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UTC 21 : 36 Dec 5, 2022
CET 22 : 36 Dec 5, 2022
PST 13 : 36 Dec 5, 2022
EST 16 : 36 Dec 5, 2022
Ouch! My mistake but still…
Sep 23, 2022, 09:20 (UTC)
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My mistake but still, bit of a hard lesion isn’t it pa?

I didn’t notice the difference between blessed soul fragments and crystallized despair when looking at the extraction options.. bam, 9bill down the drain.

Really not a good feeling to lose that much progression due to a small mistake.

I would doubt the would be any point in a ticket because it was my mistake, but I still think it’s a  crappy thing to have in the game, be it on the cups or the alchemy stone, One material returned.. Like it's laughing in your face if you do F-up… but hay, let make the player feel feely crappy if they make a mistake, that way it will encourage them to play the game more ..

Highly demotivated

(Ball) oh, so now they chaning dis.. super! right after i fall for it.. Feels good.. go on cm? gonna concider my position.. nah lol


Good to see down votes in consolidation and upvotes in support .. Have to assume that what they mean :P

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Last Edit : Sep 27, 2022, 14:38 (UTC)
# 3

I would try submitting a ticket, if you haven't had a similar thing happen recently.

When I was doing the Blackstar quest, when it came time to melt the weapons to get the auras, I used Simple Alchemy instead of Heating and got the wrong auras.  I didn't realize there were two different types of Boss Auras at the time.

I submitted a ticket and explained the situation and asked them to restore the 3 dandes I had melted so I could proceed with the quest.

They said they could restore items once per year, so I said go ahead and I had my items back a couple of days later.

Last Edit : Sep 28, 2022, 16:17 (UTC)
# 4

I think this leads to great feedback in the sense that a lot of the simple tasks are overly complex for what it is and the naming of things tend to get similar and confusing. Some things are irreversable despite the wording to be ambiguous in the description. Part of the problem too is that some of these things don't have a UI and is quest driven rather than a dedicated menu.

I have seen in other MMOs designated menus that don't look like a quest list but show in detail the things that are available and what you will need to unlock said thing. You can click on it and submit it and it's done. But in BDO you have to accept a very long quest chain which you don't know what you'll be getting in the end unless you look at a guide and you can't give up half-way if you realized that it was the wrong one.

There could be some kind of UI that does this and perhaps even allows you to accept the quest directly. So you know without a doubt what you are getting at the end of the road. For big ticket items there could also be exchange NPCs in the event you screwed up because it will happen to everyone at some point assuming they get that far in the game.

Last Edit : Oct 1, 2022, 06:01 (UTC)
# 5

Hey o7

If you're not sure if a ticket helps with recovery of your lost items please check the Operational Policy, there's a whole list of what can get recovered and how much/many under this and that circumstances :)

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