didn't have the warmth to keep her safe. But instead she remembered it's words:


"You don't have to worry, the cold autumn will not blow us away. These leaves might fall, but they will always be back to try again".




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